Today I Give Up Trying 1495

 And Bai Yi could not help but be completely frozen, for she could clearly feel the fear that Qin Xian Chong had for her.


      At that instant!


      Zhu Ru was then seething with rage and roared like a madman


      "Qin Xian Chong, you're crazy! She's the one who did this to you, and you're still trying to curry favour with her like a dog?"


      "You're just like her, you're a lowlife!"




      Zhu Ru alone lost her temper, but everyone else's expressions changed wildly!


      "Zhu Ru, don't talk nonsense!"


      Zhu Zhide was startled and hurriedly chided.


      Nowadays, Bai Yi was a big celebrity in front of Lin Zuo, and they could never afford to offend him.


      "You seek death!"


      Qin Xian Chong completely thundered and strode towards Zhu Ru in a raging manner.




      Just at that moment, a hideous smile surfaced on Zhu Ru's face.


      "Hit me? If you have the guts, try moving me again!"


      With that, she was directly taking out an invitation.


      On it, it was signed, surprisingly, by the Lords Legion!


      Immediately, Qin Xian Chong's expression changed wildly.


      "How did you get an invitation from the King's Legion?"


      Zhu Ru immediately laughed in triumph and shouted.


      "This invitation was personally sent to us by Lin Chen Tao, what does this mean? It means that Young Master Lin respects our family!"


      "If you dare to do anything to me, Young Master Lin will never let you go!"


      At those words!


      Qin Xian Chong's face instantly turned gloomy to the extreme.


      With Lin Chen Tao's background and current status, how could a small two-star war general like him offend him?


      Why would Lin Chen Tao invite a small Zhu family?


      At that moment, he was frozen on the spot, neither fighting nor not fighting, embarrassed to the point of almost shame.


      "Go ahead, fight again! I would like to see if you, Qin Xian Chong, have the guts to touch the honoured guest personally invited by Young Master Lin."


      Zhu Ru raised her face and provoked with extreme arrogance.


      "Zhu Ru, you... what you said is true?"


      Zhu Zhide was instantly ecstatic, as if he couldn't believe that Lin Chen Tao would personally invite them either.


      It seemed that humiliating Bai Yi that day wasn't all for naught, at least they had been rewarded by Young Master Lin, so that their family would still need to look at Bai Yi's face?


      Even if Bai Yi was really appreciated by the Lin seat, the Lin seat would not be able to wrestle with such a large Lin family for such a married man.


      "Of course it's true!"


      Zhu Ru looked at Bai Yi with a villainous look of triumph and forgetfulness.


      "It's what happened today, delivered by Dong Mingfeng himself!"


      "Dad, I told you a long time ago, we don't need to be afraid of that bitch, now she's not even worthy to carry our shoes!"


      "Hahahaha! Bai Yi, did you hear that? Now we're guests of Young Master Lin!"


      Zhu Zhide also revealed his true nature, changing his previous deference and arrogantly saying.


      He had long endured this impatiently.


      Only, that was not all!


      Zhu Ru smiled and said.


      "Dad, I also forgot to tell you, I heard that this time the Legion War will also be attended by Seat Lin, and Young Master Lin will inevitably enter into a partnership with Seat Lin!"


      "By that time, Bai Yi, this bitch's only backer will be gone, hahaha!"




      These words instantly caused the expressions of all the people present to change wildly, each and every one of them dumbfounded.


      I can't imagine!


      Lin Zuo would actually come to participate in the legion war as well?


      At that moment, Zhu Zhide and Zhang Kaiming cast a look at Bai Yi as if they were looking at a dead man.


      As long as the Lin family and Lin Zuo reached a partnership, Bai Yi would completely fall out of favour.


      At that time, this punk Lin Fan would definitely meet Lin Chen Tao's revenge and would definitely die!




      And at this time, Zhang Kaiming directly gave Qin Xian Chong a slap on the face and viciously said.


      "You dog, you dare to hit me, I think you're tired of living, get down on your knees and admit your mistake!"


      Qin Xian Chong's lungs exploded with anger.




      In the past, Zhang Kaiming was like a dog in front of him, but now he dared to hit him?


      Little did he know that now that Zhang Kaiming had the backing of Lin Chentao, he didn't even put Qin Xianzhong in his eyes.


      Nowadays, he even glared with extreme arrogance and said.


      "What are you looking at? Do you believe that I will report you in front of the big young man?"


      Upon hearing these words, Qin Xian Chong's face was as gloomy as if water was about to seep out, but he had to kneel down in shame.


      When he saw this, Zhang Kaiming laughed loudly, the corners of his mouth curving up in an arc of triumph.


      However, he did not know that he was satisfied, instead he looked at Bai Yi with arrogance.


      "You guys, kneel down for me too!"