Today I Give Up Trying 1503

 Lin Fan's face instantly sank and he said angrily.

        "Get out of the way! I need to go to the toilet!"

        Go to the toilet?

        Zhu Ru's family laughed with extreme sarcasm.

        And Zhang Kaiming also stepped forward and laughed fiercely, saying.

        "Lin Fan, stop acting! I think you want to be afraid because you saw that the eldest young master had invited an expert, right?"

        At this time, how could they let Lin Fan escape?

        They were still waiting to watch Lin Fan get killed by Lin Chen Tao after the match was over.

        "Get lost!"

        Lin Fan was emitting an amazing killing aura and was furious to the extreme at this time.

        If he didn't inform Xu Longxiang as soon as possible, then Kou Jianghuai and the others would really have to die for nothing, he didn't have the leisure to tangle with these idiots right now.

        "Yo, what a big temper, I'm so scared, but I just won't let it, what can you do to me?"

        Zhang Kaiming said smugly, how dare a punk threaten him?

        What a laugh!

        "Young master, this trash is trying to run away!"

        Zhu Ru hurriedly shouted to Lin Chen Tao, while gloating and laughing.


        Lin Chen Tao hurriedly turned back, and a fierce smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

        "It's too late to want to run now, isn't it?"

        I thought this punk had a lot of guts, but it turns out he's just a weakling.

        "Keep an eye on him, don't let him get away."

        Lin Chen Tao said wistfully.

        "When the match is over, I'm going to torture them properly."

        Anger danced in Lin Fan's eyes, if he didn't want to expose himself in front of Bai Yi at this time, how could these people in front of him possibly stop him?


        He could only take out his phone and edit a message to Xu Longxiang.

        After reading the message, Xu Longxiang was also extremely angry and could no longer maintain his previous calm and collected demeanour.

        His old face was so angry that it turned iron blue!


        Lin Chen Tao, how shameless!

        This is simply cheating!

        "Kou Jianghuai, come back! You can't deal with him, we admit defeat in this round!"

        Xu Longxiang hurriedly shouted to Kou Jianghuai, who had also seen that Lin Chentao was simply trying to take this opportunity to kill someone.

        Kou Jianghuai was his best soldier, so he naturally couldn't stand by and watch Kou Jianghuai get killed.


        Kou Jianghuai's face was a bitter smile that surfaced.

        "Old master, I already knew who he was from the moment he came on stage, but I can't back out at this time, I can't lose face as an instructor!"

        He was a soldier under Lin Zuo, how could he possibly run away without a fight?

        If word got out later, it didn't matter if he lost face, but how could the titular Lin Zuo lose face after him?


        Xu Longxiang was also furious, this kid had always had a bullish temper, and now he was even sick again.

        And in that ring, the man in black laughed strangely when he heard this, and his sinister gaze was fixed on Kou Jianghuai with a deadly stare.

        "Kid, you know who I am and you still don't run away, I really admire your stupidity a bit."

        Kou Jianghuai also laughed, but with an impassive look: "Enough of this nonsense.

        "Enough of this nonsense, if you're done then let's begin!"


        As soon as the other party heard this, his heart burst into a blaze of rage and he said extremely ruthlessly.

        "Fine, since you're looking for death, then I'll fulfill you!"

        And with that!

        His body leapt up like an eagle spreading its wings, bringing with it an overwhelming wind and swooping towards Kou Jiang!


        Sensing this unusual aura, the expressions of all the experts present changed wildly.

        "This is... A Grand Patriarch!"


        The entire room was completely appalled!

        A Grand Master?

        Lin Chen Tao had actually invited a Grand Master to assist him?

        And upon hearing this, the entire Dragon's Teeth completely exploded, casting hateful glances at Lin Chen Tao.

        To kill a Patriarch with a Grand Master, wouldn't that be as easy as a slap on the wrist?

        As far as they knew, there was no Grand Master among the Lords' Legion warriors, so Lin Chen Tao was cheating!

        And as expected, the moment the Grand Master struck, Kou Jianghuai was blown away with a palm strike, vomiting blood on the spot!

        A crushing defeat!

        Seeing this, Lin Chentao burst out laughing, his face full of smugness and arrogance.

        "Sorry, we have won! You, Dragon Teeth, are only worthy of being our pads, hahaha!"