Today I Give Up Trying 1505

 This instant!

        Dragon's Teeth went completely mad!

        "Stop it!!!"

        Long Kwai and the others let out a roar of grief and anger as they quickly darted out and rushed towards the ring.

        But it was too late!

        With a fierce smile on his lips, Ning Changkong's heavy foot came down in an instant.

        Kou Jianghuai smiled bitterly and sighed in his heart.

        Instructor, after all, I have disgraced you!


        When everyone thought that Kou Jianghuai was dead, a figure appeared in front of him at some point.


        Ning Changkong couldn't help but have his expression change wildly as well, instantly feeling a little fried.

        When did the other party come, and he didn't even notice it?

        "That man... is the instructor of the Dragon's Teeth?"

        The entire crowd was in complete uproar, looking at the man standing on top of the stage with a piggyback mask with utter dismay.

        This image was too bizarre, right?

        Wearing a piggyback mask on stage?

        At this instant, Bai Yi was also completely frozen because she realised that although the man's clothes were different from Lin Fan's, his figure was so similar to Lin Fan.

        She hurriedly looked around, and indeed found that Lin Fan had somehow disappeared.

        At that moment, she drew a cold breath straight away, her heart violently associating her with something unbelievable.

        The man in the ring couldn't really be Lin Fan, could he?

        Earlier, everyone's attention had been drawn to the ring, so no one had even noticed when Lin Fan had left or when he had changed his clothes and mask.

        "Instructor, I'm sorry!"

        Seeing Lin Fan being forced to show himself, Kou Jianghuai felt guilty.

        But Lin Fan didn't look back at him, instead he smiled lightly and said.

        "Go down, I'll take care of him next."

        Kou Jianghuai gave Lin Fan a complicated look before he nodded and walked down from the ring.

        And at that moment!

        Ning Changkong was then staring at Lin Fan wistfully, as if he was staring at his prey.

        "You're the new instructor that Dragon's Teeth hired?"


        Lin Fan, however, laughed out loud, his voice dripping with playfulness and ridicule.

        "What are you laughing at?"

        His recklessness instantly made Ning Changkong violently angry, this fellow was actually laughing at the sight of him, Ning Changkong?

        Since the moment he returned to China, he had still encountered someone as arrogant as Lin Fan.

        "I thought you already knew who I was, after all, your disciple died in my hands."

        Lin Fan said with a cold smile.

        The atmosphere fell into complete silence after Lin Fan's words.

        Everyone's eyes widened at this instant, with the look of having seen a ghost.

        What had they heard?

        This fellow had actually said that he, had killed Ning Changkong's disciple?

        "How dare you!!!"

        Ning Changkong instantly thundered and roared furiously.

        "So, you are Patriarch Lin! Killing my disciple and still daring to appear before me, this will be the place where your bones will be buried today!"

        He had already learned of the tragic murder of his eldest disciple, and had planned to avenge his disciple's death after participating in the Legion War.

        But he had not seen the other party appear before him of his own accord and dared to deliberately rub salt into his wounds, this was simply unforgivable!


        The whole room, in complete uproar!

        Patriarch Lin?

        This mysterious man in front of him was the famous Grandmaster Lin who had been a sensation in Jiangcheng not long ago?

        It turned out that the instructor invited by Dragon's Teeth was the famous Grandmaster Lin.


        Could he deal with an existence as terrifying as Ning Changkong?

        One must know that in these few years, Ning Changkong has become so popular and prestigious that even a Grand Master would have to avoid him if he met him, not daring to fight him easily.

        How much more capable was Patriarch Lin, who dared to call his bluff?

        At this moment, Bai Yi was also completely stunned by the scene before her and subconsciously exclaimed.

        "Lin Fan, it's Patriarch Lin?"