Today I Give Up Trying 1520

Tears were falling from Baiy's eyes, tears of resentment and grief.

        Because she knew very well what this woman had done to her.


        hearing this, instead of being half ashamed, Li Xijun even laughed out loud:.

        "Bai Yi, I don't know why, but I'm not angry at all when I hear you scold me, but I'm even very happy!"

        "Because I know that you're having a very bad time right now, and that makes me feel relieved, hahaha!"

        And at that moment, Lin Fan snapped out of it and remembered an old incident that Bai Shan had once mentioned to him.

        Back then, Bai Yi had studied medicine during his university days and had received excellent grades, winning scholarships every year and even a guaranteed place at Harvard University.

        She was destined for a promising future, but at that time she mistakenly trusted her best friend, who privately rumoured that Bai Yi had slept with school leaders and tutors to secure the only admission spot.

        She even stole Bai Yi's thesis, and until she made it public, Bai Yi couldn't believe that her best friend had done it.

        In the end, the university cancelled Bai's admission to avoid suspicion, but Li Xijun was able to use Bai's thesis to get into Harvard University.

        Bai Yi's lifelong dream was to study medicine at Harvard and then bring her foreign medical skills back to China.

        But Li Xijun destroyed her dream with her own hands!

        And her future was ruined by her own hand!

        If Bai Yi had succeeded in getting into Harvard, she would have been a famous doctor, and even the Bai family would have been polite to her.

        Li Xijun, what a pest!

        What's more, Li Xijun had caused her so much suffering, yet she had no guilt at all, and even appeared in front of her at this time to proudly show off.

        How could she not hate this?

        "Tsk, tsk, tsk, Bai Yi, does it look like you're doing badly now? I heard from my classmates that you found a little white guy, I didn't think it was true!"

        Li Xijun laughed out loud, before looking at Lin Fan with contempt.

        "I'm different from you, after graduating from Harvard I took a job in a foreign pharmaceutical company, and now I'm the president of a branch, earning ten million dollars a year!"

        "Li Xijun, shut up! What are you, who are you to insult my husband?"

        Bai Yi gritted her teeth in hatred, and her body was shaking.

        Showing off?

        Who was she to show off?

        Everything Li Xijun got today was stolen from her.

        "Yo, a little white boy, you're quite valuable, it seems that the former school beauty has really fallen."

        Li Xijun laughed harshly, seeing Bai Yi so miserable, she couldn't tell how happy she was in her heart.

        In the past, she was inferior to Bai Yi in every way and could only ever follow behind her, so she was jealous and hated.

        But now, she felt that Bai Yi was not even worthy to carry her shoes.

        And now!

        As if she still felt that stepping on Bai Yi was not enough, Li Xijun continued to sneer and said.

        "By the way, I forgot to tell you, I came back this time to talk to a pharmaceutical company about cooperation, as long as the cooperation is negotiated I can at least get a few hundred million commission."

        "You should be very envious, after all, dead poor people like you will never earn so much money in this lifetime, hahaha!"

        Bai Yi was on fire and simply wanted to kill someone:.


        She had never seen such a shameless person, stealing her achievements and coming to humiliate her, such a person was worse than an animal!

        However, just then!

        An accident happened!


        As soon as Li Xijun's words left her mouth, she received a heavy slap on her cheek, and she stumbled and fell to the ground.

        Her whole face instantly swelled up!

        The person who struck was no other than Lin Fan!