Today I Give Up Trying 1497



      The whole room, astonished!


      Everyone's eyes looked at Lin Fan with a strong sense of consternation.


      The Zhu family would regret it?


      What kind of joke is that?


      At this time, it should be Lin Fan's family that regretted it!


      Lin Fan was simply looking for death!


      As for Bai Yi's family, they almost fainted on the spot, drops of cold sweat continuously seeping out from their foreheads.


      Even Qin Xian Chong felt that Lin Fan was talking big, that was Lin Chen Tao, not to mention his background, just his military rank today was not something that Lin Fan, an instructor, could compare to.


      Not to mention, there was that mysterious Lin Zuo!


      "Well, well, is this the attitude of your Bai family members? If that's the case, then don't blame us for turning the other cheek!"


      Zhu Zhide also snorted coldly, with hatred between his eyebrows.


      "We are the guests of Young Master Lin, if your Bai family dares to treat us like this, just wait until you meet Young Master Lin's revenge, I will make sure that Young Master cuts you all to pieces with a thousand cuts!"


      "Zhu Ru, Kai Ming, let's go!"


      With that, he left with a cold face towards the outside.


      Shen Yumei still wanted to open her mouth to beg for mercy, but was pushed by Zhu Zhide and almost hit the corner of the table.


      This scene instantly caused Lin Fan's expression to turn completely grim.


      And Zhu Ru also glared at Lin Fan with resentment and said in a cold voice.


      "Lin Fan, wait for me, I definitely won't let you get away with this!"


      This punk had dared to hit her, she would make sure that Lin Fan would have a bad death.


      Soon, all of the Zhu family members left.


      At this moment, Bai Yi's family looked as if they had lost their souls, their hearts terrified to the extreme.


      "Little Fan, you're too impulsive! How can you hit Zhu Ru? That Lin Chentao guy, we can't afford to mess with him!"


      Shen Yumei was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, this was a big trouble.


      She wished that Lin Fan could have swallowed his anger and kneeled down to Zhu Ru, maybe they would have let her family go once their anger had subsided.


      "I blame Little Fan, they are the ones who are too aggressive. It's not like you haven't seen the faces of your sister's brother-in-law's family, only that even if we kneel and kowtow, they won't let us go."


      Bai Shan huffed, but stood out to speak for Lin Fan.


      And at this time, Bai Yi also sighed and said with a helpless, bitter smile :


      "Dad, mum, there's no point in talking about this now, let's just hurry up and pack our things and leave the country!"


      Once Lin Zha and Lin Chentao reached a partnership, then they would have lost their final backing, so at this time they could only flee.


      The farther they could escape, the better!


      "But what about the New Bai's?"


      Shen Yumei was a bit reluctant to part with her current family business, mainly because she was afraid of being poor before, and also afraid of being looked down upon.


      So she was worried about having nothing again, like before.


      "What time is it now that you are thinking about the family business? Is it human life or money that matters?"


      Bai Shan counted off without good humour.


      "Fine, fine, I'll go pack my things immediately!"


      Shen Yumei no longer dared to say anything, and planned to go pack her things.


      At this moment, Lin Fan was crying and laughing as he said.


      "Don't be afraid, you three, they can't help us."




      At these words, the whole room was shocked!


      At this instant they all froze, looking at Lin Fan in disbelief, not really knowing where this guy's confidence came from.


      Even Qin Xian Chong couldn't help but prick up his ears, could it be that Lin Fan was planning to rely on the Dragon's Teeth to deal with Lin Chen Tao?


      If that was the case, then he had to say that Lin Fan was too naive!


      "Lin Fan, do you have a solution?"


      Bai Yi's eyebrows knitted together as she looked at Lin Fan with some suspicion.


      In his mind, he also couldn't help but recall the calm and lonely stance Lin Fan had when he was riding in Xu Longxiang's seat.


      Combined with Lin Fan's calm demeanour now, she was more and more certain of one thing.


      This husband of hers must be hiding something from herself!




      Lin Fan, however, did not explain, but merely smiled and said.


      "They can't help us, because after the Legion Tournament, all of them will be out of luck!"




      Everyone was completely frozen, this sentence was like a bludgeoning blow to them.


      They couldn't believe their ears!


      "Lin Fan, don't be ridiculous, how do you know they'll be unlucky?"


      Bai Shan sighed, still thinking that Lin Fan was deliberately trying to be strong, so he persuaded.


      "Dad knows you're uncomfortable in your heart, but we really can't afford to mess with them, let's just hurry up and leave, now that Bai Yi has earned all that money, it's enough for us to spend!"




      Lin Fan's next words were the ones that completely set off the whole room!


      Only to see the corners of his mouth curl up in a playful smile as he said.


      "Because this is what Seat Lin said!"