Today I Give Up Trying 1535

 In the end, Baiy was able to sign a contract with Mayweather and the first order for 10,000 vaccines was scheduled to be delivered in half a month.


      Bai Yi had finally taken the first step towards his rise to power!


      "Lin Fan, I feel like I'm dreaming!"


      When he came out of the hotel, Bai Yi was jumping up and down, and he couldn't hide the smile on his face.


      "It's incredible what's happened in just a year, and I also feel like I've had exaggerated luck."


      "You think I'm not really a person with great luck like they say, right?"




      Lin Fan was instantly amused, thinking in his mind, "You have a bullshit great luck, it's not your husband running off his feet?


      "Nasty, how dare you make fun of me!"


      Bai Yi hit Lin Fan with no good grace and said angrily.


      "No more sex for you tonight!"


      Lin Fan hurriedly threw up his hands in surrender and helplessly said.


      "Whatever your wife says is right."


      As long as Bai Yi could be happy, Lin Fan could do anything.


      After a long time, Bai Yi also let out a deep sigh and said.


      "All these years, I've always been looked down upon, and now I'm finally living like a human being."


      And then, she was glancing deeply at Lin Fan.


      "They all say I have great fortune, but in my opinion, you are my lucky star!"


      She knew that there were many crises that Lin Fan had helped to solve, and although Lin Fan was not relying on himself, it was at least Lin Fan who helped to contact those big names.


      Lin Fan then smiled faintly and put his arm around her shoulders and said.


      "I believe that we will get better and better!"


      Seeing this!


      Bai Yi also moved with emotion and murmured.


      "Lin Fan, I... Let's have a baby, okay?"




      And at that moment!


      Li Xijun was remorseful after being driven out of the hotel.


      "Bitch! Bastards! Since you dare to ruin me, I will never let you have an easy time!"


      And then!


      She took out her phone and dialed a number, gnashing her teeth and saying:


      "Have you arranged the people you asked for? I want that couple to die tonight! -I want that couple to die tonight!"


      She had no intention of letting Bai Yi and the others off the hook, and since they had already struck out at her, she was determined to have them killed tonight.


      At the same time, Li Xijun viciously stated that Bai Yi had to be killed before J!


      Then, after sending the location of the hotel to the assassin she had hired, she rushed straight to the airport.


      This was her plan at first, to buy the murder and then flee overseas, so that no one could do anything to her.


      She would never go back to China anyway, there was nothing to stay in this hellhole, it was better to be abroad.


      Half an hour later, Li Xijun was sitting in the first class cabin of a plane, a glass of red wine in her hand and a wicked smile on her lips.


      She looked at the time and guessed that Bai Yi and Lin Fan were already dead by this time!


      She would now just sit back and wait to see the news from Jiangcheng tomorrow!




      The plane's engine started, ready to take off.


      At this time, her heart finally dropped, and she smugly said to herself.


      "How dare you offend me, Li Xijun? You are doomed!"


      As long as she left China, the sky would be high and no one would be able to help her.




      Before she could get carried away, a sudden change occurred!


      A police siren sounded, followed by police and military vehicles coming from all directions, stopping the plane at once.


      The scene was so magnificent that even military helicopters were used, and they looked as if they were on standby.


      This scene also instantly stunned all the passengers present!


      "What's going on, how come the army is here?"


      "It couldn't be that there are terrorists on the plane, could it?"


      Everyone was instantly terrified, such a grand and shocking scene was the first time they had ever seen it in their lives.


      And at this time, Li Xijun was also a bit uneasy the moment she saw those police cars because she was a thief.


      Her face was instantly white, and her eyes were thick with tension.


      Soon, the cabin door was opened and one by one, soldiers with real weapons entered the cabin.


      At this point, everyone was too scared to breathe, obviously terrified.


      And as if they were looking for something, when they reached Li Xijun, they stood still with a jolt!


      "Raise your head!"