Today I Give Up Trying 1492

 At this time, Zhu Ru's family were all dumbfounded, this Lin Fan had simply eaten his heart and had the guts to dare to hit Qin Xian Chong, a future three-star war general?


      And at the side, Bai Yi, too, said uneasily.


      "You... How can you hit her?"


      Although Bai Yi was also angry, she knew after all that that Dragon's Tooth was not something to be messed with, and once Qin Xian Chong had achieved a ranking in this Legion War, that would be a smooth step in the future.


      They really shouldn't cross paths with an existence like Ho!


      "You... You dare to hit me?"


      Zhao Xiulian was also confused, covering her face and looking at Lin Fan in disbelief.


      The mother of a war general herself had let a door-to-door son-in-law beat her up?


      At that moment, Zhao Xiulian was completely blown up and roared with extreme resentment.


      "Bastard! I won't let this go, I'll make sure my son cuts you to pieces!"


      "I'll have my son kill you by a thousand cuts!" "And your Bai family too, you won't have an easy time!"


      At those words!


      Bai Yi's family's face was as ugly as could be.


      Zhu Ru's family, on the other hand, laughed gleefully, as they all realised that Lin Fan and Zhao Xiulan's feud was completely tied up.


      And as Qin Xian Chong was a war general of the Dragon's Teeth, getting an average person killed was not a big deal!


      At that moment, [Baidu Novel] Zhu Ru was unsympathetic and said.


      "Lin Fan, how dare you, even you dare to hit Auntie Zhao! Are you not putting Dragon's Teeth in your eyes?"


      "Daring to assault a sergeant's family, you punk will probably have to be court-martialed, Lin Fan, just wait for your death!"


      And Zhu Zhide snorted coldly and angrily said.


      "If you're sensible, hurry up and kneel down and kowtow a few times now, maybe there's still a chance for things to turn around."




      Zhao Xiulan, however, sternly chided.


      "Kowtowing is not enough! I want his leg, and I want him to be a cripple for the rest of his life, or else I won't be able to quench my hatred!"




      When Lin Fan heard this, he revealed an extremely dangerous smile.


      "You want my leg? Fine, I'll grant you that!"


      With these words!


      He was walking towards Zhao Xiulan with a cold smile, a scene that directly caused Zhao Xiulan to explode.


      "You... What do you want? I'm warning you, don't mess around, or my son won't let you go!"


      But as soon as the words left her mouth!




      A bone cracking sound, but then it rang out!


      One of Zhao Xiulan's legs was completely twisted and deformed under Lin Fan's stomp.




      Zhao Xiulan also let out a hoarse, miserable howl, clutching her broken leg as she rolled back and forth on the ground.




      At this moment, both Bai Yi's family and Zhu Ru's family looked at Lin Fan with dumbfounded eyes.


      It was too ruthless!


      He had actually stepped on Zhao Xiulan's leg directly, was this still the obsequious son-in-law?


      Immediately, Zhu Zhide was furiously rebuking, saying.


      "Lin Fan, have you gone mad? How dare you step on Ms. Zhao's leg, you're completely finished! Qin Xian Chong will definitely not spare you!"


      They could all already anticipate Lin Fan's miserable end.


      He was simply seeking death!


      Only, Lin Fan still acted as if nothing was wrong, and instead laughed.


      "Qin Xian Chong? Let alone me stepping on his mother's leg, even if I killed her here, Qin Xian Chong wouldn't even dare to utter a single fart, can you believe it?"




      Everyone was completely dumbfounded at this moment!




      This guy, he's completely mad!


      Does he know what he's talking about?


      "Who can't brag, I hope you can still be this arrogant when I can Qin Xian Chong arrives!"


      When Zhu Ru saw that Lin Fan still dared to be arrogant, he laughed in contempt.


      How dare you act cocky when you're on the verge of death, it's useless for this punk not to die!


      At this moment, Zhao Xiulan was also mad with anger, her face was covered in blood, her hair was cloaked, she looked like a madwoman, her eyes staring at Lin Fan with resentment.


      "I want you to die, I must have you die!"


      "I'll call my son right now and have him come and get you killed!"




      As soon as the words left his mouth, a figure appeared in the doorway and asked in an apprehensive voice.