Today I Give Up Trying 1501



      Wang Xiangfeng's face was completely gloomy, he was so humiliated by this former defeated underling that he was instantly enraged.


      "Dog, to think that you seek death, then I will fulfill you!"


      Said the man!


      His feet shook so violently that the earth burst open, and his body scurried out like a cheetah, just like the wind and lightning!


      He instantly reached Kou Jianghuai's heels!


      "How strong!"


      The experts brought by the bigwigs present at this time let out a gasp of surprise.


      It was obvious that they were all shocked by this scene as well.


      They thought to themselves that if they were in their place, they would definitely not be able to match this existence in front of them, and although they were both Zongshi, Wang Xiangfeng made them feel fearful the moment he struck.


      Seeing this!


      A ruthless look also appeared in Lin Chen Tao's eyes as he looked at Lin Fan with a sly look.


      "Rubbish, you can now give your last words!"


      He also knew that Kou Jianghuai was the strongest person in the Dragon's Teeth, and as long as he lost, then the Dragon's Teeth would be completely put to rest.


      At that time, how would Lin Zuo continue to support them when he saw that the Dragon's Teeth were a bunch of weaklings?


      Lin Fan, then, would become his stack of fish and meat, at his mercy!




      Lin Fan, however, had a contemptuous smile appearing at the corner of his mouth at that moment, and coldly replied back.


      "Just by you?"




      Hearing these words, Lin Chen Tao laughed instead of being angry, because in his opinion, Lin Fan was already a dead man, so why would he need to be angry with a dead man at this time?


      "Dog, how dare you disrespect the eldest young master even when you're dead, idiots like you are useless even if you don't die!"


      Zhu Zhide immediately jumped out to viciously stomp on Lin Fan.


      Because he knew that the more he stepped on Lin Fan, the happier Lin Chen Tao would be.


      Zhang Kaiming, on the other hand, was even more direct and asked Lin Chen Tao with a curt face.


      "Eldest young master, would you like me to clean up this scum for you? I guarantee that my hands and feet are clean and no one will be able to find out!"


      "This also saves you from getting your hands dirty!"


      He actually volunteered to become Lin Chen Tao's executioner and help him get Lin Fan killed!


      And hearing this, Lin Chen Tao burst into laughter.


      "Does it seem so Lin Fan? That's the difference between you and me, I was born high and mighty, and even if I don't say anything, there's bound to be a group of people who will scramble to curry favour with me."


      "You, on the other hand, are a lowly gnat, born to be trampled underfoot!"




      Lin Fan, however, laughed, laughing with such contempt and ridicule: "Even chickens and dogs rise to heaven.


      "Even chickens and dogs will rise to the heavens one day, and even stars will fall one day. We'll just have to wait and see."


      At these words!


      Lin Chentao and the others all laughed, what Lin Fan meant by this was that he would rise and Lin Chentao would fall?


      What a fool's dream!


      Just such a drunken sack of rice had the ability to make the titular Lin family's youngest fall?


      Don't laugh at him!


      At that moment, they were about to make a mockery of him, but as the words were still on their lips, a shocking cry came from above the ring.


      They saw!


      Wang Xiangfeng instantly approached Kou Jianghuai and then threw a furious punch towards his face.


      But at that moment, a sneer appeared on Kou Jianghuai's face.




      With a loud bang, a shocking scene occurred.


      A figure was sent flying, but the person who was sent flying was not Kou Jianghuai, as the crowd thought, but Wang Xianfeng!




      Everyone completely held their breath at this instant!


      A pair of eyes looked as if they had split open, filled with panic and shock.


      A single punch had directly sent Wang Xiangfeng flying!


      They saw Wang Xiangfeng being blown out of the ring, spitting out a large mouthful of blood, and a large part of his chest was directly dented.


      At this moment, the whole audience fell into a dead silence!


      And Kou Jianghuai smiled untidily.


      "So it doesn't even take ten rounds to defeat you!"