Today I Give Up Trying 1511

At this time, even Shen Yuzhi, who had always been gentle and kind, was completely mad, grabbing Zhu Ru and slapping her face one after another, as if she wanted to break her into pieces.


      However, it was Lin Chentao who was the most terrified at this time!


      His eyes were wide open and he looked like he had seen a ghost!


      He couldn't believe what he was seeing!


      Lin Fan, was actually a Grand Master?


      A Grand Master in his early twenties?


      How could this be!


      A Grand Master was a rare and unattainable existence around the world, and even their Lin family had to treat him with respect.


      A Grand Master in his early twenties was even more unheard of and shocking.


      If word of this were to get out, it would be a global sensation!


      If the Lin family knew that Lin Fan was Grandmaster Lin, they would have begged him to return, and he would have been the head of the family!


      Among the younger generation of the Lin family, no one could compare to him.


      In this instant, Lin Chen Tao only felt his pride being crushed to pieces, he had never thought that one day he would lose to this wasteful outcast of the Lin family.




      He had relied on the Lin family's heritage to finally get to where he was today, while Lin Fan?


      He had been swept away like a lost dog, yet it had taken him just ten years to become a Grand Master?


      How could there be such a person?


      He only felt like he was dreaming!


      However, at this time, he was finally feeling fear, because he knew that Lin Fan was really planning to kill him.


      After all, back then, he was the one who had killed Lin Fan's own mother!


      "Run! Run away!"


      Lin Chentao was already in disarray, originally he thought that Lin Fan was his stack of fish, but now it seemed that he was the turtle in Lin Fan's jar.




      "Boss, don't be afraid! Lord Lin will also participate in today's legion battle, I don't believe he dares to openly kill someone in front of Lord Lin!"


      At this time, a battle general of the Lords Legion coldly snorted, with a thick disdain on his face.


      Lin Zuo?


      Hearing these words, the battle generals of the Lords Legion present who were originally terrified, all came back to their senses one after another.


      Yes, they still had Lin Zuo!


      Lin Zuo was their lifeline!


      Today, they had originally asked Long Jiu to make an appointment with Lin Zuo for them, intending to have a meeting with him today.


      Lin Zha would definitely not watch them die miserably and remain indifferent.


      And these words, in turn, reminded Lin Chentao.




      Although they had not crossed paths, he was a member of the military and had achieved great success in battle, so I believed that Lin would not have seen them die without saving them.


      At that moment!


      The fear in his heart was forcibly suppressed!


      A sneer appeared on his face as he said.


      "Patriarch Lin, how dare you! How dare you kill someone in front of the Lin Throne at a legion battle, are you not putting the Lin Throne in your eyes?"


      And at that moment!


      Zhu Ru's family was also stunned at first, and then laughed in unison.


      "Yes, there's Seat Lin! He is one of the four great military seats of China, his strength is profound, if he strikes Lin Fan will definitely die!"


      Zhu Ru even shouted outright.


      "Lin Fan, you didn't expect that, did you? You've ruined this meeting, and Lin will never let you go!"


      "You, wait for death!"


      It was as if Lin Fan was already a dead man in her eyes at this moment!


      And Lin Chen Tao even looked at Lin Fan from above, a cold smile on the corner of his mouth.


      "Lin Fan, now kneel down and apologize to me, and I might even be able to plead with Lin Zuo to let you off!"




      But Lin Fan turned a deaf ear to their words and came in step, his murderous aura blazing in his eyes.


      "How can you be so sure that Lin Zuo will definitely help you?"




      Lin Chentao's face turned completely white, he didn't expect Lin Fan to be so crazy, he would rather risk contradicting Lin Zuo and kill him?


      Was this an intention to die with him?


      Immediately, as if he had been stimulated, he screamed in a harsh and miserable voice.


      "Lin Zuo, come and save me! If you can save my life, I will definitely follow your lead when I lead the Lin family!"


      He was even willing to become a slave in order to stay alive!


      He couldn't die!


      He still had a great future ahead of him, in the future he would become the head of the Lin family and run through China, he couldn't fall at this time!


      However, his words caused Xu Longxiang to burst into laughter.


      "Lin Chen Tao, that Lin seat, isn't it right in front of your eyes?"