Today I Give Up Trying 1499

 The man who was once known as the nightmare of the four great families had returned?


      Bai Yi was terrified and hurriedly asked after him.


      "Is what you guys are saying true? That great devil Ning Changkong has really returned?"


      Those few people gave her a look before saying.


      "How can this be false? It's said that in this week, Ning Changkong has killed no less than a hundred people in Jiangbei, and he's going to wipe out the northern and southern provinces this time!"




      Bai Yi's face was completely ashen, as if he had lost his soul, and he fell helplessly to the ground.


      It was over, this was the end!


      Ning Changkong hated their family to the core, and now that he had been promoted to Grand Master, he would never let them go.


      Who else could save them now?


      "Wait, she seems to be Bai Yi of the Bai Family!"


      At this time, one of the big brothers recognised them.


      And then, a group of bigwigs were like avoiding snakes and scorpions and walked away from them.


      Because they knew that now Ning Changkong was going to uproot the four great families, and anyone who got involved with them at this time might be implicated.


      No one could disobey him, and he might even become the sole ruler of Jiangnan and Jiangbei in the future.


      As soon as he heard this!


      Zhu Ru's family laughed even louder and taunted one after another, saying.


      "Bai Yi, this is what you call a house that leaks, bad luck!"


      "Young Master Lin wants to deal with you, Ning Changkong also wants to kill you, is this family of yours the reincarnation of a sweeper?"


      "Haha, in my opinion, they've done too many bad things and are getting their comeuppance, right?"




      At this time, Lin Fan stood out and laughed, saying.


      "Wife, don't worry! I've already heard that this time, Jiangnan and Jiangbei have invited Patriarch Lin to deal with Ning Changkong, so I believe it will be fine!"


      Master Lin?


      Everyone froze, naturally they were extremely familiar with this thundering name.


      They all knew that this Sovereign Lin was very powerful and mysterious, and everyone only knew his surname as Lin, not even his gender.


      The two provinces had actually asked him to deal with Ning Changkong? Really?


      Only, before Bai Yi could say anything, Zhu Ru laughed coldly.


      "Don't dream, that Ning Changkong is a Grand Master, and his strength is among the best among Grand Masters! I think it would be a death sentence for him to go up against that bullshit Grandmaster Lin!"


      "Hey, Xiao Ru, don't say that! Patriarch Lin is at least a hero, and our Young Master Lin is also a dragon among men..."


      And Zhu Zhide also looked at Lin Fan with a look of disdain and sneered.


      "Only this Lin Fan is a complete and utter waste! And a waste who loves daydreaming!"


      But just then!


      Xu Longxiang entered with Kou Jianghuai and the others!


      As soon as they entered, they saw Lin Fan and immediately subconsciously bowed to him with boundless reverence in their eyes.


      After this month of special training, their strength had grown exponentially.


      Therefore, at this time, they all worshipped Lin Fan as if he were a god!




      He didn't want to reveal his identity right now, that would have to scare Bai Yi and the others.


      Kou Jianghuai and the others instantly came back to their senses, and then they resisted the urge, pretending not to know Lin Fan as if they were walking step by step towards the direction of the ring.


      However, this subtle move still couldn't escape Bai Yi's gaze.


      "Lin Fan, why were they looking at you just now?"


      Bai Yi's gaze was sharp as he stared at Lin Fan.


      "Did they?"


      Lin Fan, however, hurriedly played dumb and said ;


      "It's your illusion, right? I don't even know them!"




      Lin Fan had overlooked one thing, Bai Yi had seen him come into contact with Xu Longxiang and the others long ago, so she also naturally knew that Lin Fan was lying at this point.


      But at this time, she continued to say nothing, only becoming more and more certain of her suspicions that Lin Fan was hiding something from her.


      And she had to find out what was going on!


      And at that moment, Xu Longxiang then asked Kou Jianghuai and the others.


      "Do you guys have any confidence in the Legion War this time?"


      As soon as the words left their mouths, Kou Jiang Huai and Long Qi and the others, all laughed.


      "If it was a month ago, we wouldn't dare to say we had confidence! And now, we are at least 80% sure!"


      They deeply felt that what they had learned from Lin Fan in this month was more beneficial than their ten years of diligent study and hard training.


      "Very good!"


      Xu Longxiang then smiled in satisfaction, while seriously reminding.


      "Although you are the warriors of my Dragon's Teeth, you are even more the disciples of that Mr. Lin, so don't disgrace him!"


      "As long as you win this competition, I will tell you his true identity!"




      At those words, all the battle generals instantly looked wildly happy, they had already asked no less than a hundred times about Lin Fan's identity.


      But every time, Xu Longxiang had kept his mouth shut!


      This had aroused their curiosity to find out who Lin Fan really was.


      How could they not be excited to hear this now?


      At the side, Long Kwai and Kou Jiang Huai, who had long known Lin Fan's identity, were both smiling playfully.


      Seeing all these war generals with their eyes glowing as if they were seeing a supreme beauty, Xu Longxiang, however, smiled faintly.


      "Once you know his identity, you will know what an honour it is to receive his special training!"