Today I Give Up Trying 1536

 A soldier yelled out, scaring Li Xijun, who shuddered and turned her head in panic.


      Immediately afterwards, the soldier picked up the photo in his hand and compared it, before frowning furiously and walking away with quick steps.


      This action made Li Xijun's heart sink to the core, and the uneasy feeling in her heart became stronger and stronger.


      Not long after, a kind-eyed old man appeared in front of her, smiling and asking.


      "You are Li Xijun, aren't you?"




      Hearing that accurate utterance of her name from the other party, she understood everything.


      These people, they really were here to find her!


      She looked at the old man in horror and asked uneasily, "You... What are you?"


      "The Commander-in-Chief of Jiangnan!"


      Without waiting for the old man to speak, a soldier next to her took the lead in explaining.




      Li Xijun was even more confused, the chief commander of Jiangnan?


      Wasn't that a provincial hand?


      This was undoubtedly a super behemoth!


      More terrifying than everyone she knew, with a background!


      Even Mayweather couldn't compare to it!


      But what did the Jiangnan Commander-in-Chief want with her?


      And just then, Long Jiu was smiling and said.


      "Introduce myself, my name is Long Jiu, now you should know why I came to look for you, right?"




      In an instant, Li Xijun was struck by lightning, a trace of horror and panic surfaced on her cheeks.


      It made her fall to the ground in shock!


      Long Jiu?


      So this old man in front of her was Long Jiu?


      The mysterious being who had scared Master Xiong out of his wits?


      Before, she didn't know who Long Jiu was, so she didn't even put her mind on it, but now she was going straight to madness.


      That Long Jiu, who had not been on her mind, was actually the chief commander of Jiangnan?


      To her, it was like a dream!


      And a nightmare at that!


      She understood, she understood everything!


      It turned out that the one with the real background wasn't Bai Yi, but the husband that she had treated like a waste... Lin Fan!


      He, who was able to order the commander-in-chief of Jiangnan!


      And to send an army to apprehend her, how terrifying was the identity of such a man?


      At that moment, she was already crying out: "Yes...


      "Is it... Did Lin Fan send you to arrest me?"


      Long Jiu didn't deny it either, nodding his head and saying.


      "Given what you did before, Mr. Lin doesn't want you to leave China alive, so you understand, right?"


      There was a strong respect in Long Jiu's words.


      And with these words, Long Jiu's words were like a thunderclap, causing her to be scared out of her wits on the spot.


      Not letting her leave China alive?


      Lin Fan, was going to kill her?


      "No! He can't do this, I've already admitted my mistake! How can he drive all of us to death!"


      Li Xijun cried out directly, already paralyzed with fear.


      "Aren't you also a thief with a heart of gold?"


      Long Jiu snorted coldly, looking at her with a contemptuous expression.


      "It was only a while ago that you bought and killed someone, wasn't it?"




      Li Xijun was completely petrified and looked at Long Jiu in disbelief.


      "You, how did you know?"


      At that!


      Long Jiu instantly showed a look of contempt, staring Li Xijun down as if she was looking at an idiot.


      "Just an idiot like you, every move is under Mr. Lin's surveillance, he already knew what you were going to do."


      "Li Xijun, from the moment you moved against Mr. Lin to kill him, you were already a dead man."




      Li Xijun was completely dumbfounded!


      It turned out that what she had done, Lin Fan had already known about it.


      She was the one who had ruined her future!


      Now, even if she lost her job, she would even have to lose her life!


      She regretted it!


      It was jealousy that had killed her!


      She had been jealous of Bai Yi all her life, but in the end it was jealousy that had cost her her own life.


      "Let me see Lin Fan! Please let me see Lin Fan!"


      Li Xijun begged, she wanted to see Lin Fan now, to talk to him and ask him to spare her life.


      This time she was really scared!


      It was just a pity!


      Long Jiu, however, shook his head.


      "Sorry, Mr. Lin has already said that no matter what you say, you can't be spared!"


      "No! Don't! I know I'm wrong! Don't kill me!"


      Li Xijun shouted like a madwoman, rushing out of the crowd to escape, stumbling and breaking out of the cabin.


      At this time, Li Xijun was already mentally deranged out of fear, so she knew that she couldn't escape but still ran away like a madwoman.


      The whole time, Long Jiu only sneered and did not stop her.


      Li Xijun got out of the cabin by herself, which saved him the trouble.


      Only after Li Xijun had completely run out of the cabin, did Long Jiu lead his men to walk out unhurriedly.


      Bang Bang!


      Two shots rang out and everything returned to silence!


      The plane continued to take off, and everything was as silent as if nothing had happened.