Today I Give Up Trying 1496

 This instant!


      Bai Yi's family was also disturbed to the extreme.


      From the moment they heard that Zhu Ru and the others were involved with Lin Chen Tao, their faces changed drastically, and after hearing that Lin Chen Tao was about to enter into a partnership with Lin Zuo.


      They were so scared that their legs went weak!


      If there was no Lin Zuo, then Lin Chen Tao would have killed them as easily as squashing an ant.


      "Why are you still standing there? Why don't you kneel down now?"


      Zhu Zhide also roared with fierce fury, saying.


      "Bastards like you should kneel down in front of us!"


      And yet, that was not all!


      Zhu Ru's eyes glowed with ferocity and he said with extreme malice.


      "Kneeling is not enough, Bai Yi must also slap herself a few times and say that she is not even worthy to lift my shoes to Zhu Ru!"


      She wanted Bai Yi to know that Bai Yi was no good in her eyes!


      Bai Yi gave into tears of anger straight away and shouted angrily at Zhu Ru, saying.


      "Zhu Ru, I have no enmity with you, I have never offended you, why do you have to treat me like this?"


      Even when Zhu Ru gave her a coffin at the launch event last time, she forgave her in silence, just because they were family.


      But why did Zhu Ru have such a deep hatred for her, as if she would not stop until she was stepped on.


      Even though she had forgiven her time and time again, Zhu Ru continued to be ungrateful and repeated, trampling on her every chance she found.


      Smell that!


      The look on Zhu Ru's face became more and more smug as she laughed and said.


      "Why? I like it! I'm happy! Can't I?"


      "I just can't stand your high and mighty look and want to trample you underfoot, what can you do to me?"


      In the past, Bai Yi was an idiot who married a loser in her eyes, so she had always despised Bai Yi and enjoyed the pleasure of humiliating her every time.


      But in just half a year's time, Bai Yi seemed to have been favoured by the goddess of fortune. How could Bai Yi, a woman from a small family, be so lucky to be the president of a company and the co-owner of Jiangnan, and even Lin Zuo favoured her.


      In the end, she was just jealous!


      Shen Yumei wiped her tears and said in an extremely aggrieved voice.


      "Forget it Bai Yi, let's kneel!"


      One more thing is better than less, she only hoped that her family would be well, and suffer a little insult if they wanted to.


      An existence like Lin Chentao was something they could not afford to offend.


      Bai Yi was upset, but knew that there was no choice at this time, and was extremely shameful as she prepared to kneel down.


      However, the next scene left everyone present completely shocked!




      While Zhu Ru was smug, the other side of her face was fiercely slapped at this moment, and she sat on her buttocks, with a trace of blood spilling out from the corner of her mouth.


      Her whole face instantly swelled up like a pig's head.


      Zhu Ru was dumbfounded, seemingly unable to believe that anyone would dare to hit her at this time.


      And the person who had struck was actually Lin Fan!


      In an instant, all of the people were about to explode!


      Each and every one of them stared at Lin Fan incredulously, as if they couldn't believe that a punk like him dared to be so bold.


      Right now, Zhu Ru's family were Lin Chen Tao's guests, so if they dared to hit her, wouldn't they be looking for death?


      "Little Fan, don't!"


      "Lin Fan, don't do anything rash!"


      Bai Yi's family all panicked and hurriedly scolded at Lin Fan.




      Zhu Ru, who had reacted, went completely mad and roared at Lin Fan in a stern voice.


      "Bastard! Bastard of the Lin family! After the Legion War, I'll make sure the eldest youngster gets you killed!"


      "I'll have you killed!"


      The voice was thick with resentment and hatred!


      With a single sentence, it completely made Bai Yi's family's face turn white!


      Lin Fan, on the other hand, had an ice-cold face at that moment.


      "There's no need to wait for after the Legion War, our family will all participate in the Legion War, I just hope that when the time comes, your Zhu family won't regret what they did today!"


      "Because... Lin Chen Tao's guest on the throne is my Lin Fan's prisoner!"