Today I Give Up Trying 1513



      Lin Chentao immediately let out a miserable scream and knelt down like a dog in front of Lin Fan's heels.


      At this moment, however, Lin Fan was looking at him from a high position and smiled fiercely, saying.


      "Have you ever thought that one day you would kneel down like a dog in front of me?"


      In the past, he was worse than a pig or a dog in the eyes of the Lin family, but now...


      The youngest of the Lin family could only kneel in front of him and wait for death!


      "Don't kill me! Lin Fan, I'm your big brother!"


      Lin Chentao immediately panicked and knelt in front of Lin Fan, begging bitterly like a dog.


      There was no longer the pride and majesty that a big brother should have!




      Instead, Lin Fan let out a loud laugh, his expression hideous to the extreme: "Lin Chentao, now you're a dog!


      "Lin Chentao, you look exactly the same now as when my mother knelt in front of you and begged you to let us go do you remember?"


      "But you, did you let us go?"




      Lin Chentao's expression changed and changed again before he yelled in grief and anger.


      "I am the youngest of the Lin family, if you dare to kill me, the Lin family will not spare you!"




      Lin Fan, however, snorted and said.


      "Do you think that with my current status, I would be afraid of a small Lin family?"


      A small Lin family?


      If someone else dared to say that, they would definitely be laughed at for being arrogant and cocky, but if it was Lin Zuo who said that, it would mean something different.


      Therefore, Lin Chen Tao's face became extremely ugly, because he also knew that even the Lin family could not be touched by an existence like Lin Zuo.


      However, that was not all!


      At that very moment, Lin Fan came up to Lin Chentao's ear and whispered.


      "Apart from being Lin Zuo, I'm also the King of Blood Hell who has made the Lin Family anxious!"




      Lin Chen Tao's pupils fiercely shrank and his finger trembled as he pointed at Lin Fan.


      "You you you..."


      But before he could say anything, Lin Fan directly struck out, one hand fiercely reaching out and choking Lin Chentao's neck.


      And then, with a fierce force!




      His neck snapped in response, and the next moment Lin Chen Tao's eyes faded, and he collapsed helplessly to the ground.


      He had already lost his breath!




      Seeing this, Zhu Ru's family went completely mad!


      Bang, bang, bang!


      As if they had gone mad, they frantically kowtowed towards Lin Fan, crying out.


      "Lin Fan, don't kill us! We're your family!"


      Lin Fan had wanted to finish off their family once and for all right here!


      However, the moment he saw Shen Yuzhi, he hesitated.


      Although Zhu Ru's father and daughter were hateful, Shen Yuzhi had treated them well, which made Lin Fan hesitate.


      At that moment, Xu Longxiang also said in Lin Fan's ear.


      "Lin Zuo and the Zhu family don't have any grudges, it's impossible to kill them, if they die, it's inevitable that Madam will suspect ah."


      Lin Fan then sank his face, and then looked coldly at the Zhu Ru family.


      "If it wasn't for Second Aunt's sake, you would only be able to die here today! Remember, there will be no next time!"


      As soon as they heard those words!


      Zhu Ru's family was immediately overjoyed and nodded their heads like chickens pecking at rice.


      "Don't worry! We won't dare to do it again!"


      Now they had learned that Lin Fan was the mysterious Lin Zuo!


      Now that this was the case, who would dare to pick a fight with him?


      Wouldn't that be like seeking death?


      "Also, keep your mouth shut about my identity, if you let Bai Yi know my identity, you know the consequences!"


      Lin Fan snorted coldly, before saying in disgust.


      "Now, you can all get lost!"


      And on hearing that!


      Zhu Ru's father and daughter immediately thanked each other and then left the scene as if they were fleeing.


      At that moment, Shen Yuzhi bowed to Lin Fan with a complicated expression.


      "Thank you!"


      At this time, she was so glad that she hadn't stood with Zhu Ru and the others, or else their family would really have died today.


      As the old saying goes, but do a good deed, don't ask about your future!