Today I Give Up Trying 1494



      At this instant, everyone's faces were flooded with a thick sense of dismay and they all wondered if they had been hallucinating.


      Disqualified because of their poor physique?


      What kind of bullshit reason is that?


      Furthermore, Qin Xian Chong was outstanding among two-star warriors, so how could his physique be poor?


      If his physique was poor, how could he be qualified for an elite army like the Dragon's Teeth?




      Everyone was completely confused!


      This was because the reason Qin Xian Chong had given was simply too unbelievable.


      But that was not all.


      At this time, Qin Xian Chong then strided towards Lin Fan and his wife, and then, under the horrified and death-defying gaze of the crowd, he knelt down to them and begged.


      "Miss Bai Yi, I was too presumptuous before, Elder Xu has already ruthlessly cleaned me up, I really know I was wrong!"


      "I hope that Miss Bai Yi can spare my life, Qin Xian Chong, so that Xu Lao can let me go! Otherwise, my life will be over!"


      At this moment, Qin Xian Chong had no trace of his former arrogance, and his face was thick with despair and deadly ash.


      At the same time, he was still using his afterglow, cautiously gauging Lin Fan.


      For he knew that only by obtaining Lin Fan's forgiveness would he have the possibility of living.


      Upon seeing this scene!




      Zhu Ru's family was instantly struck by electricity, and all of them were about to fall to the ground in fear.


      "This... What is this?"


      This instant, they all had the feeling that the sky was spinning, and each of them were so scared that their breathing stopped.


      "Bai Yi and the others know Elder Xu? No way, I must have heard wrong!"


      Zhu Ru was so scared that her legs went limp.


      That was Xu Lao, the leader of the Dragon's Teeth!


      He had created an elite legion with one hand, swept through overseas and was unstoppable, who in the entire Chinese military community would not have to respectfully refer to Elder Xu?


      And Bai Yi knew such a great man?


      Zhu Ru was so jealous that she was going crazy.


      How could Bai Yi be so lucky? She had Lin Zuo to host her wedding banquet, and now she had Xu Longxiang to stand up for her, what kind of luck did this woman have?


      On the other hand, Bai Shan and his wife were on the verge of pissing themselves in fear, swallowing hard and looking at Bai Yi uneasily.


      "Bai Yi, you... You really know Elder Xu? And let him teach Qin Xian Chong a lesson?"


      But at this time, Bai Yi said with a bitter face.


      "Mom, I don't know him! I only met him at the wedding banquet last time, and we haven't seen each other since, let alone I let him teach Qin Xian Chong a lesson."


      Don't know him?


      Upon hearing this, everyone present froze, and then looked at Qin Xian Chong in unison.


      "Qin Xian Chong, you've made a mistake! You must have made a mistake! This bitch, she has no right to know Xu Longxiang at all!"


      Zhu Ru had been burned out of her mind by jealousy, so at this moment she was hurling insults at Bai Yi like crazy.


      She couldn't accept that she was losing to this woman at every turn!






      Immediately afterwards, she received a heavy slap on her face from Qin Xian Chong.


      "Qin Xian Chong, what do you mean? Who are you to hit my girlfriend?"


      Zhang Kaiming was immediately upset, as a friend Qin Xian Chong was hitting her girlfriend, this was a public disgrace to him.


      "Not beating up your girlfriend? Then I'll beat you up!"


      Qin Xian Chong immediately smiled fiercely, and then fiercely blasted Zhang Kai Ming's chest.




      With a muffled sound, Zhang Kaiming's entire body directly flew out sideways before falling heavily to the ground and spitting out blood with a poof.


      "Little Qin, you..."


      The two of them, Zhu Zhide and his wife, had been completely stunned!


      They never dreamed that the helper they had found would end up helping Lin Fan against them in the end.


      Only, at this moment, Qin Xian Chong had a ruthless gaze as he roared.


      "Even I am only worthy of kneeling in front of Miss Bai Yi, who are you all to insult Miss Bai Yi?"


      "If you dare to speak out of turn again, I will have you all die a horrible death here on the spot, and the King of Heaven will have no face to give!"




      At this moment, Zhu Zhi De's family completely exploded, and all of them were shocked to the core.


      They suspected in their eyes that Qin Xian Chong had lost his mind!


      Today, Qin Xian Chong was simply like one of Bai Yi's dogs.


      Bai Yi, what on earth had he done!