Today I Give Up Trying 1530

 And when Lin Fan walked out of the doorway, he was the one who saw Ye Shihao and the other four family heads rushing in together.


      "Mr. Lin, are you alright?"


      Ye Shihao asked with concern.


      Lin Fan, on the other hand, glared at him without good grace.


      "What can happen to me?"


      "Sorry, I lost my tongue!"


      Ye Shihao was instantly embarrassed, only then did he remember that Lin Fan was a heroic figure, how could ordinary people possibly hurt him?


      "Lin Fan, how did you get out, they didn't give you a hard time?"


      Bai Yi also found it unbelievable, and then looked at Lin Fan with suspicion.


      But Lin Fan had already thought of something to say and said with a smile.


      "I told them that my wife was the common lord of Jiangnan, and they pissed themselves in fear after hearing that, so they didn't dare to make things difficult for me anymore."


      "It's just that the beauty of it is that I let that bitch Li Xijun get away."


      At those words!


      Bai Yi instantly let out a long breath and laughed bitterly, saying.


      "Run away, so be it, as long as you're alright."


      As long as their family could be safe and sound, let bygones be bygones.


      In fact, Bai Yi also had some regrets as to why she had started a conflict with Li Xijun, if she had held back, perhaps their family wouldn't have been in such danger.


      Lin Fan smiled and didn't reply.




      How could he possibly let go of the culprit who had caused her wife's future to be ruined and her old man to be beaten up so badly?


      That woman, with her poisonous heart, had managed to anger Lin Fan, so no matter what, Lin Fan would not let her go.




      And at this time, Li Xijun was also ashamed of herself as she caught a taxi back to the hotel, looking furious all the way.


      The reason is that she felt that she had lost a lot of face today, that she had let a son-in-law humiliate her.


      That Du Yue was simply a loser, saying that there was no problem, but she had let a small son-in-law take care of it.


      He even almost dragged her into it, what a rice bucket!


      "Bai Yi, you bitch, wait for me! I won't let it go just like that!"


      Li Xijun thought viciously in her heart that after this partnership was negotiated, she would spend a million or so dollars to buy one of Bai Yi and her wife's legs to avenge today's humiliation.


      At that time, she would run back abroad, and the laws of China would not be able to sanction her.


      When she thought of this, a malicious smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, and she was already a bit eager to try.


      But at that moment, her phone suddenly rang, and the moment she saw the caller ID, she panicked and hurriedly picked up.




      "Li Xijun, where are you?"


      A man's voice came from the other end, and from the tone of voice it seemed to be very anxious.


      "I'm at the hotel, what's wrong?"


      Li Xijun also heard that something was wrong with her boss's tone, and immediately asked in confusion.


      "I've asked my secretary to upload the information of the clients this time to your computer, have you read it yet?"


      Li Xijun's expression changed and she lied, "Oh oh, I've read it!"


      She didn't dare to tell her boss that she had actually gone to the hotel to have a quickie with a duck just now.


      "That's good that you read it, come over right now and we'll sort out the contracts we're going to sign tomorrow together to prevent any mistakes."


      "I'm telling you, this time the client is the most important client our group has ever had, there will never be any mistakes allowed!"


      That one!


      Li Xijun was stunned in turn, it was the first time she had seen her boss so nervous that he was planning to sort out the signing contract himself?


      This was also the first time ever!


      In the past, the boss had always left such trivial matters to his subordinates.


      Li Xijun couldn't help but be curious as to what kind of heavenly background the person she was signing with had this time.


      However, without waiting for her to continue asking, the person on the other end hung up the phone directly after urging her.


      "Such a big shot, you must go and meet him!"


      Li Xijun smiled foxily, in case the other party was a man, she might even be able to hook up with him.


      If she could really hook up with such a big shot, she would be able to eat and drink for the rest of her life.