Today I Give Up Trying 1538

 "None of your business, get lost! Or else you will be treated badly!"


      A few of Scarface's men surrounded the five men in black.


      However, the men in black only sneered, and then they pulled out the military spikes on their waists and stabbed out directly!


      Poof, poof, poof!


      On the spot, a few of the boys were killed!




      Scarface and the others were furious, this was the first time they had ever encountered such a ruthless man, who started killing without a word of nonsense!


      That kind of determination and ruthlessness, as if they were killing cats and dogs instead of people!


      While they were in a daze, a few more people fell into a pool of blood, and the number was increasing like crazy!


      Scarface had brought about thirty people this time, but in just a minute's time, not many were left dead.


      The men in black were like tigers in a herd of sheep, killing and killing, and there was no one to stop them.


      Everyone could see that they were like ghosts weaving through the crowd, taking a life with them wherever they passed.


      It was like!


      They were a bunch of killing machines!


      In no time, only Scarface was left.


      He looked at the black-clad men approaching, terrified to the point of pissing himself.


      "You guys... Who the hell are you people?"




      What he got in reply was a cold slash!


      Scarface's throat was instantly slit, and the man who had just been so proud of himself became a dead dog in an instant.


      He was killed on the spot!


      After that, the leader, a man in black, was staring at Lin Fan.


      "Young Master Lin, it's been a long time!"


      Lin Biao?


      Lin Fan frowned and instantly recognised this Lin Biao, a junior captain of the Lin family, who had been trained as a deadly soldier by the Lin family since he was born, and had also been given the surname Lin.


      During Lin Fan's childhood, he was Lin Fan's nightmare!


      Because Lin Chen Tao and other young lords, once they looked at him in a bad way, they would let Lin Biao strike and beat him up.


      And every time, Lin Biao would beat Lin Fan beyond recognition, and several times he would vomit blood and faint que and almost lose his life.


      Only now!


      When Lin Fan saw him again, it was as if he was looking at a mole that could be crushed at any time, and he didn't give it a second thought.


      "Second Young Master would like to ask you to take a trip, so I'd like to ask you to give me the pleasure, Young Master Lin!"


      Lin Biao looked at Lin Fan with a smirk, that look was as thick with contempt as it was back then.


      "No time, get lost!"


      Lin Fan directly scolded in a very disrespectful manner.




      Lin Biao and the others were dumbfounded, each one of them was dumbfounded.


      Was this still the same punk from back then?


      How dare he be so tough in the face of them?


      And what was even more outrageous was that Lin Fan was the one who dared to scold them after seeing them kill so many people?


      This mental quality could no longer be described as good, it was simply described as perverted!


      With a single word, Lin Fan had directly angered Lin Biao and the others!


      What the hell, he didn't even take them seriously!


      "Lin Fan, you're taking yourself too seriously too, aren't you? We're not here to ask for your opinion, today you have to go or not."


      Lin Biao coldly snorted, while glaring at Lin Fan viciously.


      A punk still wants to turn over a new leaf?


      Dream on!




      "Heh heh..."


      Lin Fan, however, laughed coldly, looking at them with a smirk, not a smile.


      "What if I say no?"




      Lin Biao and the others froze for a moment before they let loose with laughter.


      "Lin Fan, look back first, then you can decide if you're qualified to negotiate with me!"




      Lin Fan looked back, and when he saw that his wife was already being held under duress, a fierce murderous look emerged in his eyes!


      At that moment!


      Bai Yi's neck was being held by a military spike, and strands of blood were already flowing down from that snow-white neck.


      And Bai Yi was in tears, looking at Lin Fan with pity, so frightened that she could barely stand up.




      Lin Fan was in a frenzy, and in an instant it was as if he had transformed into a terrifying demon king, roaring with unparalleled ferocity.


      "You, how dare you threaten my woman!"