Today I Give Up Trying 1488

Kou Jianghuai and the others, their expressions changed wildly at this time, looking at Lin Fan with a tense expression!

        And Elder Xu, too, was frowning as he stared intently at Lin Fan!

        Lin Fan arrived in front of the big tripod, rolled up his sleeves and wrapped his hands around it, before his feet sank down with a fierce swoop and he shouted.



        The huge cauldron, which had not been lifted for sixty years, made a terrifying boom at that very moment!

        The three large feet instantly left the ground!

        It was actually lifted up by Lin Fan!


        Elder Xu and the others were completely shocked!

        Their expressions were completely distorted due to their excessive shock.

        He had lifted it up!

        They had actually lifted it up?

        They weren't dreaming, were they?

        This Dragon's Teeth had gone through more than sixty years of history, and apart from Elder Xu, no one else had been able to lift the Kyushu Tripod.

        What was even more terrifying was that the Huaxia Tripod that Elder Xu had lifted was only a thousand pounds.

        But Lin Fan lifted it, but it was twice as heavy as him!

        Was this what Seat Lin was capable of?

        Was this the power that belonged to the military seat?

        Kou Jianghuai and the other war generals' eyes were about to glaze over at this time.

        This, this was simply a monster!

        However, something even more terrifying was yet to come!

        Lin Fan smiled faintly and said.

        "Let's go!"


        Everyone drew in a cold breath and looked like they had seen a ghost.

        Lifting a huge object weighing a ton was already an exaggeration, but Lin Fan could even walk on foot?

        They, were not dreaming, were they?




        However, Lin Fan used actual action to tell them the weight of the word Lin Zuo.

        Lin Fan was seen raising the tripod with both hands, taking one big step towards that dragon's tooth, and everywhere his feet passed, a floor tile burst open.

        Until Lin Fan disappeared in the doorway, they couldn't even look back.

        It was too strong!

        With such a monster as a coach for them, how could they not be stronger?

        Immediately, Kou Jianghuai and the others' faces were flooded with intense ecstasy, and their faces were so red with excitement that they couldn't even speak.

        This was because they all knew that this was not just a chance for them to win the tournament, but also a great opportunity that could not be won.

        "It's true that the younger generation is fearsome!"

        Xu Longxiang couldn't help but let out a long sigh too, Lin Fan was more than a hundred times stronger than he had been back then.

        Long Kwai also nodded, the adoration and admiration in his eyes becoming even stronger: "Yes.

        "Yes, I really didn't expect that he would be able to lift this Huaxia Tripod."

        True to form, he was the man she adored!


        Xu Longxiang, however, shook his head.

        "Long Kwai, you still underestimate this man! What I'm lifting is a tripod, but what this man is lifting is the whole of China!"

        The Chinese Tripod!

        What Xu Longxiang lifted was a tripod, what Lin Fan lifted was Huaxia!

        The whole room was silent.

        They all understood the meaning of Elder Xu's words, with such a being born in China, how could China not worry about prospering?

        If Lin Fan was born in China, it would be hope, but if he was born in an enemy country, it would be despair for China.


        And at this time!

        Within the Dragon's Teeth, all the war generals below three stars were gathered together, all with a bad smile on their faces.

        "That new instructor will be here soon, we'll have to show him a little something later."

        "Not bad! It's not that easy to be our instructor at Dragon's Teeth!"

        "Why don't we make him raise the Chinese tripod outside so that he'll be qualified to be our instructor."

        "Hahahaha, you're really bad, no one in the whole of China has been able to lift that Huaxia Tripod for sixty years, how could that newcomer possibly lift [Pencil Novel] it?"

        In the crowd, Qin Xian Chong was also present!

        He also had a hint of anticipation on his face, wanting to see if that new instructor, was really as remarkable as the rumors said.

        All the Dragon's Teeth battle generals, at this time, were all smiling unkindly, their faces flushed with a thick contempt.

        It was no wonder, after all, they were all elites among the elites in the Chinese army. If the instructor who came in could not be ten or even a hundred times better than them, how could he possibly overpower these high-minded pricks?

        It was because Lin Fan knew this that he decided to enter the Dragon's Teeth!

        Knock, knock, knock!

        At that moment, everyone outside the Dragon's Teeth heard a terrifying roar.

        The earth trembled like the earth shaking!


        Everyone looked towards the entrance in confusion, and then they saw a scene they would never forget.

        A man, carrying a tripod into the Dragon's Teeth with his bare hands!