Today I Give Up Trying 1498

 A month has passed in a flash.


      The Legion War had officially begun!


      During this period of time, Lin Fan also left early and returned late every day, intensifying the training of the Dragon's Teeth members.


      Each and every one of the war generals who trained under him had made a qualitative leap in strength.


      During this period of time, Bai Yi also watched Lin Fan closely, feeling more and more that this husband of hers was mysterious and had some ulterior motive.


      But this time, she did not take the initiative to ask.


      Because Bai Yi knew that even if she asked, Lin Fan would still find excuses to put her off, so she had to find the evidence herself to see what Lin Fan was hiding.


      And at that moment, they all stepped into the main venue of the Legion War one after another.


      "Little Fan, are you sure Lin Fan will clean up Lin Chen Tao?"


      At this time, Bai Shan still asked uneasily, because he knew very well that once they stepped into this main venue, their family would have no way back at all.


      Lin Fan smiled and said.


      "Dad, just believe me for once, Lin Zuo really did say it. When Lin Chen Tao sent the coffin to the launch that day, it had already displeased him, so he would never work with Lin Chen Tao."


      "It's said that this time, Seat Lin is also planning to help Dragon's Teeth and teach the Lords Legion he's in a lesson together."


      Bai Shan let out a long breath and said.


      "If only that were true!"


      And at that moment!


      They had just taken their seats when they saw the Zhu Ru family, sitting not far from them


      When they saw them arrive, Zhu Ru's family first stared at them, and then all of them smiled sarcastically and asked with an unkind smile.


      "What, here to die?"


      Obviously they all felt that Lin Fan's family was bound to die today!


      Bai Yi's family was so angry that they couldn't even speak, their hearts angry at the cold-bloodedness and malice of this family.


      On the other hand, Lin Fan was laughing coldly.


      "We'll have to find out in a moment who's coming to die!"




      Zhu Ru and the others instantly laughed sarcastically and shook their heads with extreme contempt.


      It seemed that they were all laughing at Lin Fan for still having a tough mouth even when he was dead.


      "Hahahaha, this fellow has really lost his mind, he still dares to talk nonsense at this point in time! I think I'm only afraid that after a while, you won't even have tears to cry!"


      "Lin Fan, don't dream! Unless you are saved by Lin Zuo today, your family will die for sure!"


      "What's the point of talking nonsense with them, let's just wait and see who will be unlucky in a while!"


      Zhu Ru, Zhu Zhide and Zhang Kaiming laughed coldly and humiliated Lin Fan in an extremely taunting manner.




      At this instant, Lin Fan was laughing out loud with astonishing words, saying.


      "Maybe, it's really Lin Zuo coming to save us?"




      The atmosphere also fell into complete silence at this moment.


      Zhu Zhide's family were all frozen, seemingly stunned by Lin Fan's words.


      Followed closely by...






      They burst into wild laughter, as if they had heard the best joke of their lives.


      Lin Zuo, stepping in to save them?


      How could this be possible!


      This punk, did he really think that his family could be compared to the titular Lin family?


      What a joke!


      At that moment, Zhu Ru laughed in contempt.


      "Lin Fan, I think you're really crazy. Do you think that Lin Zuo will offend the Lin family for you idiots? I think you are all fools talking about dreams!"


      And yet, Lin Fan just laughed and stopped explaining.


      There was no point in talking, he wanted to see if the Zhu Ru family would still be able to laugh the moment Lin Chen Tao died.


      And just at that moment!


      There was a violent murmur in their ears.


      "Have you heard? Ning Changkong has officially returned to China, and in just a week's time, he has crippled all the experts in Jiangbei!"


      "Ning Changkong has been promoted to Grand Master, Jiangnan and Jiangbei are simply unable to resist, those experts were reportedly killed by Ning Changkong in just one move!"


      "It's terrifying! In just a week's time, he has swept away all the forces, and now Jiangbei has become Ning Changkong! And he's even said that he'll be entering Jiangnan soon, and that by then he'll have all four great clans' families in ruins!"


      Hearing these chatter, Bai Yi's family's heads were about to explode with a buzz.


      Ning Changkong... He's back?