Today I Give Up Trying 1506


        At the sound of the words!

        Zhu Ru and the others turned their heads around and looked at Bai Yi in disbelief.

        "Bai Yi, what did you say?"

        Bai Shan asked with a horrified expression, thinking that he had heard wrong.

        Bai Yi swallowed a mouthful of surprised saliva, before saying.

        "That man, he looks a lot like Lin Fan!"

        The atmosphere instantly became strange, and everyone looked stunned.

        Lin Fan, the Lin Patriarch?

        Was that even possible?




        Zhu Ru, however, was the first to burst out laughing, with a sarcastic smirk on her face:.

        "Lin Fan is the Lin Patriarch? Bai Yi, have you lost your mind?"

        "If that punk was a Lin master, would he still need to be a son-in-law to your family? Does anyone believe you when you say that?"

        "That's right! Even the Dragon's Teeth asked him to be their chief instructor, don't you know how much that punk is?"

        Zhu Zhide also laughed sarcastically, feeling that Bai Yi was ridiculous at this moment.

        Now they had all noticed that Lin Fan was nowhere to be found, but no one would even associate him with Patriarch Lin.

        The main reason was that for the past three years, Lin Fan had acted really incompetent, without the slightest hint of overachievement, and was just a complete and utter soft-spoken king.

        So no one would believe that he was the famous Grandmaster Lin!

        "But he really looks like him!"

        Bai Yi said, still undeterred, staring at the figure in the ring with deadly determination.

        Her own husband, the man she had shared her bed with for years, would she not recognize him?


        Her words, however, immediately invited even more mean-spirited mockery.

        "Like? I see but any man who is somewhat capable, you feel like your husband, right?"

        "Bai Yi, stop daydreaming! That trash of your family has already left you behind and bailed out on his own!"

        "If he were Lin Fan, I would write the three words Zhang Kai Ming backwards!"

        Even Lin Chen Tao laughed disdainfully and said coldly.

        "Whether he is Lin Fan or not, he will only end up in one place against Ning Changkong, and that is death!"

        He knew Ning Changkong's strength like the back of his hand, even if a Grand Patriarch faced him, he would have no absolute chance of winning!

        This Lin Zongzi was a nobody who had appeared from nowhere, how could he possibly be compared to Ning Changkong, an international expert?

        And now!

        That Ning Changkong was walking towards Lin Fan with a fierce smile on his face as he stepped forward.

        "You, which piece of your body do you want me to tear off?"

        With that conceited look, it was as if Lin Fan was already his defeated opponent.


        Lin Fan, however, shook his head with a light smile and said.

        "I, for one, haven't killed a Grand Master in a long time!"


        Hearing these arrogant words, everyone froze!

        And then burst into complete laughter!

        It's been a long time since he killed a Grand Master?

        He said that as if he had killed a Grand Master like slaughtering a chicken or a dog, how arrogant was that?

        At this instant, everyone was amused by Lin Fan's arrogant words, and instantly thought that this was a brainless fool, otherwise how could he say such ridiculous words?

        "Kill me? Just by you?"

        Ning Changkong let out a wild laugh as his feet slammed into the ground, the floor instantly bursting open as his entire body shot out like a stray arrow.

        A leg sweep blasted at Lin Fan's face, sending a deafening and terrifying sonic boom!

        "How fast!"

        The experts present were stunned, this speed was so terrifying that they would only have had no chance to even react if they were in their place.

        Seeing this!

        Bai Yi's scalp immediately tingled and her face was flooded with worry, at this time she began to expect that the person on that stage must not be Lin Fan ah.

        "It's over! What a spoilsport!"

        Lin Chen Tao also sneered and shook his head, as if he could already foresee Lin Fan's deadly state.


        The moment his words left his mouth, the scene in front of him shut him up completely.

        At that moment, a shocking scene also occurred in the ring, causing the sneers on everyone's faces to completely stiffen!


        With a terrifying sonic boom, Ning Changkong's powerful leg sweep was actually blocked by Lin Fan with one hand!

        At that moment, everyone heard a wild and overbearing voice from within that mask.

        "That's right, it's me!"