Today I Give Up Trying 1624

 Long Kwai reported to Lin Fan.

        The dragon's teeth had all been mapped out, this time the other side had hired three grand masters and countless other masters in order to target Lin Fan!

        But for some reason, there had been a delay in making a move up until now.

        After Jin Cheng'en had called Lin Zhanao, he also called his old man for help at the same time.

        "Dad, help me! Save me!"

        And at this moment, Guo Tianlin was in a board meeting, but suddenly received a call from his son-in-law, and suddenly said with a face of dismay.

        "You punk, what have you gotten yourself into again?"

        "Dad, you asked me to come and seek cooperation with Divine Doctor Lin, but instead of looking at us, he humiliated us in every way, I was angry and contradicted him a few times, and now he's going to kill me!"

        Jin Chengen said upside down, because he knew that only then would Guo Donglin step in to save him.


        Guo Tianlin on the other end was on fire, standing up from his chair with a scuffle, a strong hatred surfacing on his face.

        "I, Guo Tianlin, put myself down to seek his cooperation, but he dares not give me face, does he really consider himself an onion? I think he's looking for death!"

        As soon as he opened his mouth!

        All the shareholders in the boardroom stood up, their faces all filled with anger.

        They had been operating overseas for many years, and even foreigners in several countries had to look at them, but now they had been disgraced by a small Chinese doctor?

        It was intolerable!

        The Green Sect, a famous overseas criminal organisation, has been around for over 200 years.

        And Guo Tianlin is now the head of the Green Sect!

        These shareholders under him were also all brothers and uncles who had followed him in his fight over the years, each of them was the boss of a country's branch.

        "Sect Master, if you dare not give face to our Green Sect, then this Divine Doctor Lin should not live, get rid of him!"

        "Our Green Sect also has quite a lot of power in the country, send some experts to clean him up, otherwise our Green Sect won't be able to step down today."

        "Kill that Godly Doctor Lin's whole family, not one of them should be spared! Let them know what will happen to them if they offend our Green Sect!"

        All the shareholders all roared in anger!

        At those words!

        Guo Tianlin then said in a stern voice.

        "Gather all the Green Sects in the country and rush to Jin Cheng'en's place as quickly as possible, I want to see how much that Godly Doctor Lin has!"

        And then!

        A message from the Green Sect spread throughout all the branches of the Green Sect, and all the experts of the Green Sect rushed to Jiang City as fast as they could!

        There was only one goal, and that was to kill Divine Doctor Lin!


        Guo Tianlin's order had only just been given when a phone call arrived to him!

        "Who is it?"

        Guo Tianlin was in a bad mood, so he naturally didn't give a good face at this moment.

        "Guo Tianlin, right? Introduce yourself, I'm Xu Longxiang!"

        As soon as he heard that!

        The whole room directly fell into a dead silence.

        All the bigwigs of the Green Sect were dumbfounded!

        Dragon's Teeth leader Xu Longxiang?

        How could he call them?

        Even Guo Tianlin realised that something was wrong with the situation, why would such a big shot suddenly call him?

        Could it not be because of that divine Doctor Lin?

        "Is something wrong?"

        Guo Tianlin said without being condescending, even if Xu Longxiang's call was really about that Lin Shen Healer, he could not give in at this time.

        After all, this matter today was about the face of his Guo Tianlin and even the entire Qing Clan, the other party was planning to kill his son-in-law, this was tantamount to slapping him in the face!

        If he didn't do anything about it, how could Guo Tianlin still get along in the Dao in the future?

        "Stop it! Divine Doctor Lin, it's not something you can touch!"

        Xu Longxiang laughed coldly twice and reminded Guo Tianlin.

        It was really for Divine Doctor Lin!

        In an instant, Guo Tianlin's face turned extremely ugly, and in the next instant he was blushing coldly and said in a very disgraceful manner.

        "If you say you're going to stop, then wouldn't I, Guo Tianlin, be humiliated? If you want me to stop, you can ask Divine Doctor Lin to let my son-in-law go first!"

        A bargain?

        The Xu Longxiang at the other end laughed, and with contempt.

        If Guo Tianlin was bargaining with him, he might have considered it, but the problem was that Guo Tianlin was trying to bargain with Lin Fan.

        A district of the Green Sect, was it worthy?