Today I Give Up Trying 1490

 Seeing this, Xu Longxiang and the others all smiled approvingly, they also knew that there was nothing more convincing than absolute strength.


      At this moment, Lin Fan, however, smiled blandly and casually threw a book on the ground.


      "Here are my special training methods for you all, whoever can last a week will be qualified to train under me."


      "I, Lin Fan, don't train rubbish!"


      These words were arrogant to the extreme, as if these elites in front of him were all a bunch of trash in Lin Fan's eyes.


      Only those who had his approval would be qualified to become his disciples!


      This was also the pride that belonged to Lin Zuo!


      He didn't want his disciples, in the future, to be drunken sacks of rice, causing him to lose face.


      The battle generals present all laughed bitterly.


      At first, they had wanted to give Lin Fan some credit, but now they had to prove their strength in front of him.


      After all, it was not that they despised Lin Fan, but that Lin Fan despised them.


      At this time, Qin Xian Chong was already paralyzed with fear, looking at Lin Fan with a pale face.


      Seeing that he was here too, Lin Fan first stared, and then he suddenly sneered.


      "Where did this soldier come from, why is his physique so poor?"




      At hearing this, Xu Longxiang's face was as ugly as it could be, at least today's gathering was a group of war generals, but only after seeing Lin Fan did he fall to the ground in fear, disgracing their Dragon's Teeth.


      At that moment, he questioned Kou Jianghuai in an unpleasant tone, saying.


      "What's going on here?"


      Kou Jianghuai's face also turned gloomy as he said.


      "It's a soldier under my command, sorry for making you laugh, instructor!"


      Kou Jianghuai was still very pleased with Qin Xianchong, but he did not expect him to disgrace him so much.


      This instantly made him bald with disappointment in Qin Xian Chong.


      Seeing Kou Jianghuai and Xu Longxiang's reactions, Qin Xianchong instantly wanted to cry, knowing that because of his performance, he was not qualified to participate in the Legion Tournament this time.


      However, that was not all!


      And when Lin Fan heard this, he smiled.


      "This is only one face-to-face and you're paralyzed with fear, this kind of trash, I don't need it in my team!"




      Qin Xian Chong was struck by lightning, his entire body was completely dumbfounded, and his face was dense with shock.


      With this, not to mention not being able to participate in the legion tournament, he was afraid that he would not be able to rise in the ranks for the rest of his life.


      Lin Fan was trying to screw him to death!






      The reason he had pursued Bai Yi was for his own good prospects, but he had never imagined that this would ruin everything for him.


      This was a case of a chicken not getting what it deserved!


      Kou Jianghuai nodded at once.


      "Don't worry instructor, I understand what you mean!"


      And then, he was glaring coldly at Qin Xian Chong and ordered.


      "Someone! Take this punk down to me!"


      It could be seen!


      After today, Qin Xian Chong would not be able to escape a reprimand.


      But Qin Xian Chong knew that what he was about to face was far more than just a caning.


      It was over!


      This was the end!


      He dared to dig up the new instructor of the Dragon's Teeth, he was looking for death!




      At that moment, Qin Xian Chong's anger attacked his heart and he threw up his head and spat out a mouthful of blood, passing out.


      All the Dragon's Teeth generals were stunned at this moment.


      How could he have fainted from fear?


      Was Qin Xian Chong such a coward?


      All of them were unsure and looked at Qin Xian Chong with a look of disbelief.


      However, Lin Fan continued to be furious and said.


      "Tsk tsk, how did this physique become a war general?"


      Xu Longxiang and Kou Jianghuai did not know why Qin Xianchong was like that, and thought he really had a poor physique, so they both blushed and felt more and more humiliated.