Today I Give Up Trying 1545

 At this time, Lin Tian patrol also became uneasy, the situation in front of him was not at all as simple as Liu Extraordinary had said.


      In the blink of an eye, a hundred moves had passed!


      Lin Fan was passively defending, yet Liu Extraordinary still couldn't help him, which made Liu Extraordinary completely furious.


      Impossible! How can you still have strength left after using your Qi like that?


      Because my strength is inexhaustible!


      Lin Fan smiled grimly, and then he directly raised his fist and blasted towards his opponent!




      At this moment, Liu Xiantian's expression changed wildly as he felt something extremely terrifying, this fist was like a giant mountain pushing across.


      He stretched out his hands in terror, trying to forcibly block Lin Fan's attack, at this moment, he, a confident genius, had lost his previous openness and arrogance.


      This was because one had instinctively sensed the fearfulness of the opponent!




      Immediately afterwards, along with a loud bang, a terrifyingly huge force instantly tore through the earth, directly sending Liu Extraordinary flying out.


      The moment the crowd reacted, Liu Extraordinary was already kneeling on the ground like a dead dog, his two hands completely fractured and bent, bloodied and vomiting blood on the spot.


      Seriously injured!


      Liu extraordinary had beaten Lin Fan for hundreds of strokes without being able to injure him, but Lin Fan had seriously injured him with a single punch!


      The difference in strength was already obvious!


      Liu Xiantian was already dumbfounded, just now he had clearly treated Lin Fan as a piece of trash and was confident that he could kill him.


      But now, he had actually been defeated by Lin Fan in a single move?


      "You... How can you be so strong?"


      Liu Extraordinary looked at Lin Fan in disbelief, feeling like his brain was about to explode.


      He was the young witch master of the Witchcraft Sect, a renowned and supreme genius in China, and yet he couldn't even last a single move in front of this man in front of him?


      His pride was completely shattered in this instant!


      As a result, Liu Xianliang went straight into a frenzy, with a strong sense of shock and resignation in his eyes, but more so, fear!


      He was so confident in his own strength, no one in China had ever been able to defeat him so lightly, it was like falling from heaven to hell for him.


      And it wasn't just him!


      Lin Tian patrol and the others, however, felt their breath stop when they saw this scene, and there was shock in those eyes.


      Liu extraordinary had lost?


      How could he be defeated?


      He was the Young Witch Master, hailed as the future hope of Chinese martial arts, and had been invincible for so many years that no one had ever been able to defeat him.


      This was so incredible to them, it was like a dream!


      For no one had expected that Liu Extraordinary would be defeated by Lin Fan's hand!


      "Liu extraordinary, you piece of shit, get up quickly! Don't fucking harm me!"


      At this time, Lin Tian patrol was simply going crazy, hissing at the top of his lungs.


      He knew very well that once Liu Xianwei couldn't stop Lin Fan, then he wouldn't end up in a good position either, so how could he not be anxious in this situation?


      When he heard Lin Tian patrol call himself a waste of space, Liu Qianyu was so angry that he spat blood again, trying to get up but feeling no strength around him.


      The whole room!


      There was dead silence!


      At that very moment, Lin Fan took a step and walked towards Liu Miantian.


      "You want to kill me, fine! But at least let me know whose hands I'm dying by!"


      It was as if Liu Extraordinary had already realised what was going to happen to him, so he simply stopped struggling and looked at Lin Fan with a calm face.




      Lin Fan, however, laughed contemptuously, while looking up at Lin Tian patrol.


      "Then you must listen carefully!"


      "My name is Lin Fan, I am the Lin Patriarch, as well as your Lin family, the much sought after... Lin Zong!"