Today I Give Up Trying 1486

 And with that!

        He then placed a stack of tickets on the table!

        And said in a condescending manner.

        "These are tickets to watch the Legion match, you can't even buy them with money. I hope you can come and watch me play, then you will know what it means to be a real man!"

        Qin Xian Chong left with his head held high, as if he could already feel Bai Yi's infatuated gaze and the intense awe of everyone present.

        It was a pity that his self-righteous and unrestrained gesture seemed like a fool's errand to Bai Yi's family.

        The family had been through so many storms and had long been more in love than gold, so what could an outsider tease with a few words?

        They didn't know where Qin Xian Chong got the confidence!

        Disgusted, Bai Yi picked up the tickets and was about to throw them into the trash.

        But just then!

        Zhu Zhide was still undeterred and hurriedly shouted

        "Bai Yi, you can't throw this away! You may not see Little Qin now, but once you see him strutting his stuff in the ring, you might change your mind!"

        "Yes cousin, that Qin Xian Chong is a safe bet to be promoted to three-star war general this time, and is even qualified to compete for War God, you'll regret missing out on him."

        Zhu Ru also hurriedly spoke up, but in her heart, she was sneering.

        She knew that Qin Xian Chong, although very good, was violent and alcoholic, and also had a history of marriage.

        All three of his previous wives had been beaten away by him, and one of them had been left crippled for life.

        Baiy would have had a hard time marrying him.

        "I won't regret it! Also, I'm living happily now, I don't need you to interfere in my marriage!"

        Bai Yi said coldly and was about to throw the ticket into the trash.

        Seeing this!

        Zhu Zhide and Zhang Kaiming immediately had a stern look appear in their eyes, and were already cursing in their hearts.

        What a bitch, not wanting a son-in-law but insisting on keeping a loser, this Bai Yi is probably a lowlife at heart!

        Zhu Ru was also disappointed. She had wanted to push Bai Yi into the fire, but she did not expect Bai Yi would not fall for it.

        But just then!

        A hand, however, grabbed Bai Yi's hand, causing Bai Yi to freeze for a moment.

        "Lin Fan, what are you doing?"

        But Lin Fan said with a smile on his face.

        "How can you spoil someone's good intentions like that?"


        As soon as they heard this, the crowd all froze!

        They couldn't believe their ears.

        The other guy was trying to steal your wife right in front of you, and instead of getting angry, you were rushing to send your wife out to die?

        Is this guy a brainiac?

        At that moment, Zhu Zhide's family immediately laughed coldly, indeed, a trash is a trash, even his own wife was tapped by someone, but he didn't even dare to get angry.

        But they didn't know that Lin Fan wanted to see what kind of expression Qin Xian Chong would have when he knew that the instructor that Dragon's Teeth had hired was him, this punk Lin Fan.

        "Bai Yi, look, Lin Fan has said this, so why don't you stop excusing yourself?"

        "Lin Fan, you're really good, are you trying to beat a retreat because you know you're not good enough for Bai Yi?"

        Bai Yi gave Lin Fan a deep look before finally nodding her head and agreeing.

        "Fine, I'll go and see then!"

        Although she didn't know what Lin Fan had in mind, after so many years together, the couple still had that bit of tacit understanding.

        She believed that Lin Fan must have his intentions in doing so.

        "Great! Then it's a deal, I'll see you at the Legion tournament then!"

        Zhu Zhide's family, only then did they leave with their hearts contented.

        And it was at this moment that Bai Yi could not help but ask after them, saying.

        "Lin Fan, what medicine are you selling in your gourd!"


        Lin Fan, however, said with a cold smile on his face.

        "Nothing, I just want to see how much weight that Qin Xian Chong really has!"

        At the same time, Lin Fan then added in his heart.

        "Let's also see if he's really qualified to steal a woman from the Lin Seat!"