Today I Give Up Trying 154-156

 Chapter 154

This slap is extremely violent!

        In an instant, Yang Minghao's tall body, as if it were a broken sack, was jerked out of the office and out of the office.

        He staggered a dozen steps and fell to the ground on his buttocks.

        Befuddled ......

        At this moment Yang Minghao could hardly believe his eyes, he ...... was beaten?

        And beaten by a son-in-law?

        "Wussy Nima, how dare you hit me, you piece of trash?"

        When the hot pain on his face came, it instantly made Yang Minghao's eyes, both of which were red.

        He went crazy, crawled up from the ground, and rushed towards Lin Fan right away.


        He had just rushed in front of Lin Fan and was trying to throw a punch!


        Another slap landed on Yang Minghao's face, knocking several of his teeth out of his mouth and spurting out a mouthful of blood.

        The whole man was like a dead dog, and fell down on the stairway door.

        Pain ......

        A trace of intense pain caused Yang Minghao's body to tremble slightly.

        He only felt two slaps on his cheeks, and his cheeks were almost rotten by Lin Fan, and a trace of scarlet blood flowed down from his face.

        "Blood! You ...... you broke my face, you're fucking done!"

        "Bodyguard! Ma, when my bodyguards come back, I want them to smash your face in, and beat you from the fifteenth floor, to the first floor, and make you live and die!!!"

        Yang Minghao almost went crazy, desperately shouting for his bodyguard.

        Since childhood, he had been Yang Jinshui's beloved baby, and he had never been beaten.

        And now!

        He would have loved to cut Lin Fan into pieces.

        "No need to scream, they're here!" The corner of Lin Fan's mouth appeared with a wry expression, and then his figure gave way!

        The figure of the four bodyguards was revealed.


        One of the four bodyguards smashed his body into the floor, creating a big hole and shattering the floor as much as possible.

        Next to him, the other three sat paralyzed on the floor, a trace of urine flowing from their crotches.

        One was seriously injured!

        Three scares!

        In particular, these four people's pale, paper-thin looks were filled with intense fear, as if they had just seen the devil.

        "Bastard! You four losers, what are you waiting for! Didn't you see that Ben was beaten up by this son-in-law?"

        "Go on, kick his ass! Smash his face in, beat him from the fifteenth floor to the first floor, and take it out on the young master!"

        At this moment, Yang Minghao was completely overwhelmed by anger.

        It didn't even occur to him that something had happened to his bodyguard.


        No movement!

        The three paralyzed bodyguards, one by one, looked increasingly terrified, and even though Yang Minghao shouted at the top of his lungs, they still didn't dare to make the slightest move.

        It was as if in their eyes, the slightest movement would result in ...... death.

        What ...... happened?

        Yang Minghao's heart thudded when he saw the look of his bodyguard.

        At this moment, he finally found out that it was not good.

        "You ...... guys!"

        He looked at his bodyguard dumbfoundedly, and just as the words left his mouth, Lin Fan's devilish voice came over.

        "They can't help you anymore!"


        When Yang Minghao's eyes fell on Lin Fan's figure, especially when he saw Lin Fan slowly walking toward him with a smile on his face, he was so frightened that his body trembled and his scalp went numb.

        "Kid, what do you ...... really want? I am the young master of Sheng Shi Group, your group's most important partner! You can't touch me!"

        What are you doing?

        Lin Fan smiled slightly.

        His gaze, sweeping a glance at the stairway, became more and more ghastly as he smiled.

        "Don't worry, I won't go too far with you! I just did what you asked and beat you from the fifteenth floor, to the first floor, that's all!"


        From the fifteenth floor, to the first floor!

        When these words fell into Yang Minghao's ears, they made his body tremble so hard that he almost peed.

        And just when he was about to say something!


        Lin Fan had reached his body and smacked him on the face.

        Suddenly, scarlet blood splashed out of Yang Minghao's face, and his whole body was like a dead dog, being flung into the stairway, rolling down the fifteenth floor stairway with a grunt.

Chapter 155


        In the midst of everyone's shocked eyes, Yang Minghao was slapped by Lin Fan and smacked into the stairway.

        Afterwards, he rolled down the stairway like a top, and continued to fall.


        At this scene, Bai Yi and Yang Tianrui and everyone else were all shocked.

        They didn't expect that Lin Fan would be so violent as to say that he would whip Yang Minghao off the 15th floor, but he actually did it.

        This is the 15th floor. ......

        If it really draws the first floor, then Yang Minghao will fall to his death.

        "Lin Fan ......"

        Thinking that Lin Fan would kill Yang Minghao, Bai Yi's pretty face instantly went white and hurried forward, trying to stop Lin Fan from killing him.

        It wasn't just her!

        Yang Tianrui, as well as all the Bai Clan's backbones, were also numb and ran into the stairway, trying to dissuade Lin Fan.

        Just at the moment!

        Lin Fan didn't care about the words of the people around him stopping him.

        After he slapped Yang Minghao to the 14th floor, he grabbed Yang Minghao, whose head was bleeding, and slapped him again, landing hard!



        At this moment, the crowd saw a numbing scene.

        Lin Fan slapped and slapped and slapped down!

        Yang Minghao is falling floor by floor.

        In the blink of an eye!

        Yang Minghao went from howling in rage to screaming in fear and begging for mercy.

        All over his body, he almost became a bloody man.


        Bai Yi, Yang Tianrui and the others were all frightened by Lin Fan's madness.

        Especially in their eyes, it was as if Lin Fan was not smacking a person, but a bedbug.

        Thirteenth floor!

        Tenth floor!

        Eighth floor!


        Everyone witnessed Yang Minghao's miserable appearance.

        The skin on his body was blurred by the fall, and his mind was dizzy, as if he would pass out from the pain at any moment.


        Intense remorse and fear filled Yang Minghao's heart, and he completely understood why his four strong bodyguards were so frightened that Lin Fan couldn't even stand up.


        The Devil!

        In Yang Minghao's eyes, perhaps only a demon could be so ferocious, treating human life like grass.

        "Kid, stop, don't fight, please, don't hit me!"

        When Yang Minghao saw that Lin Fan was going to hit again, he used all his strength and shouted desperately.

        "I was wrong, I don't dare harass Baek, I apologize to you and Baek, please let me go! If you keep fighting, I'm really going to fall to my death!"

        At this moment, Yang Minghao's heart was filled with remorse to the extreme.

        If he had known that his son-in-law was so crazy and tyrannical, he wouldn't have dared to rob Bai Yi so arrogantly.

        And now ......

        "If an apology works, what's the use of having the police?"

        Lin Fan's voice did not contain the slightest emotion in it.

        Words out!

        Slap down!


        A short ten minutes later!

        The entire Bai Clan has been stirred up, and everyone has heard that Lin Fan is taking the Grand Group's young master, Yang Minghao, down from the 15th floor to the first floor.

        One by one, the employees of the White Group watched and talked about it.



        The door to the first floor of the hallway, a loud boom, a bloody man from the stairway, ruthlessly smashed out, everyone was shocked.

        Blood ......

        They saw that it was almost as if it was a bloody man, completely soaked in blood all over his body.

        Each step of the stairway, in particular, had a long blood trail left on it.

Chapter 156

"This ...... is Sheng Shi Da Shao Yang Minghao? My God, why is it so miserable?"

        "Bad, something big is going to happen? This Yang Minghao, however, represents the Shanda Group, and Shanda is our Bai Group's largest partner!"

        "Exactly! This Lin Fan is too impulsive, how could he beat someone up like this! If Shanda's Yang Jinshui pursues it, our Bai Group will be in big trouble!"


        At this moment, after seeing Yang Minghao's miserable condition, almost all of the employees were talking about it.

        It's over!

        With Yang Minghao beaten up like this, Shanda Group will not give up!

        At that time, the White Group will suffer a catastrophe.

        Not just those employees!

        At this moment, even Bai Yi and the group's backbones, all of them with faces as white as paper and foreheads dripping with cold sweat, also knew that today's matter was too big.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan! You, tough enough!"

        A faint sound came from Yang Minghao's mouth.

        At this moment, his bones felt like they were about to fall apart, and the pain was excruciating.

        If it wasn't for the fact that he had been protecting his head to the death along the way, I'm afraid he would have died on the spot by now.

        "Lin Fan! BAI! Wait for me, you Bai's!"

        "If I, Yang Minghao, don't die today, then your Bai Group will die!"


        The resentment within Yang Minghao's voice was truly heard by almost everyone.

        It made everyone in the Bai Clan look pale white.

        Those employees, cadres, and others even looked at Lin Fan with a strong sense of resentment and anger.

        "Lin Fan, you've gone too far, just teach a lesson, how can you beat someone up like this!"

        "Yeah, Bai Yi didn't have anything to do with it, but now you've beaten up Yang Minghao like this, are you trying to get us all killed?"


        The noisy accusations and rebukes were loud and clear.

        It was as if, in the eyes of these people, Lin Fan was an unforgivable thug, and Yang Minghao was the victim.

        Only, that's not all!


        Just as the crowd was accusing Lin Fan, the buzzing sound of an engine resounded.

        And then the crowd saw one car after another, racing from outside.

        Seeing the license plate of these cars, many of the Bai Clan's backbone and employees, their faces completely changed.

        "That ...... that's the Grand Group's license plate? Oh my God, the gala is here!"

        "Something big is happening, Lin Fan, the jinx, is definitely going to get us killed this time!"


        Everyone's face was white as a sheet.

        In particular, when they saw a car stop abruptly, and then from the car, hailed down one after another big man with a baseball bat, the crowd was even more shocked!




        In the blink of an eye, forty or fifty men armed with sticks and clubs surrounded and blocked the area, scaring the Bai Clan into retreating incessantly for fear of being infected.

        Only, that's not all!

        In particular, when the Bai Group's crowd thought of a middle-aged fat man at the head of the group, everyone was shocked.

        "That ...... is the chairman of Shanda Group - Yang Jinshui! My God, the big guy is here in person!"

        "Bastard, Yang Jinshui must have known that something happened to his son, and that's why he brought so many people here!"

        "This time, I'm on the hook for the Bai Group ......"

        Bai Yi, Yang Tianrui, and others, have changed color.

        That's Yang Jinshui, the head of the Shanda Group!

        The other side personally brought dozens of people here, today's matter, absolutely can not be good.

        "Hahaha ......"

        Not only the crowd, but also Yang Minghao, who was on the ground at the moment, noticed the scene and became ecstatic.

        "Lin Fan! BAI! Your retribution has come, my son has arrived, you are finished!"

        "It's not just you two, it's your Bai Group, all finished! Hahaha ......"

        Yang Minghao laughed wildly.

        It was as if he had seen his own son break Lin Fan's legs, and with a wave of his hand, bankrupt the Bai Clan, and the pleasure in his heart was extreme.