Today I Give Up Trying 1533

 Jiangnan, the most powerful woman?


      This label was such a drastic blow to Li Xijun that it stunned her silly on the spot.


      This woman, who had spent several years in this shitty place in Jiangcheng, instead of turning into an ordinary person, was now far above her in status?


      The most powerful person in the province!


      This was the ultimate dream, Li Xijun didn't even dare to think about it!


      At this moment, she felt so scared that she was about to piss herself.


      When she thought of the humiliation she had inflicted on Bai Yi, she felt a chill surge through her skull, causing her scalp to tingle.


      "Miss Baiy, do you know her?"


      At this time, even the most foolish of Mayweather could see the signs.


      Without waiting for Bai Yi to speak, Lin Fan was the first to sneer.


      "Of course I know her, this good employee of yours stole my wife's thesis back then and used it to get into Harvard University."


      "It hasn't been long since she returned to China, and she's using everything she stole from my wife to flaunt in front of my wife, I reckon her skin is thick enough to stop bullets?"




      In an instant, Mayweather's face went completely gloomy!


      How dare this bitch do such an unforgivable thing to the Queen?


      And at that moment, Li Xijun's brain felt like it was going to explode!


      The cold sweat was like a faucet that had been turned on, it was flowing non-stop!


      The Bai Yi of today was not something she could offend.


      But she dared to flaunt her authority in front of Bai Yi?


      Li Xijun was both scared and ashamed, her own achievements were probably a joke in Bai Yi's eyes, yet she was still complacent?


      I'm afraid that her previous performance was just like a clown in Bai Yi's eyes, right?


      "Mr. Mayweather, this employee of your company, I don't think she has a good character, your company even dares to hire such an employee, this really makes us doubt the quality of your company."


      Lin Fan asked with a cold smile.


      Upon hearing these words, Li Xijun's face instantly turned as white as paper, an ominous feeling surfaced in her heart at this time.


      "Please don't worry, you two! I didn't know her nature before, but since we now know that she is such a corrupt employee, we naturally won't take her in!"


      Mayweather said with a cold face, where did he not know what Lin Fan meant?


      Although he had heard about Li Xijun's indiscretions in his day-to-day life, often having indiscretions with clients and company executives, and often suppressing her subordinates.


      But considering the fact that she ran a lot of business for the group, Mayweather had turned a blind eye to it.


      But now it didn't occur to him that this damned fool would even dare to offend Bai Yi, which is like seeking death!


      And then!


      Mayweather then stared coldly at Li Xijun.


      "Li Xijun, you dare to offend Miss Bai Yi, you are expelled from now on!"


      "I'm not only going to fire you, I'm going to ban you from the whole industry! From now on, but any globally renowned pharmaceutical company will never tolerate a shameless scum like you!"




      Hearing these words, Li Xijun was instantly struck by electricity, and with a poof, she knelt down for Bai Yi!


      "Bai Yi, I..."




      Bai Yi, however, waved her hand and said with a disgusted expression.


      "Don't say you're sorry, because I won't say it's okay either!"


      "You've done so many outrageous things to me without a trace of guilt, do you think I'll ever forgive you after all this?"


      Bai Yi had never resented a person so much!


      What she had never cared about was not what Li Xijun had done, but her attitude after she had done those things.


      Even if it was a false apology, Bai Yi would not even be able to put her to death.


      Bai Yi was a kind person, merciful even to cats and dogs, let alone people.


      But some people are worse than dogs!