Today I Give Up Trying 1524



      Hearing this astronomical figure, Bai Yi was instantly confused!


      "How much did you just say?"


      She thought she had misheard and asked back again incredulously.


      The waiter gave an impatient tsk and said coldly.


      "One million three hundred and seventy thousand, what's wrong with your family, the old one is blind, the young one is deaf, did your ancestors create sins to give birth to you?"


      The other party's harsh insult directly disliked Bai Yi's family and made them red in the face.


      At that moment, Bai Yi's face was gloomy, and he did not bother to argue with the other party, and walked towards the broken wine on the ground.


      And then!


      She picked up a fragment and said in a cold voice.


      "These wines are clearly labeled wines sold in supermarkets, and all of them do not add up to more than 10,000 yuan, yet you are charging me more than 1.3 million yuan, are you extorting me?"




      Both that waiter and Li Xijun's expressions changed, as if neither of them had expected Bai Yi to be so knowledgeable and see at a glance that these were cheap red wines.


      "If I say a million and three hundred thousand, then a million and three hundred thousand, hurry up and pay or I'll make you eat your words!"


      When that waiter saw that he had been detected, he simply tore his face off and played it straight.


      "You are extorting money, we want to call the police!"


      Bai Yi said with a grimace, she hadn't expected the other party to be so rampant, they had already been discovered and still dared to ask them for money.


      "Call the police?"


      That waiter suddenly sneered and said with a disdainful expression.


      "Our manager's brother is the head of the bureau in this district, it's useless for you to even call the police! If you guys make a big deal out of it, you'll be the ones who are unlucky!"


      Bai Yi naturally understood this reasoning, after all, how could someone who could run a star hotel not have a background behind it?


      But she just couldn't stand to see the other party's attitude of looking down on others.


      "Then call your manager out!"


      Bai Yi said angrily, she didn't bother to talk nonsense with the other party anymore, she planned to go directly to the manager to discuss.


      Let's see if they dare to be so unscrupulous when they open their doors for business!


      Only, Lin Fan, who heard this, shook his head, Bai Yi was still too naive, if this didn't have that whatever manager nod, how could a small waiter alone dare to be so arrogant?


      I'm afraid!


      The manager had already known what was going on here through the surveillance and was happy to sit back and watch the tiger fight.


      "Okay, see our manager, right? Don't you regret it!"


      The waiter gave Bai Yi a fierce glare, and then turned around and went to find their manager.


      Seeing this!


      The corner of Lin Fan's mouth instantly rose up in an icy arc.


      Making trouble, right?


      Then let's see who can mess with who!


      On the side, Li Xijun also laughed coldly, sarcastically saying that Bai Yi was really an idiot.


      You think calling the manager will help?


      She didn't know that the manager was her alumni and fuck buddy from her Harvard days, and she had promised him that she would play with him for free for a month as long as he could help her clean up Bai Yi.


      How could he possibly speak up for Bai Yi in such a situation?


      It didn't take long!


      A man walked over with big strides, about thirty years old, with a dark grey face and deep sunken eyes, he was emptied of his body by alcohol and sex.


      He was the general manager of this five-star hotel, Du Yue, and as soon as he arrived at this moment he pretended not to know anything and questioned.


      "What's going on? Who is messing around in our hotel?"


      "Manager, it's these poor bastards!"


      That waiter pointed viciously at Bai Yi's family and said.


      And Bai Yi hurriedly defended himself, saying.


      "Your staff, extorting us with substandard labeled wine sold in supermarkets, these wines add up to less than ten thousand dollars, yet he wants one million three hundred thousand dollars from us!"




      Du Yue looked at the waiter in a pretentious manner.


      "Is there such a thing?"


      "Manager, these wines were taken from the wine store, and the prices were clearly marked, there's no way they're fake."


      That waiter said weakly, somewhat confused as to what Du Yue meant.




      And at that moment, Du Yue gave him a direct slap, and then scolded in anger and anger, saying.


      "How dare you argue, how can these wines be worth a million and a half? If you talk nonsense like this, what if you bring losses to our hotel?"


      Seeing this!


      Bai Yi's family breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that it was fortunate that this manager was sensible, otherwise they would really have been unable to wash their hands even after jumping into the Yellow River.


      Even Lin Fan couldn't help but freeze, could it be that he had guessed wrong?




      Next, Du Yue was the one who snapped his head around and looked at Bai Yi's family.


      "Sorry gentlemen, it was a mistake on the part of my men, the price of these wines is not one million three hundred thousand!"


      "Rather, it's... Thirteen million!"