Today I Give Up Trying 1502

 At this time, Kou Jianghuai was simply ecstatic.

        He knew he would win, but he did not expect to win so easily. He had thought it would take at least ten rounds, but it turned out that he had used just one move to nullify Wang Xiangfeng?

        He had used just one move to defeat Wang Xiangfeng, a man he could only look up to?

        At this moment, he could not wait to kneel down in front of Lin Fan and kowtow to him three times.

        At this moment, Lin Fan was like a god in his eyes.

        It had only taken him three months to grow to such a terrifying level, what if it had been three years?

        What about thirty years?

        Only after seeing this scene did the members of the Dragon's Teeth present finally realise how terrifying the results of that special training were?

        Each and every one of them cast a wild gaze at Lin Fan, impatient to find out what kind of divinity Lin Fan really was.

        Qin Xian Chong, who was watching the battle, saw this scene as if he had lost his soul and sat down on the ground with a poof.

        Tears of remorse flowed from his eyes.

        This was because he knew very well that Kou Jianghuai had changed so much all because of Lin Fan.

        He would have had the chance to double his strength like Kou Jianghuai, but now it was too late to say anything, he had missed out on a heavenly opportunity.

        "Impossible! This can't be!"

        Lin Chentao's eyes were also filled with thick shock.

        The number one ace of their Lords Legion had been killed in a single move?

        How could he accept this?

        A year ago, that Kou Jianghuai was still like an ant in Wang Xianfeng's eyes, and it had only been a year since then, and he was enough to kill Wang Xianfeng in one move?

        Are you kidding?

        Has this guy got chicken blood?

        "Kou Jianghuai, shouldn't he have such terrifying strength, is it because of that new instructor that Dragon's Teeth hired?"

        One expert suddenly thought of something and spoke up.

        "I've also heard that Dragon's Teeth has hired an extremely mysterious instructor to give all the participating warriors a month of emergency special training, is today's Kou Jianghuai the result of the special training?"

        "Oh my! What kind of an existence is it that can make such a terrifying change to the Dragon's Teeth in just a month's time?"

        Yet, that was not all!

        "Dragon's Teeth, Long Kwai wins!"

        "Dragon's Teeth, Song Yuan Sheng!"

        "Dragon's Teeth..."

        The next thing you know, the situation was straight up lopsided, with the Dragon's Teeth crushing the Lords' Legion, surprisingly without a single defeat.

        And at that moment!

        Lin Chen Tao's face was also gloomy to the extreme, he had also heard that the Dragon's Teeth had hired an instructor for a month of special training.

        But at that time, he didn't give it a second thought.

        He had thought that even if that instructor had great abilities, it would be impossible for this group of trash from Dragon's Teeth to surpass the Lords Legion in just a month's time.

        But now, he was terribly wrong!

        Now, the Dragon's Teeth had actually crushed them across the board, and if they continued like this their throne of three consecutive titles would most likely come to an end.

        At this time, Dong Mingfeng's face was also dense with unease.

        "Young master, if we continue like this, we'll lose! If the Lin Zuo sees us in such a mess, then I'm afraid that the cooperation will be in vain."

        "Lose? How could I possibly lose?"

        Lin Chentao laughed extremely maliciously, and a sinister glint appeared in his eyes.

        "The show is only about to begin now!"

        And just then!

        A black shadow instantly scurried onto the ring, a black robe that could not be seen, but it gave off a very unusual feeling.

        "What a terrifying aura!"

        When the experts in the audience saw this person, a touch of shock instantly appeared on their faces.

        Lin Chen Tao also laughed out loud as if he was winning.

        "Xu Longxiang, last time as a chance! Admit defeat now and I can spare your lives, otherwise the soldiers under your hands will become a bunch of dead corpses in a moment!"


        Everyone was completely stunned when they heard this.

        Lin Chentao was actually so confident?

        Was this all because of this mysterious man in black in front of him?

        At that moment, everyone was suspiciously casting a puzzled look at that black-clothed man in the ring.

        At this moment, the moment he saw the black-clothed man appear, Lin Fan's pupils suddenly shrank fiercely, and a glint of seriousness appeared on his face.

        Clearly, something had been sensed!

        Lin Chen Tao, was even more shameless than he had imagined!

        This man in black in front of him, I was afraid that there was no one but him present to counteract him.

        At that moment, he intended to go and give Xu Longxiang a warning that there was no way to continue with this legion battle today, otherwise all the members of Dragon's Teeth would die here.


        Before he could even take a step, Zhu Ru blocked his way with a wicked smile on her face and said with a malicious laugh.

        "You want to run away? Don't dream, your family will all die here today!"