Today I Give Up Trying 1537

 At the other end, Lin Fan was taking Bai Yi home!


      However, when they passed a fork in the road, a van surrounded them.


      One by one, mangled men armed with large swords stepped out of the vans, and then walked towards Lin Fan in a fierce manner.


      "Who are they?"


      Seeing that the other party was up to no good, Bai Yi immediately turned pale with fear and grabbed Lin Fan's arm uneasily.


      "I'm only afraid that they are the assassins sent by Li Xijun, right?"


      A touch of disdain surfaced in Lin Fan's eyes, just a bunch of goods like this were really not worth his high regard.


      "She's still unrepentant?"


      Bai Yi's face sank, and a touch of anger surfaced in his eyes.


      Lin Fan smiled and asked.


      "Have you ever seen a dog that can change to eat shit?"


      And then, straight away, he pushed open the car door and walked down.


      "Kid, you're Lin Fan, right? Someone paid a big price for your dog's life today, and they want us to J your wife first before killing her!"


      A scarred face laughed lewdly as he stared at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a dead man.


      "You don't have to do that because the person who hired you is already dead, even if you kill us, you won't get the money!"


      Lin Fan said with a smile.




      At those words!


      That Scarface's expression instantly changed, and then he hurriedly said to his men.


      "Call that bitch and ask for clarification on what's going on!"


      Only, it didn't take long for the little brother to say.


      "Boss, Li Xijun's phone is not working!"


      The scar's face suddenly turned gloomy and he cursed, saying.


      "Damned bad luck! This is a waste of work!"


      Li Xijun had only given him half of the deposit, the rest of the final payment had not been settled for him, so naturally he wouldn't work for nothing in this situation.


      Lin Fan smiled and said.


      "Can we go now?"




      That scar face was smiling lecherously, and then looked lecherously at Bai Yi in the car.


      "Kid, since we're here, we definitely can't make a trip for nothing, I have to collect some interest to do so!"


      "Your wife is so beautiful, it's too selfish for you to enjoy it alone, let me have a taste of it too, so I'll let you guys go, how about that?"


      These words, seemingly inquisitive!


      But Scarface was coming in step by step, while waving a big knife in his hand, and there was even a touch of hostility in his eyes, as if he was threatening Lin Fan with death if he didn't agree.




      Lin Fan sighed and said extremely helplessly.


      "What about you guys having to seek death?"


      To be honest, he really didn't want to kill anyone in front of Bai Yi, but it just so happened that someone was forcing him to do it.




      As soon as they heard this, Scarface and the others all turned pale, how dare this guy threaten them?


      They hadn't heard wrong, had they?


      Did this kid even know what kind of situation he was in?


      Immediately, Scarface became furious and viciously said.


      "Little bastard, I think you've got a long life ahead of you! I want to play with your wife in front of you, try stopping me if you dare!"


      "Not only will I play with her, I want my brothers to take turns!"


      Scarface instantly ordered his little brothers to go and drag Bai Yi off the car.


      At those words!


      Lin Fan's eyes instantly wiped over a cold aura as he was aroused to the ferocity of killing.






      At that moment, a black Mercedes-Benz sedan sped up to them, and then stopped steadily in front of them, with five men in black suits stepping out of the car one after another.


      "Yo, you've brought your bodyguards with you? It's a pity, just a few of them are not enough for me to stuff my teeth with!"


      The moment he saw the other party, Scarface laughed contemptuously, not giving it a second thought.




      Lin Fan, however, frowned, because these men in black were not arranged by him at all.


      Moreover, Lin Fan also noticed that the Qi they were breathing was extremely unusual!


      Lin Fan instantly frowned, and a flash of shock appeared on his face.


      One long and three short, this was the breathing method of an expert!


      The person who came was by no means a good person!