Today I Give Up Trying 1509



      The moment they heard those words, the atmosphere in the room dropped to a freezing point, and everyone was already stunned at this point in time.


      This guy, really planning to kill Lin Chentao?


      This was insane!


      This is simply insane!


      This guy, did he know what he was talking about?


      At this instant, everyone looked like they had seen a ghost, their faces instantly as white as paper, horrified to the core!


      "He... What is he saying?"


      "Killing Lin Chentao? Oh my God! Does he know what he's doing? Even Dragon's Teeth wouldn't dare to do that, who is he to do that?"


      "This guy is looking for death! If Lin Chentao loses a single hair today, the Lin family could even trample on the Dragon's Teeth!"


      Everyone was stunned and utterly dumbfounded!


      They felt that Lin Fan must be faking it, he couldn't possibly have the guts to do this, it had to be a fake!




      Without waiting for them to think more, Xu Longxiang had already shouted out.


      "Everyone, get lost!!!"


      Because of what Lin Chen Tao had done today, Xu Longxiang had already had the desire to kill.


      But he alone did not dare to touch Lin Chentao, but with the addition of Lin Fan, the result would be different.


      This scene completely petrified the crowd in the hall!


      If it was Lin Fan alone, they would not have taken it personally, but even Xu Longxiang had spoken out...




      Has Xu Longxiang gone mad too?


      He was really going to break the sky and die with Lin Chentao!


      At this moment!


      Even Lin Chen Tao could not help but freeze, his face flushed with anxiety!


      "Are you all deaf? Or do you all want to bury Lin Chentao with you?"


      All the members of Dragon's Teeth roared in unison, before they began to drive away at the crowd.


      Everyone didn't dare to breathe a single breath as they left towards that doorway.


      Crazy crazy crazy!


      The Dragon's Teeth are absolutely crazy!


      Today's incident will definitely cause a sensation throughout China tomorrow, and it's possible that Xu Longxiang will have to be court-martialled by Ouchang, it's so irrational.


      This is simply looking for death!


      "Bai Yi, let's go too!"


      Shen Yumei and her wife hurriedly urged, they also thought that their family was so lucky, they thought they were dead, but it turned out that Xu Longxiang was going to clean up Lin Chentao.


      At this time they were all praying in their hearts that Lin Chen Tao had better hurry up and die, so that no one would give them a hard time anymore.


      And at this moment!


      Bai Yi, however, had a hesitant face and said uneasily.


      "But Lin Fan hasn't returned yet!"


      "Huh? Then why don't you call him quickly, this is not a place to stay for long."


      Bai Yi then laughed bitterly and shook his head.


      "I've already called him several times, but he hasn't answered."




      Bai Yi then looked at Lin Zongzi above that ring with a complicated expression, the suspicion in his heart growing stronger and stronger.


      All the signs seemed to indicate that this man in front of him was Lin Fan.


      And at this time, Long Kwai then walked up and said with a smile.


      "Miss Bai Yi, Mr. Lin is already waiting for you at the entrance ahead of you, you will be able to see him as soon as you go out."


      Long Kwai also knew that Lin Fan did not want Bai Yi to know his identity, and besides, he was about to kill someone in a moment and did not want Bai Yi to see it.


      So at this time, he had to find an excuse to detach Bai Yi.




      Bai Yi's expression changed greatly, Lin Fan had already left? Then could it really be that he was overthinking, that this man in front of him, was not Lin Fan?


      "Bai Yi, since Lin Fan is already waiting for us outside, why are you still standing around? Why don't you hurry up and go?"


      Shen Yuzhi urged.


      Bai Yi gave Lin Fan a somewhat reluctant look before sighing and leaving towards the door.


      "Mud, this Bai Yi family really got lucky! They can even get away like this!"


      Seeing this, Zhu Ru suddenly had a resentful look on her face, as if she regretted that Bai Yi and the others hadn't been killed by Lin Chen Tao.


      "What are you panicking about? If they don't die now, they'll have to play it out later! The Lin family will definitely not let them go!"


      Zhu Zhide snorted coldly, before also urging.


      "Let's go first, we'll talk about what's going on later!"




      Their conversation was something that fell into Lin Fan's ears.


      At the corner of Lin Fan's mouth, a grim smile immediately curled up before he pointed at Zhu Ru's family.


      "The others can leave, but them, they can't!"