Today I Give Up Trying 1526



      The moment this statement was made, it caused Li Xijun and Du Yue and the others, their faces all changed.


      At once!


      Du Yue's face went straight down in gloom, and he angrily said.


      "What do you mean?"


      Lin Fan smiled and said.


      "Didn't you say thirteen million? Bring it here! You guys just insulted my wife and beat up my old man, shouldn't you pay this amount?"




      The atmosphere in the room exploded!


      All of them looked at Lin Fan with a look of seeing a ghost.


      This guy was crazy?


      He was causing trouble in Master Xiong's territory, and even if he didn't pay, how dare he take the initiative to ask for money?


      This was the old man drinking arsenic - he was too tired to live!


      Only, they didn't know how terrifying Lin Fan was!


      Who is he?


      Who is he? He is the Dark Lord, the only master of the Dark World, and all of the world's lords must fall at his feet?


      And now, a group of ants dared to move the earth on the head of a taiyoukai, not to mention asking for 10 million, even if it cost them all their lives, it would only be a snap of a finger.


      Li Xijun and the others had no idea what kind of existence they had offended, and the background and fearfulness of this man in front of them was something that mortals like them could never imagine in their lifetime.


      And at this time, they only felt that Lin Fan was seeking death!


      Immediately, Du Yue's face was completely gloomy, and a thick resentment flooded his eyes.


      "You're playing me?"


      Playing him like a monkey on his turf?


      Although he was not as prestigious as Master Xiong, he could not be offended by this poor man in front of him.


      "Kid, I promise you, you won't be able to leave from here unharmed today!"


      "And because of what you have just done, you will live the rest of your life under my harassment, with your chickens and dogs in chaos!"


      Du Yue was sinister to the extreme, that sinister look was like a poisonous snake.


      "Haha, daring to spill your guts in Master Xiong's land, Lin Fan, right? I respect you as a good man!"


      Li Xijun giggled, as if she could already foresee Lin Fan's fate.


      "Don't worry, I'll call an ambulance for you after they cripple you later."


      Li Xijun and Du Yue, were both smug, as if Lin Fan was now their stack of fish and meat, ready to be slaughtered by them.




      Lin Fan, however, still acted as if he was a nobody and shrugged his shoulders, saying.


      "10 million for your lives is already a bargain, so if you're not even willing to give it like this, then there's nothing I can do!"




      Everyone froze, and then they all laughed coldly!


      Does this guy even know what he's talking about?


      He was already dead, but he still dared to play hard to get at this time?


      Even asking Du Yue and the others to pay for their lives?


      This was ridiculous!


      "Do it! Let's knock off one of his legs first!"


      Du Yue shouted violently, no longer bothering to talk nonsense to Lin Fan.


      He wanted Lin Fan to kneel down and beg him to spare his life like a dog!


      "Paying for life? Then let's see whose life is being bought with money!"


      Li Xijun sneered, before taking two steps back and quietly waiting to watch Lin Fan's downfall.


      The little brothers who had followed Du Yue were all walking towards Lin Fan with instruments in their hands, unsuspectingly.


      But just then!


      There was a sudden change!


      "Master Xiong has arrived!"


      Outside, there was a shout from a junior disciple!


      Master Xiong?


      When everyone heard this name, they all looked towards the door with fear and trepidation.


      They saw a middle-aged man of six metres tall, with a bare chest and a green dragon tattooed on his chest, striding in.


      He was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, but his vulgarity could not be concealed, and he looked like a monkey, which was particularly comical.


      This man was Master Xiong, his full name was Zhou Chuxiong!


      At this time he was sweating coldly, wiping the sweat from his forehead with his handkerchief, his face as white as paper, as if he had seen a ghost.


      He had already gone to bed early, but a sudden phone call had shattered his dream!


      He had to get up from the warm embrace of his young and beautiful second wife and come here in the cold wind.


      Something was wrong!


      Something big has happened!