Today I Give Up Trying 1519

 "Lin Fan, don't cause any trouble!"

        Bai Yi glared at Lin Fan in a bad mood, it was so hard to reach a cooperation, she didn't want to cause any more trouble.

        However, Mayweather changed his face instantly and said.

        "It's fine, Mr. Lin has a point, I have to pay some compensation, otherwise my superiors won't let me go!"

        Lin Fan had spoken, so he was destined to have to bleed out today.

        "Mr. Mayweather, can you tell me who your boss is?"

        Bai Yi asked suspiciously, she was curious to know just what kind of existence could make a being like Mayweather completely scared out of his wits.


        Mayweather glanced at Lin Fan with some hesitation.

        Only to see that Lin Fan's gaze at that moment was involuntarily colder by a few degrees.

        Mayweather instantly shivered and hurriedly said.

        "I'm sorry Miss Bai Yi, my superior's identity is more special, so I can't tell you."

        "But please believe in our sincerity, we will never hurt you, if you have any other requests you can say, we will do our best to satisfy you."

        "I only hope that you will forgive me, Miss Bailey!"

        Mayweather's face was thick with pleading, for he knew very well that his life was now in Bai Yi's hands, and whether he lived or died depended on Bai Yi's words.

        Baiy gave him an apprehensive look.

        "I... I forgive you!"

        At this time, Bai Yi also felt extraordinarily bizarre and unbelievable.

        Mayweather was actually afraid of her?

        Did this really get Lin Fan right?

        However, she was just a small company that had been established for less than a year, so what was there to be afraid of?

        Why would Mayweather be so scared of her?

        And why did the people behind him hold her in such high esteem?

        However, without waiting for Bai Yi to think more, Mayweather was so excited that he kowtowed to her several times.

        "Thank you, Miss Bai Yi, thank you!"

        "I'll have someone arrange a brand new contract for you as soon as possible!"

        And then, as if he was afraid that Bai Yi would regret it, he turned his head and ran away.

        "Lin Fan, tell me this is not a dream!"

        Bai Yi said in a daze, she had solved the problem of exporting her medicines without spending a single cent?

        That was incredible!

        Lin Fan smiled helplessly and said.

        "Don't worry, it's not a dream, you really did it."

        Bai Yi's face could not hide her joy, and she said with unbridled happiness.

        "Our medicine can finally be sold overseas, that way more lives can be saved."

        Seeing Bai Yi happy, Lin Fan was naturally happy too.

        And just at that moment!

        Lin Fan, however, received a call from the Bai Shan couple, asking them to go out for dinner together.

        "Then let's get going, just in time to tell Mom and Dad the good news!"


        Within a short time, Lin Fan and Bai Yi appeared at the agreed location.


        Before they could even step into the restaurant, a piercing sneer followed.

        "Isn't that Bai Yi?"

        Bai Yi turned his head back in confusion, and when he saw the other party's face, his whole face was completely gloomy.

        And then, clenching her teeth, she spat out three words.

        "Li Xijun!"

        Lin Fan froze, it was the first time he had seen Bai Yi so angry, his eyes filled with hatred and anger, as if he wanted to break the other party into pieces.

        Lin Fan frowned and then looked at the woman in front of him who was heavily made up and dressed like a call girl.

        What had this woman done to Bai Yi that she could inspire such intense hatred in the always kind-hearted Bai Yi.

        "Bai Yi, why are you looking at me like that? We are good girlfriends, aren't we?"

        Li Xijun said with a smile, but that face was thick with sarcasm.

        "I don't have a best friend like you!"

        Hearing this sarcasm, Bai Yi then acted as if she had gone mad and angrily shouted at Li Xijun.

        "Bastard! You're a beast that's worse than a dog or a pig!"