Today I Give Up Trying 1525



      Hearing this, Bai Yi's family all froze, and then their faces instantly turned ugly.


      By this time, they had all realised that this group of people in front of them were simply in cahoots.


      A million and three hundred thousand was already excessive, but now it had gone up ten times?


      A few bottles of wine cost more than ten million, what kind of wine costs so much?




      Li Xijun laughed gleefully on the spot, staring playfully at Bai Yi and the others.


      "Isn't it better to pay out 1.3 million just now? Now you're dumbfounded, you've doubled it tenfold in the blink of an eye, I'll see what you poor bastards can do to pay back!"


      And the waiter was also proudly shouting.


      "How about it, do you want me to call our boss for you too?"


      At that!


      Bai Yi was so angry that her body trembled, and she angrily chided, saying.


      "You guys, you're shameless!"




      Du Yue snorted coldly, staring at Bai Yi with an unkind smile.


      "Cut the crap! Hurry up and get the money or I'll make you all walk away!"


      The smug look on his face was as if he was sure of Bai Yi's family.


      And at that moment!


      Lin Fan's anger had reached an unmanageable edge, and he smiled sorrowfully.


      "These wines, are you sure you want thirteen million?"


      At this time, he intended to give these people in front of him one last chance.


      Because just a moment ago, he had already sent a text message to inform certain people that this farce would soon come to its end.


      However, Du Yue did not take Lin Fan's warning seriously, at all.


      Still arrogantly, he said.


      "Not bad, thirteen million, I'll break your legs for every cent less!"


      "Dog, you dare to spill your guts in Master Xiong's territory, I think you are looking for death!"


      Master Xiong?


      Hearing these words, the crowd's expressions changed.


      Master Xiong was a famous big brother in Jiang City, with hundreds of brothers under his command, and he was considered a local snake in this neighborhood.


      But what the crowd didn't expect was that this hotel belonged to Master Xiong?


      Everyone immediately cast a sympathetic glance at Lin Fan's family, who dared to spill their guts in Master Long's territory.


      The best outcome would be a missing arm or leg!


      At that moment!


      Li Xijun smiled wistfully and sinisterly said.


      "Bai Yi, do you have no money? If you don't have any money, just kowtow to me a few times, and maybe I'll just help you out once I'm happy!"


      Bai Yi's face was blue, she had been robbed of everything by the other party back then, and now she had been so humiliated by her, how could she possibly kneel down and kowtow?


      "Fine! I'll give it to you!"


      Lin Fan then smiled faintly before turning his head to look at Bai Yi.


      "Wife, you guys go out first, I'll leave this place to me!"




      Bai Yi instantly looked as if she had seen a ghost and asked in shock.


      "Lin Fan, do you know what you're talking about?"


      Leave it to Lin Fan?


      What could Lin Fan, a door-to-door son-in-law, do?


      Not to mention her, even Li Xijun and the others had contempt on their faces, as if they had heard a big joke.


      And at this moment!


      Lin Fan, however, continued to laugh calmly and said.


      "Just don't worry about it, the mountain man has a good plan, I naturally have a solution."


      At that moment!


      Bai Yi then gave Lin Fan a deep look, and then suddenly her eyes lit up.


      She thought at this time that Lin Fan was deliberately letting her go first and then go and find help, after all, a group of them being surrounded here now was not a solution.


      "Mom and Dad, let's go first!"


      Bai Yi then stopped hesitating and hurriedly pulled Bai Shan and his wife away.


      And as soon as they left, Du Yue sneered.


      "Kid, don't even think about letting them go out and call the police, to tell you the truth, I'm not afraid at all!"


      With Master Xiong's background, even if Bai Yi and the others did call the police, they would at most go to the bureau for one night.


      But when they came out, Lin Fan's family would be in trouble.


      At that moment, Lin Fan turned around and asked with a smile on his face.


      "Thirteen million, right?"




      This time, it was Du Yue and the others who froze, did this guy really have more than ten million?


      Thinking of this, Du Yue was simply mad with joy, he had kidnapped the God of Wealth.


      He had never thought that he would be able to get more than ten million dollars for helping Li Xijun once.


      At that moment, he was impatient and said.


      "Yes, yes, yes, thirteen million, hurry up and hand it over or else break your legs!"


      However, at this time!


      Instead, they saw Lin Fan faintly smile, and then stretched his hand at them.


      "Fine, thirteen million, bring it!"