Today I Give Up Trying 1517



      Being reprimanded by Bai Yi like this, Mayweather was also instantly fired up and coldly snorted.


      "President Bai, you don't seem to know the difference, if it wasn't for a special request, do you think I would look at your little new Bai's?"


      And then, he said with a bad smile.


      "Since you want to cooperate, can't you show some sincerity?"


      It was the first time he had seen such a beautiful Chinese woman, and he was so taken with her that he wanted to play with her immediately.


      "So taking advantage of people is also someone else's command?"


      Lin Fan sneered up and asked in an unkind tone.




      Mayweather glanced at Lin Fan, but his expression was arrogant as he said.


      "What kind of person are you? Do you have the right to speak here?"


      Bai Yi immediately glared at Mayweather and angrily rebuked, saying.


      "He's my husband!"


      I thought that by revealing Lin Fan's identity, the other party would be restrained.




      Mayweather first froze, and then laughed wildly: "So this is your family's husband!


      "So this is the wasteful son-in-law of your family, huh? President Bai, I've heard that your Bai family has found a son-in-law who is useless and has to rely on you for a living."


      "What's good about this kind of waste, why not follow me, hahaha!"




      As soon as the words left his mouth, his face was splashed with water by Bai Yi.


      "Mr. Mayweather, you've gone too far!"


      Bai Yi was shaking with anger, what did this take her for?


      A slut of a human being?


      After saying that, she then simply picked up her bag:.


      "Lin Fan, let's go!"


      And at that moment!


      Mayweather wiped the water from his face, and a fierce smile then appeared on his face: "Baiyi, if you walk out of here, you'll have to go.


      "Bai Yi, if you walk out of this door, I can guarantee that none of the medical dealers around the world will dare to do business with you!"


      "You should know that I have the ability to do so!"


      As the leading pharmaceutical salesman, Mayweather indeed had the power to suppress Baiy's vaccine to a pitiful sales volume.




      Bai Yi turned back at once and stared the other party down indignantly.


      The other party was so shameless, this was clearly an attempt to force her hand!


      Mayweather laughed and continued arrogantly.


      "Baiy, there's no rush to give me an answer, give it some more thought, my phone number I assume you have?"


      "No need, I can give you an answer right now! Don't you dream!"


      With that, Bai Yi was furiously tugging Lin Fan's hand and preparing to leave.


      Mayweather's eyes were also wiped with a fierce glint, seemingly also completely enraged by Bai Yi's lack of goodwill.


      A president of a small company, how dare he disregard him!


      Then, Bai Yi's vaccine would never be distributed internationally!


      However, at this time!


      Lin Fan smiled coldly and flicked his finger, and a ring fell in a parabolic line towards the back.


      With a clatter, it landed in front of Mayweather's heels.




      Mayweather was stunned and dared to swear, but Lin Fan and Bai Yi's figures had already disappeared in the doorway.


      "What the hell?"


      Mayweather picked up the peculiar ring with a look of contempt, but after one look...




      Instantly, his expression changed wildly!


      It was like his brain exploded in an instant, and his face was flooded with horror!


      "Magic... The Devil's Ring?"


      He couldn't believe his eyes!


      The Magic Ring! The Dark Lord's magic ring, how could it be here?


      That was a symbol of the Dark Lord's supreme dominance, seeing the Magic Ring was like seeing the Dark Lord himself!




      In the next instant, he directly fell to the ground in fear, his entire back already wet with cold sweat, and his eyes were even filled with thick panic.


      He understood!


      In this instant, he understood completely!


      No wonder his superiors had assigned him to negotiate with Bai Yi!


      Because this man in front of him was the Dark Emperor!