Today I Give Up Trying 1491

 And when Lin Fan left Dragon's Teeth by plane, it was already evening.


      Only, he had only just reached the door of his home when he heard a mean shouting sound coming from inside.


      It was extraordinarily harsh!


      "Bai Yi, you don't even look at your virtue, you're a married, broken shoe, my son is lucky to have you in his life, don't be so fucking insensitive!"


      "I think you're just a bitch at heart, otherwise you wouldn't have married a loser! Don't think I don't know that you're a slut who's out there hooking up with men. If my son didn't like you, I wouldn't let a woman like you in the house!"


      Inside the house, a middle-aged woman dressed in gold and silver pointed at Bai Yi's nose with her crossed arms and cursed.


      The flesh on her face was flopping around as she cursed, showing her fat and greasiness, like a white greasy pig.


      This person was Qin Xian Chong's own mother, Zhao Xiulan!


      Zhu Zhide's family was also standing by, pretending to stop Zhao Xiulan, but in reality, a gleeful smile appeared on their brows.


      They didn't dare to offend Bai Yi, but they could use the knife to kill someone.


      Even if Bai Yi had Xu Longxiang to back her up, what would she dare to do to her?


      And at this moment, Bai Yi's face was also ugly when she was so abused by a stranger: "Auntie, who am I going to marry?


      "Auntie, who I want to marry and what my reputation is, that's all my business, not yours!"


      "Now I ask you to leave!"


      Even when she was insulted like this, she maintained the quality she should have.




      That Zhao Xiulan was getting more and more aggressive and extremely arrogant in her tirade, saying.


      "Yoo-hoo, how dare you put up a show in front of me? You don't even know who I am? Let me tell you, my son is about to become a three-star war general, and I will make sure that your family will be in trouble!"


      "If you're smart, get clean and get into my son's bed tonight, serve him well, and I'll consider giving your family a little boost in the future."




      Bai Yi could not listen to this anymore, and with a flash of anger in her eyes, she scolded.


      "Please get out immediately, or I'll call security!"


      This Zhao Xiulan was simply the same as her son, all blindly self-righteous and disgusting!


      "Bitch, how dare you chase me away? See if I don't rip your mouth off!"


      Zhao Xiulan was on fire, ever since her son had become a war general, she was the mother with her son, flaunting her power and authority.


      No one had ever dared to speak to her in this way, so she had gradually developed an arrogant personality that was uncaring.


      Now Bai Yi's behaviour had completely annoyed her, and she immediately slapped Bai Yi across the face with her teeth and claws.


      Bai Yi was terrified and her face was pale, as if she could not believe that her opponent was so rude and unreasonable as to hit her in public.


      At this moment, Bai Yi's mind was blank and she could only watch as the slap fell towards her face.


      But at that moment, a strong hand reached out and grabbed Zhao Xiulan's hand.


      It was followed by a voice that was cold to the bone: "You...


      "You... Want to die?"


      "Lin Fan?"


      Seeing her husband coming, Bai Yi instantly felt like she had taken a pill of certainty and was not afraid of anything.


      And Zhao Xiulan first froze, and then laughed in an arrogant manner.


      "So you're the son-in-law of that loser? Bai Yi, you're really not your usual lowly self, how can you even look at this kind of goods, and even reject my son for him?"


      "You're so blind!"




      Those words completely ignited Lin Fan's anger!




      A loud slap immediately resounded throughout the Bai family!


      Everyone saw a figure being viciously sent flying and then hitting the ground with a heavy thud!


      Who else was it but Zhao Xiulan?


      At that moment, a blinding slap mark appeared on her face, and strands of blood flowed out from the corners of her mouth, half of her face swelling up like a pig's head in just an instant.


      The whole room was dead silent!


      All of them stared at Lin Fan with a look of seeing a ghost.


      This punk had actually beaten up Qin Xian Chong's old lady?