Today I Give Up Trying 1531

 By the next day, Lin Fan and Bai Yi had once again rushed to the hotel with the intention of signing a partnership contract with Mayweather.




      Only when they reached the door, they bumped into Li Xijun who had come downstairs to buy breakfast.


      Li Xijun first froze, and then a strong contempt surfaced on her face.


      "What are you two poor bastards doing here? Is this a place you can come to?"


      Although Lin Fan's performance yesterday was intimidating, she didn't put it in her eyes at all.


      Even if Xia Lin Fan was powerful, he only had some background in Jiang City, and as long as she left the country, Lin Fan would not be able to help her.




      As long as she could get close to the big shot her boss was talking about, even if Lin Fan had a heavenly background, he would have to kneel down like a dog at her heels.


      Bai Yi's face sank as she said.


      "Li Xijun, I don't want to start a conflict with you, please move aside!"


      Today she only wanted to quickly reach a partnership with Mayweather, and did not want to cause trouble.


      But her humility was rewarded with Li Xijun's aggressive attitude.


      Li Xijun laughed disdainfully and said.


      "You don't want to? I think you don't dare, do you? You don't even have to take a piss to see if you're worthy of it?"


      "I don't care to talk to you!"


      Bai Yi was so angry that her body was shaking, but in the end, she put up with it and walked forward past Li Xijun.


      "If you want to leave, it's not that easy!"


      Li Xijun snorted coldly at once, before ordering a few security guards at the door.


      "You guys, get rid of them! I don't want to share a room with these two poor bastards!"


      The security guards looked at each other, and then they came up one after another.


      The captain, who was in the lead, directly reprimanded viciously, saying.


      "Two poor bastards, get lost! If you dare to offend our VIPs again, don't blame me for being unkind to you!"


      They were Li Xijun's group was on a private helicopter, such a master was not easy to offend, and one mistake might even lose his job.


      "Li Xijun, you... You!"


      Bai Yi was already too angry to speak, the other party was too arrogant, even if they had beaten up her father yesterday, now they had to humiliate them.


      She had clearly held back time and again, not wanting to start a conflict with Li Xijun, but the other party acted as if she would not stop until she was trampled to death.


      And now!


      Li Xijun then laughed rampantly and said.


      "You two poor bastards, get lost, and remember, when you see me, Li Xijun, you have to go around, or you will make a fool of yourselves like this!"


      Following this, Li Xijun arrogantly wiggled her buttocks and walked into the hotel.


      If she hadn't been in a hurry to meet that big shot, she wouldn't have let Lin Fan and Bai Yi off so easily.




      "Boss, I've bought breakfast back!"


      After returning to the room, Li Xijun's attitude took a direct 360 degree turn and said with flattery to a foreign middle-aged man in front of her.


      This foreign middle-aged man, surprisingly, was Mayweather!


      "Li, as a Chinese, you will lead the signing ceremony in a moment, also being Chinese, the client should feel more affectionate if you lead the ceremony."


      Mayweather said without raising his head, still carefully examining the contract.


      He was thinking about how to give the maximum possible profit to Bai Yi without making Bai Yi feel pretentious, otherwise it would be a big deal if Lin Fan's identity was revealed.




      Li Xijun, who heard this, was defending with a disgusted look on her face, saying.


      "Mr Mayweather, I think you've got it wrong! I'm not a Chinese, I changed my nationality just three years ago, I'm now a Miamian."


      She looked as if being a Chinese was a great shame to her.


      This statement instantly made Mayweather's heart despise, people who are not even willing to admit their own bloodline are simply scum.


      And yet!


      At that moment, Mayweather's phone rang.


      And then roared in extreme rage.


      "What! My VIP, being stopped?"