Today I Give Up Trying 1534

 Therefore, this type of person does not deserve mercy!


      Seeing this, Lin Fan also finally smiled, his own wife had finally learned to be ruthless.




      Li Xijun's delicate body suddenly trembled violently, and her entire body instantly felt as if she had suffered an electric shock.


      "Bai Yi, don't do this to me, please! I don't want this life to be ruined like this!"


      Li Xijun howled miserably, refusing to let go of Bai Yi's leg in death, unable to be arrogant at this point anymore.


      Because she knew that once she was banned, her life would be over!


      She studied medicine, and all her hard work and contacts over the years were in the medicine industry, if she was banned at this time, then all her efforts over the years would be in vain!




      Instead, Bai Yi coldly kicked her out of the way with a face that said.


      "When you took everything away from me, did you ever think that you would ruin me for life? Li Xijun, do you really think there is no retribution in this world?"


      As far as she was concerned, this was Li Xijun's retribution!




      These words directly made Li Xijun explode, and she instantly stood up, annoyed and angry, cursing viciously at Bai Yi :


      "Bitch, you want to ruin me? I'm telling you it's not that easy, you Bai Yi are only worthy of being stepped on by me in this life!"


      Seeing this, Bai Yi shook her head, the other party was still unrepentant even now.


      Bai Yi could also see that the reason why Li Xijun had apologised was not because she realised her mistake, but because she was afraid that her future would be ruined.


      And then!


      Li Xijun then looked at Mayweather and pleaded.


      "Mr. Mayweather, give me another chance, you should know what I'm capable of, I promise to make the company more money!"


      "A hundred times more money than it would have made with that bullshit new Bai, please don't fire me!"


      She wouldn't lose to Bai Yi, who had clearly taken everything from her.




      Mayweather, however, looked at Li Xijun as if she was an idiot, the fool who still thought she would give in because of Bai Yi and her new Bai's.


      Not knowing that behind Bai Yi stood a man terrifying enough to influence the world!


      How would Mayweather, now, dare to go against Lin Fan's wishes?


      If he dared to do that, not to mention the loss of his group, even he would have to end up with a bad death.


      At once!


      Mayweather's face sank as he angrily said.


      "Needless to say, after all the nasty things you've done, you still don't know how to repent, it seems that banning you is still too light for you."


      "Then I will personally go to Harvard University and tell them what you've done and have them cancel your registration!"




      Li Xijun was completely dumbfounded!


      In her mind, it was like five thunderstorms, and for some reason at this time, she kept looping the words Lin Fan had said before.


      Everything she had taken away from Bai Yi, Lin Fan would get it all back!


      Before, she had scoffed at those words, but now...


      She realised that Lin Fan had done what he said, he had really succeeded in destroying himself.


      Li Xijun had not expected that Mayweather would be so ruthless, she had helped him negotiate so many collaborations over the years and had earned at least a few hundred million dollars.


      But now, Mayweather had abandoned her without any hesitation, not even giving her any mercy.


      At that moment, seeing that Mayweather didn't eat her, she shamelessly begged Bai Yi for forgiveness again.




      Lin Fan, however, didn't give her a chance at all and coldly winked at Mayweather at the side.


      Mayweather instantly reacted, before ordering his men.


      "Throw this bitch out of here! Don't let her interfere with Mr. Lin and Miss Bai Yi's elegance!"


      The group of security guards were already furious, if it wasn't for Li Xijun, how could they be scolded like grandsons and still not dare to speak back?


      At that moment, they forcibly dragged Li Xijun away, and in the process, someone even unkindly gave her two slaps.