Today I Give Up Trying 1487

 The next day!

        Early in the morning, Lin Fan went out to buy groceries.

        Of course, the grocery shopping was just a pretext, he found a vegetable market and parked his electric car.

        The vehicle of Xu Longxiang had been waiting for him for a long time.

        Without saying a word, Lin Fan got into the car.

        He thought it would be seamless, but he didn't expect this scene to be watched by Bai Yi, who had forgotten to take the documents and had turned around.

        "Lin Fan, Xu Longxiang? How is this possible?"

        Bai Yi was completely frozen.

        Lin Fan had actually gotten into Xu Longxiang's car?

        What qualifications did he have to be able to befriend an existence like Xu Longxiang?

        This scene had simply turned her three views upside down.

        The next moment, she took out her mobile phone, intending to call Lin Fan, but on second thought, she thought that Lin Fan would definitely find an excuse to put her off, just like he did before.

        Immediately, she gave up on the idea and planned to go back to Lin Fan later to ask for clarification.


        And not much later, Lin Fan transferred to a private jet and rushed to the Dragon Tooth Legion.

        When he arrived at the Dragon's Teeth Legion, it was to surface that the entrance was surprisingly empty.

        At that moment, Xu Longxiang's face was completely gloomy.

        "What's going on? Didn't I tell you to arrange for someone to come and greet them? How should you be guilty of such negligence?"

        At these words!

        Kou Jianghuai's expression was embarrassed, but he did not dare to squeal.

        "Elder Xu taught me a lesson, I will definitely teach those bastards a hard lesson later!"

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, was smiling and said.

        "Those soldiers under your command are looking down on me as a new instructor, so they want to give me a piece of their mind!"

        In order to make Lin Chen Tao drop his guard, Lin Fan had specially instructed Xu Longxiang not to reveal his identity.

        So now, the Dragon Teeth still did not know that the new instructor they had hired for the Dragon Teeth was one of the four military seats in the hall, Lin Zuo.


        After learning that a new instructor had arrived, they were displeased and intended to give Lin Fan a piece of their mind.

        That's why they didn't come to greet him en masse!

        In their eyes, only people like Kou Jianghuai and Long Qi were qualified to be their instructors.

        Everyone else was nothing more than a wild card to them!

        "They don't know your identity, that's why..."

        Xu Longxiang was afraid that Lin Fan would get angry and tried to explain something.

        However, Lin Fan waved his hand indifferently, and at the same time, his gaze fell on a large censer at the entrance.

        The big censer was immense and rusty, full of traces of age, but it still looked magnificent!

        On it, a lifelike dragon was carved, and it was placed right in the middle of the entrance, showing its grandeur!

        "This big tripod, it's a bit interesting!"

        Lin Fan said with a smile.

        Long Kwai immediately changed the subject and said with a smile.

        "This big tripod is called the Huaxia Tripod, originally it was just a piece of scrap iron. Sixty years ago, when Elder Xu was in his prime, he lifted this huge object weighing a thousand pounds with his bare hands at a meeting of the Powers, shocking the Powers!"

        "Afterwards, as a souvenir, Elder Xu brought this scrap of iron back to China and forged it into a big tripod, named the Huaxia Tripod! It was placed at the entrance of the Dragon's Teeth and became the symbol of the Dragon's Teeth!"

        Instead, Elder Xu waved his hand and said with a smile.

        "I could still lift it back then, but I can't now, I'm old!"

        "Is that so?"

        Lin Fan smiled, his gaze burning as he said.

        "Then how about I try?"


        Elder Xu and the others' expressions changed drastically as they stared at Lin Fan with appalled faces.

        "Seat Lin, nowadays, after this Huaxia Tripod has been rebuilt, it weighs a ton, you..."

        A ton, that's two thousand pounds of weight!

        It was twice as heavy as it was then!

        Could Lin Fan lift it?


        Lin Fan, however, merely smiled.

        "It's just a try, what does it matter?"

        With that, he stopped paying attention to what Elder Xu and the others said and strided towards the Huaxia Tripod, which was even taller than the others.