Today I Give Up Trying 1515

 In just half a day, the news of Lin Chentao's death had spread to every part of China.


      The whole of China was in a state of panic!


      In just a month's time, the third and second sons of the Lin family were killed one after another?


      Who on earth would have the audacity to do that?


      And at this moment!


      Within the Lin family, the atmosphere was depressing to the extreme!


      Everyone was looking at the old man sitting on the main seat with a frightened look!


      The old man's tiger eyes were wide open, and his body had an overbearing aura that was not angry, and he was clearly in his seventies, but still as powerful as ever.


      This man was the head of the Lin family, Lin Hongtu!


      The Lin family has been in business for ten generations, but Lin Hongtu is the only one who has been able to bring together the wealth of ten generations and successfully transform it into immense power.


      He is the acknowledged emperor of business in China!


      In less than five years, the industry he favours is bound to flourish, and even if he takes a bite out of his fingernails, he can still make a fortune.


      This is a true legend!


      At this moment, his face was full of gloom, his face glowing with fierceness, and he looked as if he could not wait to kill someone.


      It caused all the people present to be terrified!


      "What a Patriarch Lin, what a Dragon's Tooth! The eldest grandson of my Lin family, they all dare to kill!"


      Lin Hongtu slapped the table violently and roared like a thunderclap.


      "This is not putting me, Lin Hongtu, in their sights, and even more so, they are looking down on my Lin family!"


      Looking at the whole of China, there were only a few existences that dared to touch their Lin family nowadays, what was that Dragon's Teeth?


      Not to mention, a small Grand Master!


      In the eyes of others, whether it was the Dragon's Teeth or the Grand Master, they were all existences that should not be messed with.


      But in the eyes of the Lin Family, they are not worth mentioning!


      Because their Lin Family had recruited as many as four Grand Masters, what was a mere Lin Zong Shi?


      And now, the other party dared to openly kill his grandson, this was already planning to have a complete deadlock with their Lin Family.


      And at that moment!


      A handsome man fiercely stepped forward and knelt down in front of Lin Hongtu, saying in a deep voice.


      "Grandfather, that Lin Zongzi dared to humiliate our Lin family like this, this matter absolutely cannot be left like this, I would like to personally go to Jiangnan to avenge my elder brother's death!"


      This man was naturally the Lin family's second son, Lin Tian patrol.


      Now that his two brothers were dead, who else could compete with him for the Lin family's headship?


      The Lin family headship would definitely be his!


      At these words!


      Lin Hongtu immediately gave Lin Tian patrol a deep look, as an old fox how could he not know what this grandson of his had in mind?


      I'm afraid that killing Lin Zong Shi was a lie, and that integrating Lin Chen Tao's remnants was the real thing, right?


      Today, Lin Tian patrol has money but no power, but after integrating Lin Chen Tao's forces, he will really have money and power.


      At that time, no one in the entire Lin family would be able to compete with him, and the position of family head would definitely be his.


      Even if she, Lin Hongtu, did not give it to him, this little brat would dare to snatch it.




      Lin Hongtu, however, sighed and said.


      "Go on, don't let me down!"


      He knew that he was getting old and this chair of power was destined to sit for a short time, plus his two grandsons had also died, so now he could only hand over the succession to Lin Tian patrol.


      "Grandpa, don't worry, I won't let you down!"


      Lin Tiancun hurriedly nodded, the joy on his face already on the verge of being pressed into service.


      However, just at that moment!


      Lin Hongtu, however, thought of something and gritted his teeth as he said.


      "This time when you go to Jiangnan, I want you to do one thing, and that is to break that wild bastard into pieces back then!"


      "The death of your two brothers was all because of that punk who started the trouble, I don't want him to live in the world anymore, so I don't care what means you use, I will make sure that he will not be allowed to die!"