Today I Give Up Trying 1532



      Li Xijun couldn't help but be stunned, the VIP they invited this time, but even their boss had to be respectful.


      If they were neglected, what would happen?


      Who would have the audacity to stop their VIP guests?


      After that, Mayweather didn't bother to say anything and took Li Xijun with him and rushed downstairs in a hurry!




      When he reached the lobby on the ground floor, he went up and gave that head of security a handful for that stock and roared.


      "Blind your dog eyes, how dare you stop my VIP?"


      That security chief did not dare to squeal even after receiving a slap, and said aggrievedly.


      "But this, obviously, is your intention, right?"


      Hearing this, Mayweather's entire body exploded in anger and he roared like a madman.


      "You don't give a shit! How can this be my idea? When did I ever give such an order?"


      The security chief then looked at Li Xijun and said weakly.


      "It was clearly this lady who asked me to drive them away just now."




      Mayweather immediately looked at Li Xijun in anger.


      Li Xijun also exploded on the spot and angrily rebuked.


      "What nonsense are you talking about, when did I ask you to stop our VIPs, this is clearly..."




      Halfway through her sentence, she almost bit her tongue.


      Because at this moment, she suddenly thought that she had just asked the security guards to chase away Bai Yi and his wife, so could it be that the guests the boss had invited this time were...


      Thinking of this, Li Xijun's legs went weak straight away, and a thick shock surfaced on her face.


      No... It couldn't be such a coincidence, could it?




      Mayweather didn't bother with the nonsense, and simply snorted coldly and viciously, saying.


      "I'm going to see them now, and if I find out that any of you are playing me, I'll make you all suffer!"


      And then, a group of people were marching towards the door!


      Li Xijun's feet were already out of control at this point, and her heart was frantically hoping that Bai Yi and the others would not be the ones Mayweather wanted to meet, otherwise she would be completely ruined!




      God forbid!


      The moment she saw them at the door, Mayweather greeted them like a pug.


      That fawning face was like nothing Li Xijun had ever seen before!


      After that, Mayweather stood in front of Lin Fan and his wife, and then bowed deeply.


      "Mr. Lin, Miss Bai Yi, these idiots have rushed into you with their eyes, so I hope you won't be blamed!"


      There was a strong sense of awe and apology in his voice!




      In an instant!


      That Li Xijun's scalp directly tingled and she fell to the ground in fear!


      She panicked, she was completely panicked!


      At this moment, Li Xijun was on the verge of insanity.


      This couldn't be!


      How could Bai Yi be the client they were going to work with this time?


      She had clearly heard that Bai Yi had been having a miserable time in the past few years because she had married a trash.


      What qualifications did such a person have to make her boss so reverent?


      There was a mistake, this must be a mistake!


      Li Xijun only felt that her brain was blank, and her entire body was already falling helplessly to the ground.


      "Boss, did you make a mistake? The special client you are talking about, is this bitch?"


      Li Xijun asked incredulously.




      Hearing this insult, Mayweather almost didn't bite his tongue off, glaring at Li Xijun in anger


      "Bastard! How dare you insult Miss Bai Yi? She is the president of the new Bai, the only pharmaceutical company in the world that can independently develop a new type of pneumonia!"




      Li Xijun's eyes went black and she almost lost her breath.


      New White's?


      How could she not know about this company?


      It had only just released its product, and it was already a global sensation!


      Now, every pharmaceutical company in the world wanted to enter into a partnership with it, and the level of desire could be described as crazy.


      This is because anyone who can partner with the current New White's is in control of the lifeblood of global medicine.


      And New White's, a small and unknown company, is destined to become the world's premier pharmaceutical group thanks to that miracle vaccine.


      And such a potential stock, and its holder is actually Bai Yi?




      This can't be!


      This bitch, who had clearly had everything taken away from her and was forced to nestle in the shitless city of Jiang, was destined to be a bumbling woman for the rest of her life.


      How could she possibly dominate a globally renowned pharmaceutical company?


      And yet, that's not all!


      Immediately afterwards, Mayweather continued.


      "Apart from being the owner of the new Bai Clan, Miss Bai Yi is also the most powerful woman in the whole of Jiangnan today!"