Today I Give Up Trying 151-153

 Chapter 151

It's over. ......

        The corner of Yang Tianrui's mouth was filled with a thick, bitter smile.

        He never thought that his lifetime reputation would be ruined under the fists of a few bodyguards.

        If these four punches go down, I'm afraid I'll have to give up my old life, right?

        In Yang Tianrui's mind!

        At this moment, for some reason, a person came to mind.

        Lin Fan!

        Sorry, Mr. Lin, I, Yang Tianrui, can't work for you, I can't help you to save Mrs. Lin. ......

        Yang Tianrui thought of this and closed his eyes, waiting for those four iron fists to fall!

        Just right then and there!

        Boom boom boom!

        A dull voice suddenly resounded in front of him.

        Not only that!

        This dull sound was accompanied by a cracking of bones.


        Yang Tianrui was stunned, and he was shocked to find that he did not even feel the slightest bit of pain.

        What's going on here ......?

        Yang Tianrui hurriedly opened his eyes and looked ahead, only then was he shocked to see that the four fierce and strapping bodyguards, as if they had been rammed by a speeding train, were actually knocked out of the sky.



        One by one, they fell hard to the ground.


        At this moment, the entire 15th floor corridor, all the sound, disappeared.

        Next to those Bai Group's backbone, one by one, their mouths grew up, almost able to stuff a duck egg.

        And Yang Tianrui even saw that in front of him, at some point, a youth appeared!

        That's ...... Lin Fan!


        At this moment, all the Bai Group's backbone could not believe their eyes.




        They didn't even see clearly just now how exactly Lin Fan was going to do it, and then they saw those four burly and strong bodyguards, as if they were a scarecrow, being blown away alive, which was unbelievable.

        He was not just them!

        The strong bodies of the four bodyguards smashed against the wall, and then rolled down.

        Their faces flickered with astonishment and disbelief, and every one of them felt as if their chest bones were about to shatter, and the pain was incomparable.

        "Little ...... kid, who are you? Don't mind your own business, we're grand people!"

        The head bodyguard's gaze was filled with gravity as he looked at Lin Fan.


        For some reason, he sensed an incomparably dangerous feeling from Lin Fan, as if the young man standing in front of him was not a person, but more like a ferocious beast monster.

        "Grand?" Lin Fan's mouth was curved in a cold way.

        "That's nothing!"


        He didn't even bother to look at the four bodyguards and strode off to the office!

        "Damn! Stop him, he can't disturb the young master!"

        The lead bodyguard was taken aback and quickly shouted to the three men beside him.

        Hear that!

        The bodyguard at the front was the first to jump up, as if an arrow had strayed from the sky, and smashed Lin Fan with his iron fist!

        "Kid, die!"

        The bodyguard was obviously a trained fighter, full of fierceness and courage.

        And under his punch, a wooden plank could be pierced.


        Everyone saw that, just as the bodyguard scampered up to Lin Fan's body, one of Lin Fan's arms suddenly raised.

        One of Lin Fan's arms suddenly lifted up.

        With an incredible speed, he grabbed forward!


        The bodyguard didn't even react before Lin Fan grabbed him by the neck and lifted him in the air.


        At this scene, Lin Fan's thin figure, without moving a muscle, just stretched out a hand and lifted a burly and strong bodyguard, pinching his neck as if he were a chicken cub, in the air.

        "Wooooo ......"

        The bodyguard was scared to death.

        He only felt that when Lin Fan squeezed his neck, he couldn't use a single bit of strength in his whole body.

        Especially he could feel it!

        Lin Fan seemed to be able to break his neck with just a pinch of his finger.

        "No ...... don't kill me ......"


        The bodyguard was so frightened that he urinated all over the place, his face was full of fear and despair, and the way he looked at Lin Fan was like looking at a devil.

        "Kill you? You're not qualified!"

        Lin Fan's eyes flickered with coldness, grabbed the palm of the bodyguard's neck and swung!

        As if wielding a club, it slams steeply into the ground!

Chapter 152


        When the bodyguard's body hit the floor, everyone around felt the whole 15th floor shaking.

        Click-click-click ......

        A spider's web of cracks appeared on the floor.

        The bodyguard's strong body smashed a hole in the ground.

        Gollum ......

        A mouthful of scarlet blood continued to spill out from the bodyguard's mouth.

        He only felt that his internal organs were almost shattered by the blow.

        He wanted to scream, but all that came out of his mouth was blood, and there was no sound at all.


        At this moment, the entire fifteenth floor was completely quiet.

        The remaining three bodyguards, originally wanted to stop Lin Fan, but after they saw what happened to their companion!


        One by one, they were drained of all their strength and fell to the ground, their faces pale.

        "Good ...... good horror ......"

        The bodyguard who headed it, just felt numb.


        He couldn't afford to have the slightest bit of courage to stop Lin Fan at this moment.

        It was not just them!

        Yang Tianrui, as well as all the Bai Clan's backbones, were stunned at this moment.

        They couldn't even imagine how terrifying Lin Fan's swing and smash contained the power to smash a strong bodyguard, spitting out blood and cracking the floor.


        Lin Fan didn't care about the horror of the people around him.

        His eyes, staring at the office, walked away step by step.

        It was as if a demon had come to wreak havoc on the earth.



        The fight outside, also came into the office.

        "Hahaha ...... Baiy, did you hear that? My bodyguards, they've already started to do it, and don't think a single person in your Bai group can storm in!"

        A young man, now with an evil smile on his face, stares at Bai in the corner.

        Bai Yi was holding a fountain pen in her hand, carefully defending it.

        She had never thought of that.

        The young master of Sheng Shi Group, Yang Minghao, would be so cowardly as to take advantage of the negotiation and cooperation opportunity to plot against himself.

        Fortunately, Bai Yi was smart enough to clutch a fountain pen and hold it in her hand long ago.

        This is what prevented Yang Minghao from getting his way.

        "Hey ...... Bai Yi, I heard your husband is a loser, why don't you just get a divorce! Wouldn't it be better to marry me, Yang Minghao, and become the young lady of the Sheng Shi Group?"

        At the corner of Yang Minghao's mouth, the smile was evil and hot.


        Bai Yi was definitely one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

        Whether it was temperament or looks, it was love at first sight for him.


        It took him a full month, but he couldn't catch up with her.

        But today, he said that he wanted to put the number one beauty in Jiang City on the spot.

        "Yang Minghao, you're the trash! Your whole family is useless!"

        "My husband, Lin Fan, is not something you can compare to a trash young master like you, you ...... are not worthy!"

        Bai Yi clutched the fountain pen and angrily rebuked.

        And this sentence caused the jealousy in Yang Minghao's heart to rise instantly.

        "How dare you call me less than a loser!"

        "Yes! Today, I will give you a taste of the young master's power."


        When Bai Yi wasn't paying attention, Yang Minghao gave a back kick to his foot and threw it out unrestrainedly!

        In an instant, it kicked Bai's wrist!

        The pen lost its power and fell to the ground.


        This time, Bai Yi's pretty face, instantly pale.

        It's over!

        Without the pen, how could she be this Yang Minghao's opponent, and the fate that awaits her will be ...... miserable!

        "Hahaha ......"

        "Bey, you're mine now! It's just me and you here, and I'm going to fuck you now!"

        Yang Minghao is ecstatic!

        Now, while saying wickedly, he pounced on Bai as if he were a hungry ghost in lust!

        Just right then and there!


        In the midst of Yang Minghao and Bai Yi's stunned silence, the office door, as if it had endured a boundless terrifying force, burst open!

Chapter 153


        The office door, bursting into pieces, suddenly startled Yang Minghao and Bai Yi.

        "Damn it, what people?"

        Yang Minghao's face was instantly darkened.

        He was about to get his hands on it, but he could never have imagined that someone would come in and cause trouble!

        Now, he looked toward the broken office door and saw that the solid wood door had burst into splinters.

        A young man, on the other hand, walked in slowly.

        It was Lin Fan.

        "Kid, who are you? Bodyguards, where are the bodyguards? Who the hell told you to let this kid in? Get him out of here now!" Yang Minghao's gaze was incomparably cold, shouting and calling out for his bodyguards.

        And Bai Yi, upon seeing Lin Fan, was suddenly relieved.

        "Lin Fan ......"

        Saying that, she quickly ran to Lin Fan's side.

        At this moment in her heart, all the panic and despair completely disappeared, as if Lin Fan's thin figure could help her hold up the sky and make her free of fear and worry.

        Lin Fan?

        When Yang Minghao heard these two words, he was slightly stunned.

        "You're that loser husband of Baek's?"

        At this point, Yang Minghao laughed.

        If it was someone else, he might still have some scruples, but Bai Yi's husband, but the most famous trash superfluous son-in-law in Jiang City, his grandfather Sheng Shi Group's young master, how could he put such a door-to-door son-in-law in his eyes.

        "Kid, what? Since you're here, I won't hide anything from you!"

        The greed and evil in his eyes became more and more intense as he said, "Yang Minghao's gaze swept a glance at Bai Yi's voluptuous and fiery body with impunity.

        "I have a crush on your wife! Tell me, how much do you need to give her to me!"

        As he said that, Yang Minghao pulled out a check from his pocket.

        "A million?"

        "Two million?"


        At this moment, both Bai Yi's and Lin Fan's complexions were gloomy to the extreme.

        They couldn't imagine that this Yang Minghao was so arrogant that he would directly spend money to buy someone's wife in the face of her husband.

        "Kid, don't be too greedy, but I've heard that your status in the Bai family is worse than a dog, so why don't you just take the money and get lost!"

        "Here's the deal: I'll give you five million dollars and you get out!"

        After saying that, Yang Minghao swiftly wrote down the figure of five million on his checkbook.

        Snicker and tear!

        And then, as if to get rid of the beggar, he threw the check at Lin Fan's cheek.


        The sound of checks spilling in the air resounded in the office, while outside the door Yang Tianrui and all the Bai Group's backbone could see clearly.

        It was just that every one of these people's faces were filled with oddness, and they looked at Yang Minghao as if they were looking at an idiot.

        "You're rich?"

        Lin Fan didn't pick up the check, but instead, a faint smile appeared on his lips and he stared straight at Yang Minghao.

        He stared at Yang Minghao with a straight look.

        Yang Minghao was stunned, he had never thought that Lin Fan would still be able to laugh at this moment.

        However, he naturally didn't put Lin Fan in his eyes and instead said with his head held high.

        "That's natural!"

        "My old man is Yang Jinshui, chairman of the Sheng Shi Group! Billions of dollars! How can you, a little son-in-law, imagine this?"

        After saying that, Yang Minghao's gaze towards Lin Fan was full of threats.

        "I advise you to take the money and get the hell out of here, from now on, Baiy is my woman! Otherwise, when my bodyguards come back, you won't be able to leave if you fucking want to!"

        Until this moment!

        Yang Minghao still hadn't found his bodyguard's figure.


        "You're rich, but you don't have a face!"

        Lin Fan's voice was icy cold and piercing, and incomparably eerie.


        Yang Minghao's face changed.

        "Boy, don't you fucking dare call me names ......"


        Before Yang Minghao's angry voice was finished, a loud slap landed on his face.