Today I Give Up Trying 1546



      These words completely exploded like a muffled thunderbolt in the crowd!


      All of them were horrified!


      Lin Fan, Lin Zuo?


      Are you kidding?


      In an instant, everyone was petrified, their hearts pounding furiously, unable to believe their ears at this moment.


      They simply couldn't imagine that that kind of existence was this trash!


      That was the Lin Throne!


      The most mysterious and notorious of the four great military thrones, the Lin Throne!


      But Lin Fan, was actually the Lin Throne?


      Lin Tian Patrol and the others all looked at Lin Fan with a sense of disbelief, unable to believe that this outcast, who had been abandoned by their Lin family, could actually be that mysterious Lin Throne.


      They had been trying to work with Lin Fan in every way possible for all this time, and in the end, they even went so far as to curry favour like a dog.


      But what happened?


      Lin Zuo turned out to be Lin Fan!


      Once, they had abandoned Lin Fan, and now, they were climbing high above him?


      This, is simply a dream!


      Yet, that was not all!


      Lin Fan smiled indifferently and continued.


      "I'm not just Lin Zuo, even the Blood Prison, which has been looking for trouble from you all in recent times, is also mine!"




      These words were like that bolt from the blue, knocking Lin Tian patrol to the ground on the spot.


      A dense horror surfaced on his face.


      "You are, the Dark Emperor?"


      Lin Zuo!


      The Dark Emperor!


      These two pieces of news were too shocking and desperate for him, making him about to piss himself on the spot.


      What had happened to Lin Fan over the years that he was enough to sit on two thrones at the same time?


      This, simply couldn't be!


      Right then and there!


      The look in his eyes when he looked at Lin Fan was one of dense awe.


      All along, the three brothers had been fighting openly and secretly, and Lin Fan was not even qualified to be in their eyes, but it seemed that even if the three brothers were combined, they were not even a tenth of the other brother.


      On the other hand, Liu extraordinary also froze for a moment before a self-deprecating smile surfaced on his face.


      "Not a bad loss, not a bad loss!"


      It turned out that the one who had defeated him was the Dark Emperor who ruled the Dark World, so he hadn't lost far even if he had!


      He was even glad that he knew what it meant to say that there were people outside of people.


      Even though he had become a Grand Master, it was still too early for him to make a name for himself.


      Lin Tian Patrol's face was ashen, and at this time, he didn't even have the courage to beg for mercy, being completely stunned.


      "Do you want to live?"


      Lin Fan looked at Liu Extraordinary, an icy smile on the corner of his mouth.


      "Want to live!"


      Liu Extraordinary nodded in a panic, who wanted to die if they could live? It wasn't like he had a brain problem.


      After that, Lin Fan smiled cruelly and said.


      "Good then, have your men kill all the Lin family members!"




      The moment the words fell, without waiting for Liu Extraordinary to say anything, a sect master of the Witchcraft Sect had already struck, chopping off the head of a Lin Clan sect master in front of him with a single slash.


      And then, a frenzied massacre was unleashed.


      The crowd of the Witchcraft Sect, directing their tricky guns at the already badly wounded Lin Clan members.




      All the strongest members of the Lin family were in complete despair at this moment!


      And Lin Tian patrol was also suffering, he only felt cold all over, it was as if he heard the countdown to death, when these people were done dying, it would be his turn next.


      "Call the video call to Lin Hongtu!"


      Lin Fan stood in front of Lin Tian Patrol like a god of killing had descended.


      Lin Tiancun's body trembled viciously, never imagining that one day, he would look up to this trash.


      He trembled and took out his mobile phone to make a video call to Lin Hongtu.


      The moment it was connected, Lin Hongtu's cheerful laughter came from the other end.


      "My dear grandson, have you finished what you were asked to do? Now are you going to let grandpa take a good look at how you tortured that punk?"