Today I Give Up Trying 1489



      All the war generals felt as if their eyes were about to burst open at this moment.


      All of them looked at Lin Fan with an extremely shocked gaze!


      In particular, after they saw the large cauldron that Lin Fan had lifted, they only felt as if their heads were about to explode!


      "That's... The Huaxia Tripod!"


      They were originally just joking, but they hadn't expected that someone could really lift this tonne of gigantic object.


      An illusion!


      This was a fucking illusion!


      Apart from Xu Longxiang, the founder of Dragon's Teeth, who else within China today could lift such a huge tripod?


      It was as if everyone had been cast in a stasis, all frozen on the spot, staring at Lin Fan with a deadly stare.


      That expression was as comical as it could be!


      At this moment, all the war generals completely understood.


      I'm afraid that this was the new instructor that they had hired from Dragon's Teeth, right?


      Such a fierce person, they actually wanted to embarrass the other party?


      But as a result, this just-coming hand of the other party had directly stunned them.


      And the battle general who had just said that he wanted to give Lin Fan a piece of his mind, directly shut his mouth.


      What a fucking joke!


      To give this monster a look?


      I was afraid that he would be killed by his opponent's fist just before he went up to him, right?


      At this moment, the atmosphere was eerily frightening.


      All the war generals looked like they had seen a ghost.


      They had seen all sorts of terrifying opponents, but none of them could be compared to Lin Fan.


      This guy, he was simply not human!


      And at this moment, Qin Xianchong was simply like being struck by electricity!


      The whole man was completely dumbfounded!


      This was because he had already seen the appearance of the person coming, and thus his heart felt like it had triggered a horrifying boom.


      "Lin... Lin Fan?"


      How could this be!


      That trash, how could he be the new instructor they had hired?


      And with such terrifying strength!


      Immediately after, his scalp simply exploded at the thought that he had dared to steal a woman from his new instructor.


      This time, not to mention his promotion and fortune, it was questionable whether he could continue to stay at Dragon's Teeth!


      "Old Qin, you know him?"


      "Old Qin, what kind of fierce man is this?"


      "Qin Xian Chong, have you met him a long time ago, who the hell is he?"


      Hearing Qin Xian Chong shout out Lin Fan's name, everyone immediately looked at Qin Xian Chong uneasily.


      However, the current Qin Xian Chong could not hear anything, his entire body was frozen like a wooden chicken and had fallen to the ground in fear.


      It was as if Qin Xian Chong had lost his soul, and his face was pale as he murmured.


      "It's over, it's over, I'm completely finished!"


      And just then, something even more terrifying happened.


      All that could be heard was Lin Fan's violent shout, and then the immense Chinese tripod was violently thrown out, cutting a parabola in mid-air.




      The huge tripod fell with a loud bang, smashing in front of the many warriors, splashing up a cloud of earth and rubble, causing the earth to sink.


      Everyone looked straight on, but they felt like their eyes were going to glaze over.


      Raising a tripod into the dragon's teeth was already exaggerated enough.


      But now, this guy could even throw the cauldron 50 metres away, which made them completely furious.


      All of them trembled fiercely, and their breathing gradually began to become sharper, looking at Lin Fan with a look of having seen a ghost.


      At this moment, they even wondered if there was a god living inside Lin Fan's body!


      This was a hundred times more terrifying than Xu Longxiang, the talented founder of their Dragon Teeth back then!


      "From today onwards, I will be the Chief Instructor of the Dragon's Teeth, you guys... Are you convinced?"


      Lin Fan asked in a domineering manner as he walked with large strides.


      A thick, bitter smile appeared on the faces of all the war generals, did they dare to say they were not convinced at this time?






      Immediately, each and every one of the battle generals, was respectfully kneeling down towards Lin Fan, with a respectful attitude to the extreme.


      In unison, they shouted.


      "I implore you, Mr. Lin, to be the instructor of the Dragon's Teeth!"


      Lin Fan had completely convinced them with his terrifying strength.


      Therefore at this time, they had to be convinced!