Today I Give Up Trying 1485

 As for Lin Fan!

        He didn't give a damn about it!

        Just such a soft-earned punk, what qualifications did he have to steal a woman from him?

        At the same time, Zhu Zhide was all smiles as he said.

        "That's not all Bai Yi, Little Qin he will replace Dragon's Teeth in the battle against the Lords Legion this time, once he wins he will immediately be promoted to three star war general, or even war god, his future prospects are limitless!"

        "Moreover, I've also heard that this time Dragon's Teeth has found a very powerful instructor to train Little Qin and the others, with him Little Qin and the others will definitely be able to win against the Lords Legion."

        "Because that instructor, most likely, is one of the Four Great Army Seers!"


        Bai Yi's family was stunned, each staring at Zhu Zhide in a mind-boggling manner.

        One of the Four Great Military Seers would be coming to train for Dragon's Teeth?

        Then wouldn't there be a high probability that Dragon's Teeth would be able to come out on top in this competition?

        Seeing Bai Yi and the others' surprise, Zhu Zhide said while the iron was hot.

        "This means that Xiao Qin will definitely be promoted to three-star general! Bai Yi, he's only twenty-five years old, so he's a great talent, I think he's a perfect match for you!"

        Their family wanted to match Bai Yi and Qin Xian Chong, because Qin Xian Chong promised them that if they could help him win Bai Yi, he would take care of the Zhu family.

        If they could get Bai Yi's forgiveness and find a big backer, why not?

        And Qin Xian Chong also stared at Bai Yi with tender eyes and said.

        "Bai Yi, as long as you are willing to marry me, I promise to make you a happy woman in the world!"

        At this moment, Shen Yumei and Bai Shan were looking at Qin Xian Chong with a look of idiocy.

        Is this kid a brainiac?

        He was proposing for the first time, wasn't he afraid of scaring the girl?

        Besides, her husband was still around, so you were too arrogant to dig in front of her husband, right?

        And Lin Fan's eyebrows couldn't help but wrinkle together.

        This Qin Xian Chong was really wild!

        Proposing to his wife right in front of him, and ignoring him outright?

        It was just a pity!

        Bai Yi, however, was expressionless and said in a slightly impatient tone.

        "Mr. Qin, I'm honoured by your favour, but I'm already married, so please don't waste any more time on me."


        Qin Xian Chong's expression froze, but a hint of anger surfaced in his eyes.

        This was the first time he had ever been rejected by a woman!

        Right then, he was looking at Lin Fan at the side with an unfriendly expression.

        "He? With all due respect, Miss Bai Yi, such a loser is not worthy of you! You deserve better!"

        The fact that Bai Yi had rejected him for such a drunken bag made Qin Xian Chong furious.

        And hearing these words, Bai Yi's eyebrows furrowed and a trace of displeasure clearly surfaced on her face.

        This Qin Xian Chong, what a nuisance!

        Arrogant, not to mention rude!

        "Bai Yi, don't hesitate, this is the right match for you! That trash is not worthy of you at all, better hurry up and divorce him!"

        "Yes, cousin, are you really going to keep this loser for the rest of your life? Aren't you afraid of being laughed at?"

        Zhu Ru's father and daughter also spoke up to persuade.

        "That's enough!"

        Bai Yi angrily scolded, saying.

        "If you guys are here as guests, I'm more than welcome! But if you are here to meddle in my family affairs, then I will have to ask you to leave!"

        Upon hearing this, Zhu Ru's family's expression stiffened, knowing that Bai Yi was angry, and as they were now begging Bai Yi, they naturally did not dare to say anything else.

        And at that moment!

        Qin Xian Chong also stood up with a face of shame and annoyance, but then a cold smile surfaced at the corner of his mouth, staring at Bai Yi with extreme arrogance.

        "Bai Yi, you'll change your mind!"

        "It won't take long for you to know that only I, Qin Xian Chong, am worthy of you!"