Today I Give Up Trying 1510



      Zhu Ru's family, their faces are green!


      What the hell did this have to do with them?


      They hadn't offended Patriarch Lin, so why were they the only ones left behind?


      A flash of fear appeared on Zhu Ru's offended face as she grabbed Zhu Zhide's hand uneasily and said.


      "Dad, he... Why did he leave us alone? He wouldn't want to clean us up too, would he?"




      Zhu Zhide shouted in fury, but at this time he also felt his legs go weak.


      "It's not like we've offended him, so how could he possibly clean us up?"


      On the side!


      Shen Yuzhi was already so angry that she was dropping tears, and even howled a little hysterically.


      "I've told you guys not to mess around, why did you have to cross Bai Yi and come to this kind of place, now you're getting your comeuppance?"


      "What are we going to do now?"


      The family, all of them, were disturbed to the core!


      And just then!


      Lin Fan was walking towards Lin Chentao step by step, his murderous aura was so strong that it reached the extreme.




      Lin Chentao's body tensed up as he looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.


      "You... What do you want? Killing a military commander, do you know what kind of crime that is?"


      Lin Fan laughed, but he didn't care at all, instead he asked back.


      "Lin Chentao, are you... Afraid of death?"




      Feeling the killing aura that was so intense on the other party's body, Lin Chentao only felt every pore in his body tremble.




      This fellow, he was absolutely insane!


      But very quickly, he reacted, if it was just because he had cheated, the other party would not have lost his mind and killed like this.


      Immediately, he stared at Lin Fan in horror.


      "Why do you have to kill me? What kind of person are you?"


      The killing aura was so intense, mixed with a chilling hatred, it was as if he wanted to cut him into pieces.


      This guy in front of him definitely knew him!


      And he had a deep blood feud with him!


      "Who am I? Hahahaha!"


      This instant, Lin Fan burst into wild laughter.


      And this time, he didn't continue to change his voice, but spoke in his original voice.


      That voice!


      Lin Chen Tao and the people from the Zhu family were about to piss themselves on the spot after hearing this familiar voice, and there was a dense look of horror in their eyes!


      This can't be!


      This can't be!


      This guy, how could he be...


      Sensing their horrified gazes, a brutal curve finally appeared at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth before he violently ripped off his mask!


      "Lin Chen Tao, take a good look! Who I really am!"




      The entire room was like a bomb detonated, completely exploding!


      The moment they saw Lin Fan's real face, all eyes widened and their hands and feet instantly went cold, as if they had fallen into an ice cellar.


      Are you kidding?


      Lin Fan, was he really Grandmaster Lin?


      That son-in-law, who was like a piece of trash in their eyes, was actually Grandmaster Lin, who had easily killed Ning Changkong in seconds?




      At this time, Zhu Zhide's family simply felt like they were going crazy!


      What they had been insulting was actually this terrifying existence?


      For the other party to kill them was as simple and casual as butchering a chicken and slaughtering a dog, but they were actually seeking death one after another?


      "Dad, I don't want to die! I don't want to die!"


      Zhu Ru burst into tears as she finally understood why Lin Fan had left their family here.


      This was to kill Lin Chentao and take them along with him!




      Zhu Zhide had also fallen to the ground in shock on the spot, and his face was deadly grey.


      They had hated to put Lin Fan to death before, but how could Lin Fan let them go now?


      It was over!


      Their family was completely finished!


      "Bitch, it's all your fault! You're going to get our whole family killed!"