Today I Give Up Trying 1543

 A group of powerful people then all surrounded him, all with ferocity and ruthlessness on their faces.


      All the strong men of the Lin Family and the Witchcraft Sect intended to unite at this moment and surround Lin Fan together.


      And Lin Fan glanced at them and simply said indifferently.


      "I'll only ask once, do you want to die or do you want to live?"




      His warning fell on the ears of the crowd, but it was as if it had become a joke.


      Lin Tian patrol and the others all snorted, Lin Fan was just one person, there were so many strong people on their side, plus a Liu extraordinary who was a Grand Master.


      Did they need to be afraid of Lin Fan?


      And then!


      The group of people were still leering at Lin Fan's side, and the killing intent in their eyes became more and more intense.




      Lin Fan laughed coldly twice, and without any more nonsense, his body instantly rushed into the crowd, and then he began to massacre!


      Poof, poof, poof!


      A trail of blood splashed out!


      Everywhere Lin Fan passed, a headless corpse was left behind, those powerful people did not have the slightest chance to resist in his hands.


      This scene was like a tiger entering a flock of sheep!


      It was astonishing!


      Fifty paces!


      Twenty paces!


      Ten paces!


      Lin Fan's figure was getting closer and closer, and more and more people were dying as he killed his way through!


      At the same time, everyone present was on the verge of pissing themselves in fear, their eyes so terrified that they wanted to turn around and run.


      How long had it been?


      In less than three minutes, a group of powerful people had been killed and injured?


      It was horrifying!


      This was horrifying!


      All of them had realms above Patriarchs, and their numbers added up to more than twenty, so even if they faced a Grand Patriarch with such power, they would still have a fighting chance!


      However, Lin Fan had only taken three minutes to kill them, and he couldn't even stop them?


      At this instant, everyone felt like their brains were about to explode, this man in front of them was a hundred times more terrifying than they had imagined.


      They had never seen such a fierce guy before, facing twenty strong Zong Shi or above, like he was passing through no one's territory, and at this time they could only watch Lin Fan kill.


      They regretted it, regretted why they had blocked Lin Fan.


      This guy was serious, those who stood in his way really only had a chance of death.


      Looking at how brutal Lin Fan was, that Lin Tian patrol was on the verge of pissing himself on the spot, and with a bitter face, he pleaded to Liu Extraordinary, saying.


      "Young Witch Master, please do something quickly, they can't hold on any longer, if you don't do something, they will die out!"


      He hadn't expected that Lin Fan would be able to be so terrifying, killing them was as simple and casual as taking something out of a bag.


      "What are you panicking about? This guy does have some tricks, but when he meets me, Liu Extraordinary, he will only be able to drink hatred."


      However, Liu Mianfang still looked indifferent, with a strong look of disdain on his face.


      "A messy, unorganised move, rubbish!"


      "Rapid stride, unsteady breathing, rubbish!"


      "Using qi indiscriminately, accelerating the decadence, rubbish!"


      Liu was like a master who was commenting on a junior, his words were full of arrogance and contempt.


      And that's not all!


      The next thing he did was to look at Lin Fan from above, and said in an arrogant manner.


      "Within a hundred moves, I will take his head!"




      Hearing these words, Lin Tian patrol was overjoyed to see such a fierce Lin Fan, but Liu extraordinary was not afraid at all?


      What's more, he had even found out Lin Fan's weaknesses one by one, so now Lin Fan had nothing to hide in front of Liu Xianwei?


      At this moment, he was finally not afraid anymore, and a fierce smile appeared on his face as he said.


      "I think, with Young Witch Master's strength, I'm only afraid that within fifty moves, I'll be able to kill this trash on the spot."


      "Young Witch Master save us!"


      At this time, all the people from the Witchcraft Sect all pleaded in unison, Lin Fan was too terrifying, they couldn't hold back anymore.


      If Liu Extraordinary didn't make a move, they would be killed by Lin Fan in another minute at most.


      Seeing this!


      The young witch lord then laughed, before striding forward and looking at Lin Fan from a high position.


      "Kid, your path... This is the end!"