Today I Give Up Trying 1512



      Xu Longxiang's words struck everyone in the room with astonishment!


      The Lin Za was right in front of them?


      What did that mean?


      For an instant, everyone failed to react, mainly because they hadn't even thought about Lin Fan.


      This was because they had never dreamed that a wasteful son-in-law would be the titular Lin Throne.


      And at that moment, Lin Chen Tao instantly reacted and instantly became completely panicked:.


      "Xu Longxiang, you... What do you mean?"


      At this moment, he couldn't even breathe!


      Xu Longxiang then laughed and a chilling voice emerged from his mouth.


      "Lin Chen Tao, haven't you already guessed it? At this time, why deceive yourself and others?"




      At these words, Lin Chentao's body trembled violently and his face was completely deadly grey.


      "Impossible, this is impossible!"


      Lin Chentao only felt every cell in his body tremble with disbelief, and he was even more unable to accept it.


      But the uneasiness in his heart was like a plague that kept spreading throughout his body.


      It made his scalp tingle!


      At this time, Lin Chentao's thoughts were already confused and he could no longer even stand up.


      Lin Fan, unexpectedly...


      How could this be!


      Lin Chentao's eyes glared round, at this time he understood everything.


      No wonder Lin Fan dared to insult him!


      No wonder Dragon's Teeth was so confident!


      No wonder at the launch event, Lin Zuo had personally given him a gift!


      It turned out that it was all because of Lin Fan!


      And seeing Lin Chentao in such a state of disarray, Zhu Ru's family was also completely frozen, and their hearts were puzzled as to why Lin Chentao was still so fearful, given that Lin Zhaoge had appeared here?




      Just then, Lin Chen Tao acted as if he had gone mad and roared loudly at Lin Fan, saying.


      "This can't be! How can a punk like you be the Lin Zuo!"


      Lin Zuo!


      The god of the army!


      The idol in the hearts of all soldiers, even he admired Lin Zuo and regarded him as his lifelong goal.


      But now, Xu Longxiang was telling him that the being he admired and looked up to was Lin Fan, whom she had disdained in the past?


      How could he, how could he accept this?




      Upon hearing these words, Zhu Ru's family directly exploded completely, and instantly, as if they had suffered a heavy blow, they all fell to their knees on the ground.


      Even more!


      Zhu Zhide was actually directly scared and pissed, liquid continuously flowing out of his trousers.


      Lin Fan, it was Lin Zuo?


      A dream!


      They must have been dreaming!


      The four men directly turned into tears, already scared out of their wits.


      In this instant, they all felt like their inner world had completely collapsed.


      Lin Fan, clearly the Bai family's wasteful son-in-law, how did he suddenly become the towering Lin Zuo?


      That kind of existence, to kill them was as simple as trampling on an ant, what could they do to fight Lin Fan?


      Thinking of the humiliation they had inflicted on Lin Fan earlier, all of them felt like they were about to go mad.


      And hearing Lin Chentao's words, Xu Longxiang laughed even more sarcastically.


      "Lin Chentao, don't you wonder why Lin Zuo has refused your Lin family's cooperation one after another?"


      "And why, again, do I, Dragon's Teeth, dare to kill you, the youngest of the Lin family?"




      Lin Chentao's body was tense, and the arrogance and dominance he had just felt was instantly gone.


      At this time, Lin Fan had already walked up to him, and in a calm tone, he repeated what he had just said.


      "Lin Chentao, are you afraid of death?"


      Lin Chen Tao's face instantly sank, and then he violently raged, pulling out a pistol and pointing it at Lin Fan's face.


      "You go to hell!"


      He gritted his teeth in resentment!


      He absolutely could not die here, and even more so at the hands of this punk.




      The sound of a gunshot rang out!


      Only, Lin Fan was able to snatch the shot with a slight tilt of his head.


      And then, without waiting for Lin Chentao to fire a second shot, he struck out ruthlessly, grabbing Lin Chentao's firing hand with both hands and folding it violently!




      Bones broken and tendons broken!