Today I Give Up Trying 149-150

 Chapter 149

After Lin Fan sent Bai Shan home, he went alone, to the Bai Group.

        Although, he had already given Bai Yi the recipe and all the development techniques for the Returning Soul Pill, as the group's chief technical advisor, he still had to make a rounds.


        As soon as he arrived at the White Group, he noticed that something was wrong.

        One by one, the security guards quickly rushed toward the elevator.

        Every face was filled with panic and anxiety.


        This scene made Lin Fan's eyelids jump, and he immediately pulled a security guard over and quickly asked.

        "What's going on?"

        The security guard was stunned when he saw Lin Fan, but he still recognized him and said with an odd expression.

        "Just now, the young master of Sheng Shi Group, brought people to sign the bill, but for some reason, he locked the door of Mr. Bai's office and even sent a few bodyguards to guard the door!"

        "Yang was worried that something had happened to the president, so he asked us to go upstairs and take a look!"


        The words made Lin Fan's face change.

        Sheng Shi Group!

        Lin Fan's face was incomparably gloomy, he suddenly remembered, these days Bai Yi and he said, there is a broad young man surnamed Yang, has been pestering her, making her very annoyed and disgusted.

        And right now, without thinking, it must be that guy!

        "Mr. Lin, would you like to take the elevator with us and go up there?"

        The security guard and the others had entered the elevator and filled it to the brim.

        But Lin Fan just took a glance and indifferently said.



        Lin Fan's body flashed under the startled eyes of all the security guards and rushed straight toward the stairway.

        Climbing the stairs?

        All the security guards in the elevator were dumbfounded.

        The president's office was on the 15th floor. Did this guy think he could climb the stairs faster than they could take the elevator?

        This, how is this possible!

        "Does this Lin have a brain froth? By the time he climbed to the fifteenth floor, the president was afraid something would have happened to him."

        "Alas ...... no wonder everyone said that the president married a useless husband, and now it seems that this is true, this person is sick in the head!"


        At this moment, many security guards felt as if Lin Fan was an idiot.

        One by one, their hearts felt sorry for Bai Yi for marrying such a person.

        Elevator closed!

        All the security guards took the elevator and headed up to the 15th floor!

        In just under twenty seconds!

        The elevator had arrived at the fifteenth floor.

        As soon as the security guards poured out of the elevator, they saw from a distance that at the end of the 15th floor corridor, there was a group of people surrounding a room, pointing and pointing.

        Needless to say, that was the president's office.

        Only, to the disbelief of many security guards, there was already a man in front of them.

        In front of them, there was already a young man, like lightning, rushing toward the crowd.

        And that back!

        It was ...... Lin Fan!

        "No ...... No way! Is that Lin Fan? He climbed from the first floor to the fifteenth?"

        "Holy shit, am I seeing things? Can he climb the stairs faster than we can take the elevator? No ...... I must be hallucinating!"


        Many of the security guards looked at each other one by one, looking as if they had seen a ghost.

        In particular, when they saw that the stairway door of the security passage was constantly shaking, obviously being pushed open violently, all the security guards had to accept the fact in front of them even if they couldn't believe it.

        Lin Fan climbed the stairs much faster than they did!


        In less than twenty seconds, he climbed from the first floor to the fifteenth floor, which gave all the security guards a numbing trembling feeling.

        Only, Lin Fan didn't care about the shock of the many security guards.

        He was like lightning, rushing towards Bai Yi's office.

        His eyes were ghastly, as if he were a demon.

Chapter 150


        At the entrance of the office, four powerful bodyguards, dressed in black suits and wearing sunglasses, blocked the door, stopping all the employees of the Bai Clan from entering.

        The chief fashion designer of the Bai Group - Yang Tianrui, is leading a group of Bai Group's backbone, and these bodyguards, arguing about something!

        "Get out of my way, I want to see the president! Did you hear that? This is White's group!"

        Yang Tianrui was so angry that his beard trembled.

        As a generation of fashion masters, he came to the Bai Group because of his admiration for Lin Fan, and he thought of it as his home.

        He, moreover, knew Bai Yi's position in Lin Fan's heart.

        If something happened to Bai Yi, Yang Tianrui didn't even dare to imagine what would happen.

        Just right now!

        The four burly bodyguards, on the other hand, did not take Yang Tianrui into account at all, and said one by one with a sneer on their faces.

        "Get out of here, old man! Our Yang Shao is inside, and no one is allowed to enter without his order!"

        "That's right, you Bai's group is nothing! How dare you use your rules to restrain Yang Shao, simply looking for death!"


        Arrogant and domineering attitude!

        As if the four bodyguards were used to being rude, their words suddenly made Yang Tianrui so angry that his body trembled.

        "You ...... you ......"


        As soon as Yang Tianrui tried to argue, he was slapped across the face by one of the fierce bodyguards.

        Hot pain spread across Yang Tianrui's cheeks!

        Just, not waiting for his reaction!

        Another fierce bodyguard, with a kick in his foot, kicked Yang Tianrui in the stomach, knocking him over.


        Let's do it!

        The surrounding cadres of the Bai Clan were all shocked, they didn't expect that Yang Shao's bodyguards were so vicious, and they would directly hit someone if they didn't agree.

        "Old thing, if you dare to meddle again, I'll waste you today!"

        The bodyguard was fierce, while the other three were also eager to try their hand at it one by one.

        As if!

        Whether it was Yang Tianrui, or anyone else, if they dared to nag, they would show no mercy and just do it.

        "My old man will fight with you guys ......"

        Yang Tianrui was filled with shame and anger.

        He did not expect that he would suffer such humiliation at his own age.

        At that moment, his pale body got up and rushed towards the four bodyguards.

        Saying nothing, he wanted to break into the office and save Bai Yi!

        "Looking for death!"

        This scene made the four bodyguards furious, they could not imagine that this old man was so stubborn.

        A trace of fierceness and hostility appeared in their eyes, and each of them extended an iron fist and smashed down on Yang Tianrui's head.


        These four punches are like four hammers, striking Yang Tianrui's head!

        Like four hammers, they strike down on Yang Tianrui's head!

        If he was hit, Yang Tianrui would have a concussion, even if he didn't die, or even worse.

        "Yang Lao!!!"

        The rest of the Bai cadres, who were taken aback, tried to stop them, but they were simply too late!

        It's over. ......

        Whether it was Yang Tianrui himself, or the surrounding cadres of the Bai Clan, they could only watch the four iron fists smash into his head.

        "Old thing, give me death!"

        The corners of the four bodyguards' mouths were thick with rage and tyranny.

        They saw their own fists getting closer and closer to Yang Tianrui's head.

        One meter!

        Half a meter!

        One foot!

        The moment the four men's fists were about to smash into Yang Tianrui's head!


        The four bodyguards were startled to discover that a shadow, like lightning, had come from a distant corridor.

        Then, the shadow's feet, like raindrops, came down hard on their bodies!

        Boom boom boom!

        The four bodyguards felt as if their bodies had been blown onto the ground by a rampaging train!