Today I Give Up Trying 1508

 There was a touch of condescension in his voice!


      It was as if Lin Fan's ability to serve him was a blessing he had cultivated in his previous life.


      And everyone, at this moment, was completely stunned!


      They felt that they had seriously underestimated Lin Chentao's shamelessness, not to mention his cheating, and now he was even openly digging for corners?




      He was too arrogant, right?


      It was as if he was deliberately trying to trample the Dragon's Teeth underfoot!


      Not giving any face at all!


      This made all the members of the Dragon's Teeth furious to the extreme!


      If their instructor was really poached by the other side, then even if they won the match, they would have lost completely in terms of the outcome.


      If the Lords had gotten instructor Lin, they would have been able to add wings to the tiger, and they would have won every legion battle in the future.


      Therefore, at this time, the Dragon's Teeth were all a bit uneasy, fearing that Lin Fan might be moved!


      They had long worshipped Lin Fan as a god, so if he were to abandon them and join the Lords, it would undoubtedly be a big blow to them!




      Xu Longxiang, Kou Jianghuai and Longqui were the three who, upon hearing these words, revealed a sneer of contempt.


      Because they knew that Lin Fan would never let Lin Chen Tao buy him off!


      After all, Lin Fan, today, had already planned to obliterate Lin Chentao right there!


      "As long as you're willing to serve me, I'll give you double whatever Dragon's Teeth gives you!"


      Lin Chen Tao was confident, as if he was certain that this Lin Clan Master in front of him, would definitely grant his request.




      The next scene made him completely furious!




      This instant, Lin Fan actually burst out laughing madly, as if he had heard a big joke in the sky.


      Not only him, but even Xu Longxiang and the others were also letting out a loud laugh!


      "What's so funny?"


      Lin Chentao was on fire, he had been kind enough to solicit, but the other party was taunting him?


      And Lin Fan just shook his head.


      "Don't dream, what they gave me, you can't give!"


      Dragon's Tooth's promise was to help him kill Lin Chentao!


      This condition, could Lin Chentao give it?


      And with these words, Lin Fan was the one who completely enraged Lin Chen Tao.


      He was the youngest of the Lin family, the future leader of the Lords Legion, and there was something he couldn't give?


      In an instant, Lin Chentao's eyes glowed fiercely and he laughed grimly.


      "Giving shame! Since that's the case, then from now on you are my enemy!"


      Patriarch Lin, right?


      If he can't have it, then Dragon's Teeth can't have it either!


      "Let's go!"


      Lin Chentao then roared in anger and rage, and then he was planning to leave.


      Right then, he was determined to kill Lin Fan and make this idiot pay for his arrogance.




      Just when Lin Chentao thought he could leave, a bone chillingly cold word rang out in the room.


      "I didn't say you could leave!"




      Hearing those words, everyone's expressions around them froze.


      Everyone's eyes were filled with horror as they looked at Lin Fan, they all thought that Lin Fan was not crazy!


      A small instructor dared to stop Lin Chen Tao from leaving?


      Had he eaten his heart and leopard's guts?


      It wasn't just them!


      Lin Chentao, who was already furious, became completely furious, his face grim as he turned his head to stare at Lin Fan: "What do you mean?


      "What do you mean?"


      This bastard had ruined his good deed, and now he wanted to stop him from leaving?


      At that moment, Lin Chen Tao laughed with utmost contempt.


      "Do you still want to kill me?"


      He didn't believe that Lin Fan would really dare to do anything to him?


      To kill him would be to make an enemy of the Lin Family and the Lords' Legion.




      At that very moment, Lin Fan's words caused the entire room to completely explode!


      "You... Guessed right!"


      Lin Fan let out a fierce laugh before he violently bellowed.


      "Clear the room!"