Today I Give Up Trying 1541

  And at that moment!

        Hearing Lin Fan's arrogant to the point of arrogance, Lin Tian patrol also frowned tightly.

        I really couldn't figure out where that fellow, where did he get the courage to say that to him!

        Was it because of that Lin Zongzi?

        Right then, there was an annoying feeling of unease in his heart, as if something bad was waiting for him.

        That punk could make him feel scared?

        Only this feeling didn't last long.

        In the next instant, he had already set his gaze on a man with a pale complexion not far away.

        The man was dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, with cloth shoes under his feet, and looked like an ordinary youth.

        But only Lin Tian patrol knew how terrifying this man in front of him was!

        He had watched this man, with his own eyes, tear a Grand Master alive with his bare hands, and single-handedly fight a regiment with his own strength without losing.

        He was hailed as the rarest genius in the Southern Border for a hundred years, the young witch master of the Southern Border Witchcraft Sect!

        Liu Extraordinary!

        A Grand Master at the age of only thirty, this is the future bearer of China!

        "Young Witch Master, that Patriarch Lin is already on his way, we'll have to rely on you later!"

        And at this time, Lin Tian patrol was actually kneeling down at Liu Extraordinary and said respectfully.

        "Don't worry, even though my Witchcraft Sect has promised to do something, then I won't go back on my word, but you shouldn't forget your promise either."

        Liu Extraordinary looked at Lin Tiancao indifferently, the reason why he was willing to agree to fight and deal with a Grand Patriarch was because previously Lin Tiancao had promised him that as long as he could kill Patriarch Lin, then after Lin Tiancao became the head of the Lin family, he would serve their Witchcraft Sect.

        Now, the Witchcraft Sect had the strength, but what it lacked was influence!

        Therefore, they must use the power of the Lin family!

        In other words, Lin Tian Patrol will become a slave of the Witchcraft Sect, and will be at the service of the Witchcraft Sect for the rest of his life.

        But as long as he can take over the position of head of the family, Lin Tian patrol can't care about that anymore, so he can be a dog!

        "Of course, I will never forget the great kindness of the Witchcraft Sect!"

        Lin Tian patrol said solemnly, a deep awe appearing on his face.

        "Young Witch Master, that what's-his-name Patriarch Lin is not to be underestimated, he killed a Grand Patriarch only a short while ago, look..."


        Liu Extraordinary's face instantly turned cold as he said.

        "You think I'm inferior to him?"

        "Of course not!"

        Lin Tian patrol hastily denied it, sweat rising up all over his body, this instant was a cold sweat.

        "No matter how capable that guy is, he will only die in the face of you, Young Witch Master, I have no doubt about that."


        Liu Extraordinary instantly snorted coldly and said.

        "It's good that you know that! I, Liu Extraordinary, have not met an enemy in more than thirty years so far, no matter what kind of divinity that Patriarch Lin is, but against me there is only a way to die."

        "Yes, yes, yes..."

        Lin Tian patrol hastily nodded his head and said yes, and at this time was gradually putting his heart down. , , and

        At this time, he was also incomparably certain in his heart that Lin Fan would be certain to die if he dared to come tonight!

        This man in front of him was enough to break him into pieces!

        However, just then!

        However, just then!

        The door inside the courtyard was blown out!

        It was instantly reduced to powder, torn to pieces by the majestic force.

        And then, a sturdy figure suddenly appeared in front of everyone's eyes!

        "Lin Fan!"

        The moment he saw the other party, Lin Tian patrol was on fire, and his eyes were filled with a strong murderous spirit!

        As long as he killed Lin Fan, then he would be one step closer to becoming the head of the family.


        Next, however, he frowned and said angrily.

        "Where is Patriarch Lin, tell him to come out and die!"