Today I Give Up Trying 1547

 Lin Hongtu thought that Lin Tiancao had already settled Lin Fan, so he had come to give him the good news on purpose.


      Hearing this, Lin Tian Patrol was so ashamed that he could not wait to find a hole in the ground.


      Earlier, he had confidently said that he would solve Lin Fan, but instead, he ended up being solved by Lin Fan.


      "You don't look too well, are you sick?"


      Lin Hongtu asked with concern, noticing that Lin Tian patrol's face was waxy and yellow.


      "He's not sick, he's pissed in fear!"


      A cold laugh came out as Lin Fan snatched up the phone and came face to face with Lin Hongtu.


      This was his own grandfather!


      An old man who had never acknowledged him as a member of the Lin family, and even hated to get rid of him.


      "Lin Fan!




      Lin Hongtu was instantly shocked.


      The group of Lin family members behind him, who were waiting for good news, were also confused and couldn't believe their eyes.


      "Old thing, it's been a long time!"


      Lin Fan teased with a smile.




      Hearing those big disrespectful words, Lin Hongtu's face instantly turned extremely ugly.


      "Little beast, how dare you speak to me like that?"


      "You really deserve to die!"


      At that instant!


      Lin Hongtu then roared in fury.


      "Lin Tian patrol, what the hell are you doing? Why don't you get rid of this punk?"


      "Grandpa, I... I can't do it!"


      He didn't want to, either.


      But the problem was that he couldn't do it!


      Couldn't do it?


      The group of Lin family members were all dumbfounded, what did this mean?


      Lin Hongtu was also furious and shouted coldly.


      "This time you have taken many of the Lin family's elites with you, and you even have the help of the Witchcraft Cult, so how can you not be able to do it? Where are their people?"


      In his opinion, with this force, let alone Lin Fan, even that mysterious Lin Zongzi could be easily taken down.


      At those words!


      Lin Fan instantly laughed and turned the camera to give Lin Hongtu and the others a closer look.


      "Your Lin family's elite, here they are!"




      With just one glance, the Lin family's crowd felt their scalps tingle and were scared out of their wits on the spot.


      The piles of corpses all over the floor looked like they could add up to a mountain, and blood was flowing freely, wetting a concrete floor!






      Lin Hongtu and the others couldn't believe their eyes, all the elites that the Lin family had sent out were all dead.


      This...could it be the work of Patriarch Lin?


      This couldn't be!


      This time, the Witchcraft Sect had the Young Witch Master in charge, how could a genius like that not be able to stop a Lin Zongzi?


      "Where is the Young Witch Master? Where is the Young Witch Master?"


      Lin Hongtu was going mad!


      His face was filled with a fierce and horrifying killing spirit, like a fierce and vicious beast.


      These elites were the ones that their Lin family had spent entire decades to cultivate, and each one was worth immeasurably more.


      Now that they had all been killed, it drove him completely mad.


      Now he only wanted to shred Lin Fan to pieces!




      Lin Fan sneered before reaching out with one hand, before grabbing Liu Extraordinary by the throat and yanking him to his heels.


      "Are you guys looking for him?"




      All the Lin family members were about to piss themselves in fear the moment they saw Liu Extraordinary.


      At this moment, Liu Extraordinary was covered in blood, his arms were strangely twisted, his face was pale, his aura was dishevelled, and he looked obviously heavily injured.


      How could this happen!


      The Young Witch Master, defeated?


      Such a pride of the heavens was not even a match for Sovereign Lin?


      Oh my God!


      How terrifying is that Patriarch Lin?


      He had killed so many masters, but even the Young Witch Master could be crippled?


      That kind of despair instantly pervaded the entire Lin family, crushing them to the point where they couldn't breathe.


      The people of the Lin family, who used to be so high and mighty, experienced an unprecedented fear in this instant.


      Even Lin Hongtu was speechless!


      For the first time, they felt how terrifying Lin Fan, the trash, was!


      At this moment, however, Lin Fan ignored the astonishment of the Lin family's people and smilingly said to Liu Extraordinary.


      "Choose, either you die, or the Lin family dies!"


      Liu Extraordinary's face was flustered before he gritted his teeth and said.


      "I choose the death of the Lin family!"


      He knew that Lin Fan was giving him a chance to be loyal or to die!


      That end!


      The Lin family's faces were as ugly as they could be when they heard this.


      That meant that after today, the Witchcraft Sect would be completely at war with the Lin family?


      Even the Lin family did not dare to take it lightly in the face of such a gigantic thing, and to set up such a big enemy for no reason, one could imagine that they were extremely uneasy in their hearts as well.


      And all this was because of this punk Lin Fan?


      They were furious on the spot!


      The hatred in their eyes was so strong that they wanted to cut Lin Fan into pieces!




      The scene that made them even more furious was just beginning!


      Lin Fan pointed his camera at Lin Tian patrol, who was paralysed with fear, and the corners of his mouth curled up in a fierce smile.


      "Alright, that's the end of the catching up!"


      "Next, the game begins!"